MCC minister imagines “Jesus in Love”


Wikipedia concludes that imagination “is accepted as the innate ability and process to invent partial or complete personal realms within the mind from elements derived from sense perceptions of the shared world.”

Imagination can be an enjoyable engagement and out of it can come some very wonderful realities. For instance, an individual may imagine what their dream home is like and  work to construct it according to what they’ve envisioned in their minds. The result: a beautiful, architechural work of art that began in an individual’s mind

But imagination also includes a dark side. Wikipedia goes on to say:

Imagination, because of having freedom from external limitations, can often become a source of real pleasure and unnecessary pain. A person of vivid imagination often suffers acutely from the imagined perils besetting friends, relatives, or even strangers such as celebrities. Also crippling fear can be seen as taking an imagined painful future too seriously.

Imagination can also produce some symptoms of real illnesses. In some cases, they can seem so “real” that specific physical manifestations occur such as rashes and bruises appearing on the skin, as though imagination had passed into belief or the events imagined were actually in progress.

So what place does one’s imagination occupy in Christian living or doctrine? Is it valid?  Does the Bible give Christians any guidance on the issue?  Earlier, we reported that the Rev. Nancy Wilson, the presiding moderator of the gay christian church MCC felt it was “ok” to use one’s imagination when reading and interpreting the Bible. Out of her imagination, came (among other wild assumptions) homosexual wise men at Jesus’ birth. Now, we’ve learned that another MCC ordained minister,Kittredge Cherry has published “Jesus in Love”, a book in which she imagines Jesus as a homosexual. Everything and everybody, including the Holy Spirit is reimagined, not spiritually, but sexually. Love, in this context is just a metaphor for sex.

The book’s premise wonders if Jesus knew how it feels to be “queer” and consequently constructs a fantasy world replete with homosexual sex, gender confusion, and sexual “freedom” all from the cavities of the author’s mind. From the website review:

Surprising answers come in Jesus in Love, a novel that re-imagines Christ’s legendary life as an erotic, mystical adventure in first-century Palestine. Jesus has today’s queer sensibilities and sexual sophistication as he lives out the Christian story in this novel of spiritual and sexual awakening.
Readers can relate to the struggles he faces: He feels like his real self is both male and female. He falls in love with people of both sexes. Society doesn’t understand him.

Jesus, the narrator, speaks in an engaging, up-to-date tone as he reveals his intimate relationships with John the beloved disciple (a gay man mourning his lover’s death), Mary Magdalene (a highly intelligent survivor of sexual abuse) and the multi-gendered Holy Spirit. The contemporary tone and vivid descriptions make the myths feel surprisingly real and appealing.

James (Mel) White, founder of Soulforce spins his endorsement of the book into a happy, laughable experience akin to reading Ricky’s Fun Day at the Park.

“In imagining a Jesus who really lived, laughed and loved, Kitt Cherry has broken through the stained glass barrier. Don’t be afraid. This is not a prurient look at the sex life of Jesus, but a classic re-telling of the greatest story ever told, the story of a truly human Jesus and those truly human women and men who lived, laughed and loved with him. Read JESUS IN LOVE and you will feel His Spirit reaching out to you, inviting you to live, laugh and love with him as well.”

Leaders –allegedly Christians– of the MCC and Soulforce believe there is nothing wrong with recreating Jesus into an image like their own imaginations. It is unlikely that Cherry imagined Jesus as Savior or Lord. Neither is it likely that she imagined him as divine and sinless. Her ideology is derived from the feminist-lesbian worldview made popular in the 1993 World Council of Churches women’s conference in Minneapolis. Practicioners draw their bizarre statements from false prophets and hireling theologians who use obscure historical documents to build a case for the existence of a hidden context, then position it as the interpretative key for determining the documents’ meaning.

Executive editor of The Presbyterian Layman, Parker Wilkinson, an ordained Presbyterian minister, described the conference as “antithetical to the Christian faith, seismic shifts in theology, implying that since God is a product of one’s imagination to begin with, so He can thus be re-imagined”

Individuals like White, Wilson and Cherry provide ample proof that scripture nor Jesus has no place of authority or even guidance in their lives. Therefore, because when they knew and recognized Him as God, they did not honor and glorify Him as God or give Him thanks. But instead they became futile and [c]godless in their thinking [with vain imaginings, foolish reasoning, and stupid speculations] and their senseless minds were darkened.
Claiming to be wise, they became fools [professing to be smart, they made simpletons of themselves]. And by them the glory and majesty and excellence of the immortal God were exchanged for and represented by images, resembling mortal man and birds and beasts and reptiles. (Romans 1:21-23 AMPV).


