DL Foster in Jet Magazine

I was interviewed by Frances Moffett for Jet, the signature –and historic– Black American lifestyle publication regarding that magazine’s exploration of homosexuality in light of the recent unsavory actions of the APA against “reparative therapy” and reparative therapists.

My comments, which deal moreso with a biblical perspective, than the socio-political fight between the APA and proponents of reparative therapy is expected in one of the weekly August issues of Jet. With a average readership of over 9 million, Jet is the most widely read, Black-oriented newsweekly.

Updates forthcoming.

8 thoughts on “DL Foster in Jet Magazine

  1. thanks brotha! Jet is somewhat reflective of it liberal parent Johnson Publishing, but its a STAPLE mag for black folk.
    And any time I can talk about the Lord is okay with me.

  2. Congrats and good work, DL!

    I keep up to date on the latest missteps of the APA via the NARTH website and periodical magazine. I have always thought that they (NARTH) should include more detail of the spiritual transformation that is available through Jesus Christ our Lord. But I guess they have to keep it separate for “scientific” reasons.

    What good news to read that you will provide this important aspect of the biblical perspective on this issue in the pages of Jet!

    Please keep us all posted on this and I will be looking for the copy of Jet when your interview appears in it!

    Blessings to you!

  3. Thanks Christine and everyone for the encouragement. Just to note, I have some issues with reparative therapy and don’t endorse it.

    At the same time, Im outraged that the APA put the proverbial foxes in charge of the hen house.

  4. I must admit, I had a blonde moment for a while…I was looking at the cover and thought…”Wow….DL certainly has come to look a lot like Spike Lee. >.>”

  5. Is the article out already? I am looking forward to reading it. Praise God that your voice is being heard in a medium where there’s an over saturation of homosexual propaganda. Our prayers are with you.

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