Bishop Flunder’s ‘wilderness’ allegory

Bishop Yvette Flunder, the lesbian pastor,  has a problem. Apparently,  the bishop is not aware that as she travels around the country preaching a gospel of lies, she is racking up a record of contradictions. View this video [realplayer required for viewing] of Bishop Flunder’s fancy homoletical revisioning of God’s Word.  We have already shown you how she has  made statements in direct opposition to what the scripture says.  Then, we discovered this video in an earlier Washington, DC  speech (Nov 2, 2005) where she contradicts her words in Phoenix (June 4, 2007).

Flunder (and those in the gay christian movement) liberally employ a form of allegorical  perspective which gives an individual the unrestricted freedom to remove real or apparent contradictions between Scriptures and current beliefs. This is how they neuter parts of the Bible that stand in the way of their cleverly crafted, but false premise. Practictioners of this roguish form of interpretation,  replace clear scriptural truth and revelation with whatever cultural context fitting their presupposed ideology. This is a potent weapon of manipulative misinformation in the hands of false prophets, pulpit pimps and the gay christian movement.

As you will see in the video, Bishop Flunder has a phd in this type of revisioning.  From Numbers 10:28, she hijacks the story of Moses and Hobab, allegorizing it to fit the ideology of the gay christian movement. To those listening, it is “revelation”, most likely because they are (1) minimal students of scripture or (2)already possess a predisposition (the itching ear syndrome) to believe what is being said so that it “affirms” their ideas about themselves.

But this 26 minute video from her speech at the Human Rights Campaign, a liberal-white-gay political lobby, Flunder unquestionably demonstrates that she herself is lost in a wilderness of her own fallacy.

We feel it necessary to give you some history on the HRC’s “religious conversion.” Although a political operation, the HRC for years courted the black church with “gospel concerts.” The purpose of the concerts was to infiltrate the stiff wall of resistance to homosexuality characteristic of most black Christians.  These concerts, of course featured homosexual religious stage acts.  In Atlanta, the 2002  “Gospel and Soul” was met with icy silence and some confusing responses.  When that failed, the HRC began searching for gay christians who would take their political message and translate it into more palatable religious terminology. Thus, Flunder’s Pentecostal background made her a perfect candidate to carry the bastardized version of the gospel. The result was the “faith and fairness” conferences now bankrolled by HRC.  HRC (with Flunder’s help?) attacked her former denomination here.

From Bishop Flunder’s  “wilderness” speech, we have compiled a list of her astonishing attempts at legitimizing sin–with wanton disregard for the souls of vunerable people.

(1) “Same thing with the transgender community in San Francisco. They taught me. They said, ‘let’s remove the men and women signs off the bathrooms.’ I thought that was pretty good. Essentially why do we need male and female bathrooms, they said. You don’t have them at home. I said, that’s the truth. They said to me…’when we have baptisms, don’t put women on one side and men on the other side. Let people determine where they want to be or not be gender identified at all.”

If God created genders, separated them uniquely with different anatomy and even emotional makeup, why should anyone negate that? God pronounced his work “good”, however Bishop Flunder  prefers to listen to those who despise God’s good creation and intent. Logically, one would have to demean their own gender in order to accomodate any gender. Flunder’s advisors are blind. The mechanics of home privacy are vastly different than those of a public place, especially in the house of God. 

Flunder repeats her signature falsehoods about homosexuals, talents or giftings.

(2) “I ask this question everywhere I go. How is it that so many gifts are disproportionately in the same gender loving people?  Who in the world would do our hair, decorate our rooms, write and sing our gospel music? Where would we get beauty and color, dance, poetry, preaching and teaching? In fact, if it had not been for the God-given gifts [in homosexuals] the whole world would be blue.”

We have already cited that gifts and callings are given by God without repentance. This carries a duality of purpose. God does not take back his gifts to people, and neither does he require a person to be in relationship with him to receive gifts. We can easily make that point with Adolph Hitler. As evil as he was, he yet possesed a masterful gift of charisma which he used for evil purposes. The tragedy of such gifting is that unsubmitted to God, it becomes a curse to the bearer. Bishop Flunder’s prideful arrogance becomes more apparent each time she asks her question. Are homosexuals the only ones with an ability in cosmetology, oratory, culinary arts, interior design, music and fashion? How can less than 2% of the population claim such asthetical dominance? Our response is this.
After telling the story of a woman who baked a bad cake for 25 years, Flunder made this statement:

(3) “Time didn’t sanctify [the bad cake] it. It was just 25 years of bad cake.”

