Reintroducing Bishop John Shelby Spong

We first became aware of retired Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong with the introduction of his book “Living in Sin?: A Bishop Rethinks Human Sexuality” (HarperOne , 1990),  his signature attempt at dismantling traditional beliefs on sexuality and offering readers freedom from “literal imprisonment.” 

Not unlike John Boswell, Bishop Spong’s heretical (and we do not use that loosely) teachings have had a great deal of influence on the gay christian movement and its developed sexual liberation theology.  

Here, Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministry attempts to debate with Bishop Spong with little success at coherency. Spong speaks in circles and in general behaves as if he just awoke yesterday and discovered that there are people who believe differently than he.  Question for sharp minds: (1) How many false beliefs can you count coming out of Bishop Spong’s mouth and (2) how many gcm religious cliches does the Bishop repeat?

Bishop Spong’s wide lens heresy here

Bishop Spong’s “12 Theses”

Probe Ministries: Spong sounds more Freudian than a Christian.


17 thoughts on “Reintroducing Bishop John Shelby Spong

  1. Spong is the poster boy for false teachers. He has made up his own “god.” If he would just take off that collar and stop calling himself a Christian I’d appreciate it.

  2. Neil, okay I admit I was completely shocked my first brush with Spong via his Living in Sin? book. But now, I’ve come to expect little green men in orange suits waving dandelions (theogically of course) as the reason we are such enlightened creatures not living in a three tiered universe.

  3. I tried to read Why Christianity Must Change or Die but decided that Spong had no foundational understanding of what Christianity was in the first place, so he has no credibility as one who is trying to change it. If only my copy hadn’t been a library book, I would have added it to the bonfire at my brother-in-law’s graduation party.

  4. I am a big fan of Spongs and I think you guys need to read the books again and open your minds to the challenging ideas set forth by him. I find them powerful indictments of the status quo…. and that is never popular is it?

  5. Jackfate… Spong said that his ideas were “speculation”. Would you want someone speculating about how much money they owed you? And would you keep an open mind as they gave you whatever they felt was right?

    If Spong is indeed indicting the status quo, he indicts God himself who declared that he does not change.

    That an utterly foolish position for a mortal, finite man to assume.

  6. I’m sorry but that guy sitting to Spong’s left (the one doing all the talking) is so full of himself and he has it confused with the holy spirit.

  7. gcmwatch…. I’m sorry but what you say makes no sense to me. You must realize that all religious thought and ideas originated in the human mind.

  8. Jackfate, why “must” we realize that? If there is a God who revealed himself to us then we’d know plenty about him. Spong makes all sorts of claims about God but it is his own invention.

  9. Jack, would you want the IRS speculating on how much your tax return should be? Spong confessed that his ideology is just speculation, not truth, not even science. Just speculation. That makes you profound?

    There’s nothing Im aware of in the Bible which encourages the imaginations of the human mind. As a matter of fact Galatians 5 says that the human mind (paralled with the “flesh”) is full of evil: idolatry, adultery, fornication, uncleanness, unrestraint, strife, sedition, murder, envy, drunkeness, wrath, heresies and more.

    I wouldn’t trust the mind of John Shelby Spong as far as I could expectorate. Of course if that’s how you want to live your life, have at it.

  10. Neil…. EVERYTHING about god is a human invention! Every word every written, every word ever spoken or unspoken. You must realize that all religious thought and ideas originated in the human mind?Don’t you?

  11. jackfate,

    I’m sure that Neil will have a better reply, but after reading your drivel, I just felt led by the Holy Spirit to write something in reply.

    How can you be so sure about your assumptions?

    I (personally) think in terms of the complete opposite of what you apparently perceive, and present via your own mind. Hmmm…must be some truth to that free will concept…eh?

    How’s this:

    EVERYTHING about man is a God invention!

    Which leads us to the question, what came first? Mind or matter?

    Next, you must realize that all secular, humanistic thought and ideas originated in the minds of those who are alienated from, and rejecting of God, don’t you?

    See. I can play that game too.

    The way I see it is God’s Word has it over you and what you think, hands down!

    And don’t think that “scientific thinking” makes your “mind” superior. God invented that too! And, always remember that science is, was, and always has been, just a tool for man to utilize in this world. When you really think about it (pun!), scientific thought cannot explain everything or cover the gamut known as absolute truth.

    Science is a finite tool and has its limits. God’s wisdom is absolute truth and infinite. Besides, science is just one discipline that, in reality, is only perpetually in flux (especially the dying theory of macro-evolution) and those who adhere to such fairy-tales are continually attempting to catch up with the knowledge of God!

    But let’s get back to the main question.


    About The Bible:

    The Bible is God’s Word to all mankind. It was written by human authors, under the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is the supreme source of truth for Christian beliefs and living. Because it is inspired by God, it is truth without any mixture of error.

    2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:20, 21; 2 Timothy 1:13; Psalms 12:6; 119:105, 160; Proverbs 30:5

  12. Jackfate,

    You can capitalize all you like but just repeating your comment doesn’t do much to clarify it.

    When you say “originated in the human mind” are you saying that God doesn’t exist and we just invented him? If so, then I’m just saying that if He exists then He could have revealed himself to us.

  13. Unfortunately, jackfate became a victim of his own self-aggrandizing delusions of atheistic granduer when he insulted my God. I have terminated his time here. I’m sure there will be little to no love loss.

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