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  1. People like Wilson, Cherry, and White are perfect examples of those who are not only caught in spiritual deception, but take it one step further into spiritual delusion. My recent post, Recognizing Spiritual Delusion includes 7 categories that false prophets and teachers can fall into. Obviously, the aforementioned individuals each land into several of those categories.

    Author, Liberty U professor, and apologetics teacher, Ed Hindson, is quoted as saying, “This is Satan’s oldest trick. He appeals to our self-conceit and leads us into self-deceit.”

    Hindson mentions that “once theological error falls into ‘ecclesiastical cement’ it is virtually impossible to eliminate it.”

    Once a false doctrine is accepted, it can be organized and perpetuated by a religious body, then perpetrated by a false defense (apologetic) which is based upon a false premise. It is then when we see such groups fall down that slippery slope as they accept false doctrine [no matter how much biblical Scriptural truth has been shown to them and has exposed their error(s)] as their “new truth.” They can organize it, categorize it, debate it, systemize it, teach it, and/or demand it; but that doesn’t make it true!!

    When it comes to false teachers, the real problem is that the love of their own, skewed, erroneous teaching may drive them to the point where they will refuse to repent of it, even when their error is exposed!

  2. I have read this book, and it is very much an orthodox view of Christ, including the fact that He loves everybody. He never actually has sex with anyone, because if He did, He would be overriding their free will.

    I think this is one of the most beautiful books about Jesus I have ever read – it almost made me a Christian – something that I can never become while other Christians spout homophobia and untruths about gay lifestyles.

    You should read this book, it is a powerful and moving evocation of Jesus’ life.

    I am deeply impressed by the dedication and deep faith of the Metropolitan Community Church, Soulforce and others like them, who persist in their faith in spite of people who insist that their sexuality is un-Biblical.

    God loves His gay and lesbian children.

  3. Yvonne,

    Please respond. Was Jesus God? (Second member of the Godhead) If he was then why would he be divided against himself when clearly God’s view on sin is well established? You also said God loves his gay and Lesbian children. This is true, but he does not love the sin. So in this case why did Jesus die on the cross? If he died to take away the sins of the world than what do you consider sin? Than after you compile your list of sins compare them to the list of sins God said. When you compare the two make the decision as to who is God. It’s either You or the God of the Bible. You can’t have it both ways. Either God is a liar and you are truth or its the other way around. Sin is not a smorgasbord where you can pick and choose what is sin and what is not. I know this may seem hard to grasp but just because you or anyone else has homosexual desires does not make it right. The feelings of same sex attraction may be present but that still does not negate the fact that it is sin. We as humans are born inherently evil. Some to a greater degree and some to a lesser. However, regardless if your Hitler or just the person down the street who is not saved the outcome is the same – Hell. Today we try to rationalize sin. We say Homosexuals can’t change. We say abortion is just a choice. We say unmarried couples living together is just how things are. We say the ecumenical movement and the amalgamation of all religions is still praying to the same God. We say Christ came to earth to Love everybody. You see the fact is that society is changing but the Lord does not. No matter how much we try to create our man made utopia with our own set of guidelines to appease our flesh the fact of the matter is God never changes. Do you think I or anyone else regardless of what form or manifestation of sin is/was within us wanted to change? Of course not. When I was saved I had to give up everything over to the Lord. Oftentimes it was not pleasant. My flesh wanted to continue in the world. However, through earnest prayer and the recognition that my nature was repulsive to a Holy God I grew in grace and the Holy Ghost began to change me from within. Sometimes I went kicking and screaming (metaphorically) . But through time the Lord began to give me a new mind and a new heart. The old man began to die and slowly ( And I have a LONG way to go) the Lord is making me more and more into his image. You see Yvonne it does not matter WHAT the sin is. It could be Homosexuality, fornication, adultery, pedophilia, murder, robbery, abortion, pride, hatred, etc, etc,. We all have many/all/some of these sins within us to a lesser or greater degree. And that being said we can’t give leeway to any of them regardless of how we “feel”.


  4. It makes me sad to read about the wild imaginations concerning our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Even though He may have had sexual feelings – He was God incarnate – it also is clear that He did not sin. Sexuality in intself is not sin, but the Bible does not provide us with any suggestion that Jesus had sexual contacts in whatever form. He came to deliver us from evil and sin. Although I do believe there is some freedom in interpretation concerning sexual questions, I have no doubt that this book has gone way too far and I hope that the UfMCC will take a more Biblical stand on the issue. I have been greatly blessed by UfMCC, but this seems to me an aberration from Scripture. Holiness is at stake and seeking guidance for holy living is important, whether gay or not.

    With kind regards, in Him, John.

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