Perhaps Bishop Flunder has changed her mind about the affect of time on sin. In Phoenix, less than two years later, she said the only difference between a heretic and a prophet is time. If time doesn’t sanctify 25 years of bad cake making, then certainly it cannot sanctify 25 years of false prophecy.  


20 thoughts on “Bishop Flunder’s ‘wilderness’ allegory

  1. OK, 8 minutes, that’s all I could do of her.

    I almost stopped at under 3 minutes after hearing about the trans-gender touring choir and her introducing her “partner” to them.

    This (I mean people like her) ALL STARTED with the gender roles in the church being ignored. That’s how she was able to slip or should I say slither in. Having a woman in the role of an elder over men, was mistake number one for the church. From there, if you blur the roles for church leadership, all gender related roles eventually go out the window and you end up with HER. And she is devoid of sound doctrine.

    She’s constructed a social group, it’s not a “church” and they have a “god” that does exactly what they want.

  2. IC, agreed 100%. Whenever people ignore and dismiss the boundaries and good intentions set in place by God, they become victims of their own false ideology. Barring repentance, we are watching a car wreck…with fatalities.

  3. Thou shall not judge lest ye be judged. If it were not for Bishop Yvette Flunder’s ministry I would not be alive today. God is good, merciful, just, and kind. So folks please leave all the judging up to God. Thank you.

    Solphivyae: We are glad you are alive, but shouldnt thankfulness for life be attributed to God? Your point is well taken. However, regarding judging the Bible has clear guidelines. Perhaps Bishop Flunder does not teach this at her church, but it is in scripture. We’ll share them with you:
    (1) An entire book of the Bible is entitled Judges. We believe there’s a reason for that.
    (2) Jesus said we are to know (discern, judge) a tree by the fruit it bears. One could say metaphorically that we are “fruit inspectors.” In this case, Bishop Flunder is the tree and her teachings, lifestyle are the fruit. Because she proclaims to be a Christian, we are given charge to examine her lifestyle and teachings based not on our personal opinions, but on the Word of God. That is the true judgement Jesus speaks of in John 7:24.
    Also note that in verses 15-20, Jesus specifically directs us to judge the “trees and their fruit” which he identifies as “false prophets.” We believe Bishop Flunder is a false prophet.
    (3) God said that his people should put a difference between what is holy and unholy (Lev 10:10). Please understand that everything is not acceptable to God and he gives us the responsibility to distinguish between the two so that we do not offer him unholy sacrifices.
    (4) The judging (within balanced context) of another self-professed Christian is an integral part of maintaining the integrity of the Christ’s church (1 Cor 6:1,2).
    In conclusion, you [mis]quoted the first verse, but you should read the entire chapter to understand its place in the Christian’s life. The word Jesus used in Matthew 7:1 is
    “krino” which means “to pass sentence on a private matter.” This would not apply to our examination of Bishop Flunder’s very public statements and actions. We agree with you that God is good, merciful, just and kind. But beware, he has an extremely low tolerance for people who prostitute his image, name and character.
    –respectfully, GCM Watch

  4. If God created genders, separated them uniquely with different anatomy and even emotional makeup, why should anyone negate that? God pronounced his work “good”,

    I’m concerned… I’ve heard this before…

    If God created races, separated them uniquely with different skin colors, locations, and even intellectual makeup, why should anyone negate that? God pronounced his work “good”

    If I recall correctly, proud and insightful men and woman stood up to this gross abuse of God and said “No more.” They proclaimed, “What you are saying is scientifically false and morally wrong.”

    People in power distorted the overwhelming message of God’s word, cherry-picked a handful of verses, and then cried Holy Judgment on anyone who dared to disagree. I am thankful that the church has moved past such atrocities.

    I am confident that with time we will see that Scripture nowhere condemns gay people or their relationships and that the church is again handpicking verses (about inhospitality (Genesis 9), about temple customs (Leviticus), about abuse (Genesis 9), about child prostitution (1 Cor, 1 Tim), about paganism and Godlessness (Romans 1), etc) to condemn a population of people who happen to be different.

    The time has come when we must say “No more.”

    At times like this, I turn to Acts 4:19-20 when Peter and John, confronted about their teachings on what they know to be true about Christ say, “Judge for yourself whether it is right in God’s eyes to obey you rather than God. As for us, we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.”

    And with the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of me as I was promised in John 14, I will never stop speaking about what I have seen and heard.

  5. Dear GCMW,

    From what I have seen of Brian’s comments, it appears to me that he has “shut off his mind” to the excellent points here that have been presented to him that unequivocably show what God’s Word says about homosexual behavior, proper discernment and judging, proper apologetics techniques, holiness, righteousness, sanctification in Christ, etc.

