“grace” comes out of the closet

In 1 Corinthians 15:33,  the apostle Paul quotes the Greek dramatist Menander when he writes, “bad company corrupts good morals”.

I couldn’t agree with him more as I read the latest PFOX attack post from Pam Ferguson, one of Exgaywatch’s  additions to its roster of scientific purists. Such purists tend to label all things they pronounce “unproven by science” ceremoniously “discredited”,  which in this instance refers to change and transformation from sinful homosexuality through the radical, life-changing power of Christ. When religion is political as is that practiced and stridently adhered to by Exgaywatch, nothing is credible, sans prior approval from mother science and, of course, the American Psychological Association (APA).

I have some brief history with Ms Ferguson which is why her latest post saddens me.  At the onset of her interactions with Exgaywatch, I thought that perhaps she would remain at the very least, neutral to that group’s strident and unyielding opposition to “exgays”. After all, Ms Ferguson’s then husband was an “exgay”.   But since her association with Exgaywatch, Ms Ferguson has become a prime example of what occurs when one adopts beliefs counter to the Biblical message. Ferguson wrote publicly of her divorce and while I don’t exult in the breakup of anyone’s family, I can only wonder if she is bitter from that ordeal (her second husband reverted back to homosexuality). Why else would you abandon such strong beliefs in change and adopt the posture of those who despise such change?

In January last year, after a post on my former socio-political blog Perspectives in Motion,  I received what I sensed were several strange emails. One was from Ms Ferguson under the name “grace”. We exchanged several emails. Initially, she wrote to defend a liar I had taken issue with.  [Emails are abbreviated; my bold for emphasis]

“I have a difficult time with this sort of arguing. I do appreciate much of what you are trying to do here….I probably agree more with your theology and less with your methods most of the time. I hope we can be friends. in Christ, grace”

While I maintained my position, I had no specific problem with her email. I did however, question her association as professing Christian with Exgaywatch.

“Thank you for writing. I realize the exgaywatch crowd likes you and they don’t like me. Thats cool. Question: Do you agree with their methods? If not, have you voiced that to them? Could you let me know if youve done this? If you havent, do you intend to start? I won’t post your comment until I receive a email reply regarding my questions.”

“grace” replied, assuring me that she was firm in her beliefs:

“D.L., No.  I haven’t done any of those things you’ve said. I’ve only recently felt brave enough to comment at all on that site.  I have no idea why I’m doing it other than God is leading me to speak sometimes when it seems I have something to add.  I’m relying on the Holy Spirit to guide me…as I’m sure you are.  I HATE the tactics and the slander I see used there at times.  I never planned to comment on their site in the first place and I was actually quite troubled when I first learned that I was on their sort of non-official “approved” list.  I don’t know, D.L.  I really don’t care to engage you in debate any more than I do them.  But I do want the message that change is possible…and that God CAN and DOES free us from the slavery of sin to be HEARD.  you know? Let me know what your thoughts are.  I look forward to being friends with you.  We are on the same team!!!!! :)love in Christ,

Ms Ferguson revealed her real name to me but asked me to keep it confidential for several reasons. I assured her I would. After another rough response post to Exgaywatch, “grace” wrote again, asking that I respect her anonymity. I’m still not sure why she was afraid to reveal who she was to Exgaywatch.

Respecting her apparent fear of Exgaywatch, I replied:

“You can rest assured that I will not reveal to anyone your personal information you have asked me not to reveal. Maybe for your sakes, you should just keep doing what you are doing the way you are doing it. Support for me will draw their anger, support for them will send a signal to me that you don’t care about the men and women working so hard to help people who are struggling to come out of homosexuality under this barrage of insults. thanks for emailing me.”

“grace” wrote me back one final time acknowledging that Exgaywatch was capable of dispensing hate for her belief in change from homosexuality: 

“I don’t mind being hated or reviled for my beliefs….it’s part of the package.  My husband has come out of homosexuality in spite of what they or anyone else may think, say, or write.  We both know that they are no match for the hand of the Almighty. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, and you keep doing what you’re doing….and eventually, I guess we’ll meet on the other side if we don’t ever meet here.”

I never revealed her identity, but as she increasing lowered her guard to false doctrine (after becoming comfortable in that arena) she revealed her name and changed her beliefs to coincide with the very hateful people she was fearful of.

As I said we are saddened at this change and it makes me wonder if Ms Ferguson has also changed her mind about meeting on the other side. I don’t see how that’s possible if one rejects Christ as the answer to sin and consequently labels the actions of those working to counter sexual misinformation to our children as “garbage”.

Our apologies if this was a bit personal, but bad company really will corrupt your good morals. 

3 thoughts on ““grace” comes out of the closet

  1. Yes Total it shot around the country pretty quickly. Of course the liberal media is always on the front lines of spreading news like this VERY QUICKLY. I mentioned in the update, a commenter at IC, said of the 4 sizable Lutheran bodies, ECLA is the most liberal, but the others are holding to the plumbline.

  2. very interesting. I stumbled on Ms Ferguson’s site by accident and found it very very odd that she now has all these new gay buddies. Very odd. So she was on some “preferred list”, eh? I can venture a guess why…these guys troll the internet looking for anecdotal evidence to bolster their “cause”. Every ex gay that backslides is “proof”….the fact that she posted so very publically about his return to homosexuality probably came up in their web browser. You would think after what went down with her husband, she would have a righteous anger towards the lies that took him down. But no. These people have “befriended” her and used her to further their agenda. Some friends. While expressing sympathy outwardly, they would have been more than happy to feed her husband more damaging lies that would have destroyed his family further. I mean, with friends like that, who really needs enemies. What’s that verse about satan coming as an angel of light? I recently posted in there and was immediately surrounded by her little army of gay male supporters. Well of course. They don’t want to hear the truth. And she is so far gone that rather than be angry that the very lies they defend is what destroyed her marriage in the first place, she thinks they are her friends because they contacted HER for no other reason than her story helps shore up their own denial. Is her pain at two failed marriages somewhat erased by having the approval of an army of gay men? Sad. And the worst is, that people like her practically contributed to MY suicide when my husband was at the height of his struggles. No hope. Either I should “set him free” or suck it up for a lifetime of a “loveless” marriage. Time has proved them wrong, but it made the journey that much harder to have to completely tune out the CHRISTIAN’ naysayers.
    Somewhere in here, people have confused affirming someones worth as a human being with a fear of saying “you are wrong and I am not afraid to say it”.

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