Dr. Gagnon responds to new gcm heretical claims

One of our favorite theologians, who consistently produces excellent —and expert—material in the areas of Pauline theology and sexual issues in the Bible, Dr. Rob Gagnon has released three new articles on his website.

The first deals with Church policy as regards homosexual practice: membership and ordained ministry. What a timely offering considering the vortex of confusion engulfing US denominations over whether to ordain, affirm and sanction the “ministry” of unrepentant homosexuals. This is a “lost” chapter of his first book which was first published in 1999.

Secondly, Dr. Gagnon takes on the PCUSA Moderator regarding her accusations of “deeply pernicious heresy.”  The Moderator, Rev. Joan Gray declares that refusing membership to individuals who are (again) unrepentant homosexual (and we should add proud of it) is tatamount to heresy. We reccomend you quickly read Dr. Gagnon’s thorough response to this foolishness.

Finally, if the love, tolerance and inclusion crowd is grabbing the reigns of your denomination should you leave? Independent Conservative, who surveyed the recent Lutheran conference in Chicago answered an emphatic YES! and NOW!  Dr. Gagnon addresses the  current Presbyterian renewal document “Let us rise up and build”  which he says does the renewal movement a “disservice if it does not address the elephant in the room; namely what constitutes legitimate grounds for departure in the PCUSA.”

Read all three articles.

8 thoughts on “Dr. Gagnon responds to new gcm heretical claims

  1. Very simply put, Christians do not LIVE PROUDLY in Sin, if Christians are being lead by the Spirit of God, they no longer want to sin, we may stumble, but God’s Spirit quickens our hearts to repentance. It is impossible for someone to be truly a Christian, and live also in sin, and not repent, again I say, IMPOSSIBLE!

  2. Robert, your point is definitely not lost here. This is probably a good place to explain why we list the “gay christian movement” in lower letters. We believe Christianity is supreme not because of people, but because of Christ. Therefore any pairing of sinful adjectives/qualifiers immediately redesignates it as a false christianity. We would no more accept that sinners (one who lives in a habitual pattern of unrepentant activity outside of the will of God) can be Christians, sans repentance, any more than a leopard can change his spots.

    As I said before, we are going to deal with this in the gay/lesbian context. Please note that we have no control over what people claim to be, hence the need for us to write this blog.

  3. I am convinced that exclusive attitudes and opinions like yours are destined for oblivion….

    It certainly won’t be before your comments here meet a simular fate. Goodbye and enjoy your time in oblivion.
    –GCM Watch

  4. “Finally, if the love, tolerance and inclusion crowd is grabbing the reigns of your denomination should you leave?”

    Yes. It is a sure sign that your church has started a slide to even more serious heresies.

  5. Total, some would say no, stay and fight. Do you think leaving is a more effective way to stymie the growth of such groups within the demonination?

    I once heard a bishop say we shouldn’t turn the church over to goats and hypocrites. I guess it depends on how deep church leadership is in the grip of heresy.

    For instance, do you see ANY HOPE of renewal for say…the United Church of Christ? They seem to be the most far gone.

  6. Episcopal priest Robert Capon decries what the Church has allowed the culture to do to it:
    The Good News is no longer good news, it is okay news, he writes. Christianity is no longer life changing, it is life enhancing. Jesus doesn’t change people into wild-eyed radicals anymore, he changes them into nice people?
    If Christianity is simply about being nice, I’m not interested. Job 40 3-5 I am speechless,, in awe–words fail me. I should have never opened my mouth! I’ve talked to much, way too much. I am ready to shut up and listen” Who is in charge God or you PCUSA?

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