    Now I think I understand what the verse about “God giving them over” to sinful lusts of the flesh etc. really means. Brian’s anti-true-Christian-apologetics techniques are so evident in all that he writes here. He needs fervent prayer. As Christians, we are to correct those who are in error. Scripture tells us to do this. Those who wish to counter Scripture are using their pride of self in order to get others to agree with their sin. Isn’t this similar to when Satan said to Eve, “did God really say you would die?”

    Brian needs to “test that spirit” within him. When he stated: “I will never stop speaking about what I have seen and heard” indicates to me that it is his own thoughts and desires overriding what the Holy Spirit says in God’s Word.

  6. Christine, we agree wholeheartedly. Without comment, we are allowing Brian’s speech to remain as evidence of what we have already asserted regarding the gay christian movement. If we were in a court of law, it would be Exhibit A.

    We do hope that the Holy Spirit will one day cause the scales to fall from his eyes and God’s truth will liberate him from the cage he is in.
    —GCM Watch

  7. Christinewjc and GCM,

    If you are not interested in a conversation, I cannot force you to have one. As blogs tend to be places of discussion, I thought there might be interest. Apparently I was mistaken.

    I have attempted to share some of the strength I draw from God’s Word with you. If you would like to share with me your perspectives (not reactions) I would greatly enjoy hearing them.

    Otherwise, I will content myself to follow along with the posts and not attempt to create a conversation where it will not happen.

    I will pray for you. Many blessings,

  8. Brian,

    I have noticed that you tend to “talk past” what is being presented to you. I haven’t seen you directly address what GCM Watch has said in response to your claims.

    It takes two or more to “discuss.” One person can continue to “proclaim” something while ignoring the facts presented by the other side. This is, unfortunately, what I see happening in your comments.

    The point is, you are here to “prove GCM Watch and me as incorrect.” What has actually been happening, though, is that we are showing you irrefutable evidence, through biblical exegesis, why you are incorrect in your gay theology beliefs. Proclaiming gay theology rhetoric, as you have done here, doesn’t necessarily make it the truth.

    So, where do we go for truth?

    I’d stick to Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth and the life and his proclamation that God the Father’s Unchanging Word, The Bible is the Truth

    The words of men are secondary…always.

    You wrote:

    “The time has come when we must say “No more.” ”

    I agree. It’s just that the Bible informs me that proper belief regarding the subject of homosexual behavior is 180 degrees opposite what you are proclaiming.

    You stated that you “would like to have us share with you our perspectives (not reactions)” and that you would “greatly enjoy hearing them.” What do you think we have been doing all this time??

    Your last comment was a “reaction” to what was said between GCM Watch and me. Why are you allowed to react and we are not?

    I will pray for you, too.

    In Christ,

  9. Thank you Christine, you have said well.
    Our position is that we are here to expose false doctrine and false prophets, present God’s truth and to defend that truth and the integrity of HIS church.

    Brian’s final speech –unfortunately– highlights why we cannot “dialogue”. Those who reject the truth are not interested in knowing what God has already clearly stated, only to “air out” their heresy and false doctrine.

    We will limit that here.

  10. Christine, I would like to know why you believe being gay is a sin. I’ve heard it said many times, but never have I seen a Scripture in reference to being gay.

    That is what I would like to see.

    It is being taken for granted that being gay is a sin yet no one will tell me why. I see many other scriptures about rejecting immorality, the penalties for not following God’s commands, etc. But (as of yet) I haven’t seen the issue addressed head on. Let’s do that!

    I have indeed been listening to what you all have been saying, and you may be surprised to learn that it has informed me. In regards to Matthew 7, I was chastised for attempting to stretch that passage beyond its original intention. I realized that in the future I should limit my usage of that to “prophet/preacher” contexts.

    As such I can limit my original usage of simply to “good they do in the church” (excluding their commitments to the community). I can also expand it talk about the fruits of the ministries of my GLBT and GLBT-affirming associates. I can talk about growth of their ministries. I can talk about their service to the Lord. I can talk about their outreach efforts. I can talk about their ingroup support. I can talk about the healing they cultivate. There are many good fruits that would fall in line with the original intent of that passage.

    And so I thank the community here at GCM Watch for calling me out and challenging me deeper. I should have shared that with you earlier.

