DL Foster joins Theopedia as content editor

My thanks are in order to Aaron Shafovaloff and  Theopedia for accepting me as one of its newest editors. Shafovaloff is Theopedia’s owner.

Theopedia is a growing, online encyclopedia of Christianity and Biblical Theology which uses Wiki technology, a community driven information management system simular to the popular Wikipedia.

Additional Note: If anyone has a subject matter or biography you’d like to see on Theopedia, please send me an email and I’d be happy to get to work on it. 


2 thoughts on “DL Foster joins Theopedia as content editor

  1. Just so no one gets a false impression, as long as someone is a Christian and is willing to abide by Theopedia’s writing guide, almost anyone can be an editor.

    Thanks, Aaron for your clarification. We hope no one got the impression that it is an job exclusive to me, but I do think it is a quite an honor, hopefully others will apply, be accepted and contribute. –DL Foster

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