Albertina Walker’s singing symptom

If Paul Revere were a member of the Christian Church today, instead of hastily riding through the city warning “the regulars are coming out!”, he would be on the internet writing “the leaven is spreading in the Body!” 

As harmless and benign as it seems, the leaven (1 Cor 5:7) is spreading. And affecting many. We hated to report this, but according to The Fellowship website, gospel music luminary Albertina Walker is scheduled to perform at their upcoming conference in Chicago.  She may have been hailed as the “queen of gospel music”,  but Albertina Walker may be up for some stiff competition in the queen area when she attends Yvette Flunder’s cryptic “We wont be silent anymore” conference.

In all seriousness, this is a much larger issue than AW, in that it presents a serious theo-ethical conflict for the gospel music industry. To wit, should Christian performers/entertainers/music-ministers/psalmists/artists (or insert current nomenclature) contract to particpate at homosexual affirming meetings and churches? We first attempted to address this emerging conflict in early 2004 with CeCe Winans. The outcome was not good and as far as the post concert information we gleaned, her appearance at homosexual affirming Victory Church in suburban Atlanta yielded little good.

GCM Watch was the first to tell you about Pentecostal-holiness pastor Mary Emma Evans who is scheduled to perform at a gay christian event in July.  Simularly, a growing list of contemporary gospel music personalities are signing on to sing with their openly homosexual counterparts.  James Grear & Company, B. Chase Williams, Sandy Patti, Carlton Pearson, Ted and Sherri  are just a few. Who knows how many more? GCM Watch believes  now is the time for a serious discussion as to whether such artists should continue to enjoy the monetary support of the church as they continue to lend credibility to enemies of the truth.

Historically, the gospel music industry has been pockmarked with homosexual scandals, dark closets and secrets perhaps only God can reveal. It has left a stain upon this expression of Christianity. While we are not suggesting that any gospel artist making  appearances at homosexual affirming events are themselves homosexual, we are challenging any appearances on clear and unmistakeable biblical grounds.

That’s why this Albertina Walker headliner is deeply troubling and symptomatic of the spread of leaven.  Walker, a protege of the late Mahalia Jackson, is by no means a D-class gospel singer. Her accolades and awards are numerous and widespread.  Consequently, her appearance at this conference of black gay christians sends a message of credibility. Credibility through association is an avenue the gay christian movement is utilizing to blur the lines of distinction within the church.

If you are a gospel singer or love gospel music, what are your thoughts? If you comment, please support your comments with scripture whether pro or con.


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  1. I just want to comment on the fact that it’s a shame that artists like Albertina Walker and Yvette Bunder will support this kind of lifestyle like featuring or even sponsoring in a Gay Christian movement. The Bible says “Be ye not unequally yoked with unbelievers” (II Cor. 6:14a) Instead of preaching the truth that homosexuality is wrong, their saying things like “We won’t be silent no more” or “Do not judge”. We’re living in a time that people are afraid of preaching the truth because it will make them seem as a homophobic, but “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”

    GCM Watch: Nicole we agree with you 100%. It seems the other “gospel artists” are simply looking the other way. Or maybe there are a lot of things going on behind closed doors that would implicate many of those in front of the camera. We did want to point out that Bishop Flunder is a self professed lesbian (see our post on the Wilderness allegory) and not just merely sponsoring the conference. Her Fellowship organization is also led by openly professed homosexuals. Albertina Walker however is, in this case, would be aiding and abeting. We still question as to whether she really knows this is a homosexual conference.

  2. After reading the article it would seem that AW may not be aware of something this critical. I would encourage “solphivyae” pray to read other articles and see if gcmwatch is rightly dividing the word of truth(2 tim 2:15). As I’ve checked so far it all lines up. The doctrine of Flunder and her followers isn’t even consistant. This brings to mind the ever changing doctrine of the LDS(Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints). It’s contantly changing to fit a social order or scratch iching ears for more “feel good” gospel. I will continue to pray for this very needed ministry(gcm). It’s a major encouragement to my family and I.

  3. BBM, its difficult to tell whether Albertina is able or has distinguished between the false doctrine of Bishop Flunder and the talent of Bishop Flunder. Of course you know the two are not the same.

    We can only speculate if AW even cares if she does not. Many in the gospel music industry have little to no foundation in that which “becometh sound doctrine”. That’s fairly evident in their song lyrics.

    We attemtped to send an email to AW, but it didn’t work. If you are anyone knows how to contact her, we will definitely see about getting a comment from her.

    Thanks very much for your remarks and encouragement.

  4. These truly are signs of the times. (Matt. 24:11,12) v.12 says because iniquity (evil)shall abound, the love of many shall wax (grow) cold. Indeed the love many had for God has grown cold and this is evident in their disobedience to God in loving that which God hates, thus becoming an enemy of God in the process ( James 4:4). These aren’t really saints, but aint’s, they’re deliberately rebelling against God (1 Tim. 4:1) with their attendance at these gay events they are departing from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils. My prayer is that they (these christian artists who refuse to stand for truth) get truly saved. For their fruits reveal that they are not saved (Matt.7:18). Finally, for those who’ll hear this and say, “Don’t judge”, don’t take the Word of God out of context and use it as ammunition because your being convicted of sin, which by the way, is the Holy Spirit’s work (John 16:8-11) I encourage you to read your word, Jesus said, “Judge righteous judgment” (John 7:24). Is speaking out against the sin of homosexuality righteous or not? I’ll let you be the judge.

  5. Joel, you have said rightly. I guess what makes this so astonishing is that it is going on right in the open but many Christians are ignoring it out of fear that they will accused of “judging”.

  6. Getting Christian believers not to judge anything or anyone (or, to think they shouldn’t do so) is the goal of the pro-homosexual secular humanists; but what’s worse is that they are being duped into such thinking through deception. It’s a method right out of Satan’s own evil playbook. It’s the ole’ “did God really say you would die?” ploy.

    How very sad that even some well-meaning Christians are falling for such deception hook, line and sinker; thinking that they are being “loving,” “tolerant” and “upright” through doing so.

    Nowadays, the term “hate” is being misused to get people to feel indifferent about homosexual sin. It is then where Satan’s idea of “it’s OK to be gay (and support for such behavior)” twists their minds and thinking. This then leads them right into compromise and finally, to a point where Satan has got ’em where he wants them. They have compromised God’s eternal truth, (and also ignore His call for holiness and righteousness) for worldly lusts that don’t last and end in death.

    This is truly, truly sad and so avoidable!!

    Jesus warned us about such temptations, compromise, and “exchanging the truth for a lie” when he said, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world [fill in your worldly lust or desire] and lose his own soul?”

  7. Jesus warned us about such temptations, compromise, and “exchanging the truth for a lie”

    Just got a mental picture of someone standing in line at a store, box of truth in hand, asking to exchange it for a more attractive box of lies.

  8. I know Mother Walker personality. And i really don’t believe that she knows what this stands for! Alot of times in the industry you are booked on certain engagements. Sometimes to sign and autograph or to sing. She may have been booked not being aware of what is really taking place!

  9. I have one more question! Were the Barrett Sisters aware of this type of gathering that they were performing in as well?

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