  11. Brian,
    first of all the race of mankind and sexuality of mankind are mutually exclusive. Racial makeup results from MINOR variances in our human DNA. Just because African Americans happen to produce more melanin than whites has nothing to do with sexuality. All races of people can produce children. Also, regardless of race a Black Father and a White Mother are still a Mother and a Father. Basically Brian sin manifests itself in many ways in many people. Some may seem more benign than others. In fact, you obviously see nothing wrong with homosexuality. That being said lets focus on some facts. First lets assume that you have a same sex attraction. Now just because you have these feelings does not make them correct. For example, if God created mankind with specific organs that were perfect in their design and function then why would he create some people to be homosexuals? Now I’m talking about physical design Brian. If God IS perfect and man was originally created sinless and perfect than how can one use their physical anatomy in a way that is unseemly? Certainly you have these feelings of homosexuality but clearly you can’t believe that our physical design was meant to accommodate homosexual sex. God clearly made ALL of our organs with a purpose. These purposes can be clearly seen by their functions. And as this is the case than either you are wrong or God is wrong but both can’t be true. Brian, why would God create some to engage in a behavior that induces fissures which allow all manners of bacteria and other microbes into our system? Why would he create sperm and egg? Brian, understand that I am not condemning you but rather am asking some questions that are never brought up. Please respond to the questions at hand. I in no way am trying to insult you or make you feel uncomfortable but rather am asking questions that I feel are valid. Hope to hear from you soon!


  12. I thought I posted a comment … did it get lost in cyberspace or deleted?

    It seemed Christine had questions for me; did I misunderstand?

    I also wanted to share with you ways in which this conversation has influenced my life. Did you get those at least?

    I hope you don’t see me as pontificating … I truly did comment here to share and to understand (a process which I, for one, have already begun).

    In Christ,

  13. Brian,

    Watch and listen to Charlene Cothran’s testimony. If her story doesn’t convince you through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, then I have to confess that nothing I could ever say would convince you or lead you to conviction through the power of the Holy Spirit, either.


  14. What does the selected passaged have to do with GENDER IDENTITY?

    She’s wondered a far stretch off the reservation.

    Flunder’s ranting borders on insane and absurd.

    There are two genders: MALE AND FEMALE. No ‘wilderness’ experience is going to change that in the eyes of a CREATOR Who made everything, and declared what He made GOOD just the way He made everything.

    She needs to be lead out of this wilderness of insanity and confusion.

  15. It really saddens me how the people of God are acting. It’s funny how we speak for God. God can change his mind about anything when God so desires. God is not a punitive Spirit that thinks as humankind thinks. The is no place on earth where God does not exist. I believe in all my heart that God is sitting high and looking low disgusted at humans for so much dissension. When I listen to all the hate that is spreading throughout the Christen community, I relent. I wish people would look at Jesus’ ministry. There is nothing in the gospels that would regale all this tension. The Word of God says “if you hate your brother or sister, you hate God” – – “Jesus died for the sins of the WORLD” Not for Whites only as it regards race, not for men as it regards to sexism, and, not for straight people as it regards same gender loving. It amazes me how we use the Bible to attack humanity in aspects. Many of those who attack homosexuality are indeed living in error in some form or fashion. Either they are fornicators, having sex outside of marriage or mastubating, or they are over-eating and facing illnesses of some sort, or there tongue becomes a double adge sword – – full of profanity and degredation, or they still from their jobs i.e. paper, pen/pencils, etc. That is, if we are to proclaim what’s right and wrong according to the virtues of Christianity. We as believers are so apt to regale scripture on people without fully reading and understanding it in context or culture. As a matter of fact, we purport Paul’s writings over the teachings of Jesus as though Paul is a typology of Jesus. We spend more time asserting levitical laws when the people of that time didn’t follow them. If that be the case the whole world is doomed. I pray that at the end of the day, when you go to God for grace and mercy – – you remember how you spoke of your neighbor and I pray that each one of you are not judge harshly as you have judge.

  16. VL, you seem to be missing or ignoring that false doctrine cannot be waived away. Neither can we remain silent because it might bring “disunity”.

    The false prophet will receive a special place in hell for aligning himself with the antichrist against God.

    How merciful is that? Are you saying that we are ignore the volume of harsh scripture spoken against the false prophet and the severe actions God took against him?

    You seem to be mischaraterizing God, thus recreating him in your own image. Are you sure you want to take the side of false prophets against God?

  17. keep exposing these demons. all of these preachers ministries are found in 2nd cor.11:13,14and ,15
    “for such are false apostles, deceitful workers transforming themselves into the apostle of christ. and no marvel: for satan himself is tranformed into an angel of light. therefore it is no great thing if his ministers of rightousness: whose end shall be according to their works.” these pople don’t know YAH

  18. This is very sad. However, the Bible does predict a day when people would walk away from truth and believe a lie. Aside from that, we can even look at the issue of homosexuallity from a natural standpoint. It just does not work biologically.
    Don’t hate these folks. Rather, pray for those who the enemy has blinded that their eyes may be opened before it’s too late.

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