BET show on homosexuality poorly discussed

And poorly moderated. There’s not much good to be said about the oxymoronic BET show “Meet the Faith” particularly this segment on homosexuality which aired in June. Yes, we’re a tad late on this. But as you will see in the video [below], the show was backdropped with the highly charged issue of so-called homophobia. The lineup of guests left much to be desired.  Passive Bishop E. Bernard Jordan  is a Rev. Ike clonette who sells “prophecies” for a living. Its no wonder he retracted his stand so quickly in the face of opposition. Keith Boykin is a gay activist who nurses an unbridled hatred for black ministers who preach against homosexuality and off the set of her movies, Sheryl Lee Ralph is loudmouthed, rude and religion-less as far as I know. What an ensemble to righteously discuss God’s word. 

Watch the 20 minute BET debate on homosexuality and the Bible (I guess).

The results of the poll taken by BET after the show:

Posted June 25, 2007 – A recent “Meet the Faith” poll reveals that most of you believe that the Black church is well within its rights to condemn homosexuality and should try to save gays and lesbians.

We asked you, “Should the Black church stop condemning and start accepting Black gays and lesbians?”  And here’s how you voted:

About 64 percent of you said, “No.  Most Christians believe it’s wrong, and if you see people going down the wrong path, you should try to save them.”
About 29 percent of you said, “Yes.  Religion should be about love and tolerance.”
About 7 percent of you said, “I don’t know.”

We also asked you, “Is homosexuality a choice or natural preference?”

About 61 percent of you said, “It’s a choice.”
About 24 percent of you said, “It’s a natural preference.  You’re born that way.”
About 15 percent of you said, “I don’t know.”

9 thoughts on “BET show on homosexuality poorly discussed

  1. Pastor Foster,

    I agree. This episode of BET’s “Meet the Faith” was ridiculous! First of all, they had the wrong person (Jordan) to represent the biblical position. True prophets don’t sell prophecies. Soothsayers do that like Miss Cleo! They needed someone who was a qualified biblical scholar or theologian who could decipher Boykin’s rhetorical devices/fallacies and Ralph’s unwarranted emotional appeal regarding Black men’s daily experiences and historical/social oppressive conditions in America which by the way has nothing to do with biblical witness! But BET, for the sake of making money and having high ratings, probably wouldn’t have their lively show if they had a black scholar/theologian that would silence Boykin and Ralph and expose their rhetorical fallacies and irresponsible and irreverence towards the authority of Scripture and the Lord Jesus Christ himself.

    This is something that Black Christians have to watch out for. GCM’s tactics to keep the so-called Black Church in a postures of suspicion and victimization when white evangelicals defend the biblical witness against homosexual practice. GCM basically says to Black Christians “Don’t trust those white evangelicals! They’re responsible for slavery, Jim Crow,lynching our men and raping our women, and they don’t look out for black interests.” But the Lord Jesus rightly said in Matthew 24:24

    “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” KJV

    To be clear, Black preachers should stick to the Script and speak the truth in love and stopping using “worldly”, derogatory slang against those in the GBLT community. Preachers should offend people with the Gospel not their own self-righteousness. Using carnal-minded words against GBLT people really exposes preachers’ own insecurities about their sexual temptations at best, or their personal disgust and hatred towards them at worst.

    God Bless!

  2. Jason, to use a popular black church saying,
    “You preaching now!”

    Well said. The poorly constucted arguments (if you can call them that) fronted by the gcm can be easily refuted by sticking to the script (the Holy Writ). As you pointed out with SLR and Keith Boykin, they quickly wade into social argumentation which frankly, have nothing to do with the Bible. Of course, Jordan was dumbfounded on all fronts. Even Ian Smith could not shock him back into the conversation.

    You also made a keen observation that the name calling is worldly and fleshly and it plays into the devil’s game.

    Black preachers HAVE to stop that and put the Word and the REMEDY back front and center.

  3. What an utter disgrace! I was wondering when the religious right white phrase would rear it’s head. Ya know DL, I have been plotting for many years now against black folks.
    Let’s see, the down low brothers, the sexual immoral, the uncontrollable urges, the complete and utter lack of any biblical knowledge, have all been well represented by this group of fools.

    I wish someone would tell these fools, Jesus is in, and all over the Old and New Testaments texts! When God speaks, in there lies Christ. Lastly, we as christians do not have to “respect” any and all ideas, nor people. I pray this show is not a ‘staple’ in the black community.

  4. Mark I’m not one to place faith in polls or say that they are a true indication of what is going on, but just for reference, it appears a huge majority of the people who watched the show and answered the poll, rejected SLR and Keith Boykin’s innane ranting in favor of the traditional sense of homosexuality as sin which needs God’s power for change.

    See the update.

  5. Ok, we all know that B. Jordan was the wrong one to sit in on the show, but do we know if the show’s producers asked any other “well qualified” or more Biblically sound Afr-Ame preacher? Maybe the others were too afraid to come on the show.

  6. James it may have been another one of those infamous media setups. You get one of those “deer in the headlights” clergy and pair them opposite man-eating liberals and viola! you have great television…to the shame of the cross.

  7. Sheryl Ralph’s parents were members of a church in Long Island, NY. I think she attended that church (if she wasn’t a member). I met her there before her grand sucess from Dreamgirls. She was a little rude; above it all (higfh minded; as my grandmother used to call it, HA) She does seem to seep venom on this particular issue. She claims to have lost many, many friends to AIDS. Perhpas that’s why she is so angry. Perhaps she should assist the church by becoming a Christian and helping people come to faith in Christ.
    How come ere’body wanna tell the “black church” what they ‘sposed to do and who they ‘sposed to be?
    So many people don’t want the real message of the church then advise the church to be a social service agency that guides its message and mission according to the popular cultural/political positions of the day.
    Keith Boykin has sooo many issues with the church. He went to college in Cambridge, MA (Harvard) and was a member of an AME Church in Cambridge. He came out and found out the church did not support his homosexuality. Now he is angry.
    Keith has written that he want the church to stop telling folk that homosexuality is a sin. It appears that many churches are following Keith’s and many, many other’s desire.

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