Ministry responds to “gay funeral” conflict


High Point Church of Arlington found itself in the center of a “gay funeral” controversy when it reversed a decision to host the funeral of homosexual man.

In case you have been vacationing in sunny Iraq and hadn’t heard:

High Point Church in metropolitan Dallas became embroiled in a controversy of mega proportions fed by its last minute refusal to host the funeral of a openly homosexual man. Although the High Point Church initially volunteered to host the funeral because the dead man’s brother was an employee of the church, it later changed its mind. The church reached its conclusion after the family of the man requested that a choir of homosexual men (Turtle Creek Chorale) sing and a homosexual minister officiate the service. Additionally, the family wanted the church to produce a video of the man’s life which included some questionable images of male sexuality.

The church, pastored by the brother in law of Joel Osteen, is now dealing with a negative public perception fueled by a homosexual-friendly media and a religious culture which has failed to adequately address homosexuality in its public policy and church procedures. The church released a statement explaining its decision.

Read the  Dallas Morning News story and note how the media spins it into a negative portrayal of the church, implying the church does not love people like Christ commanded and is unethical.  As more and more churches come into conflict with the homosexual movement and its desire for supremacy in the socio-political and now religious arenas, the need for churches to prepare, plan and protect has never been more evident.

In response, Witness Ministries, an Atlanta based outreach to persons affected by homosexuality, established the Healthy Church, Strong Church Initiative (HCSCI).

HCSCI’s  main goal is to assist Pastors and churches in amend their bylaws to specifically address potentially litigious situations as well as adopt and put in writing specific procedures which will ensure any requests made to the church will processed in accordance with acceptable biblical witness. Additionally, HCSCI will help churches to write clear policy and procedures addressing situations like the one faced by High Point Church.


4 thoughts on “Ministry responds to “gay funeral” conflict

  1. Ok, for me, just looking at the surface of this situation, I can see the church denying the openly gay choir and preacher to speak, also saying no to the requested showing of the video. However, I don’t see why they would deny the funeral services. The fact of the matter is that a life has come to a close and there exists a need funeral services. Refusing services because the person was openly gay isn’t very nice. To me, this whole situation was a no-brainer…have the services, but deny the choir, preacher and suggestive video.

  2. Part 2- I guess I should go below the surface before making statements. I see that according the the church statement, their concerns were confirmed, and therefore I totally agree w/ their decision.

  3. I don’t understand why we cant’t just stand on the Word that has been given to us in the Bible. Why is it we have to write rules. and bylaws and more laws and just let God’s Word rule and reighn in us like He said. How come so many Christians fear standing up to the spirit of homosexuality. We are going to become the persecuted churh whether we like it or not for saying the Truth of God’s Word and not some watered down, head in the ground, turned and look the other way wimps. There are going to be a people like Stephen who will speak up even unto arrests and death… We must drink from the cup from which He drank.

  4. I don’t understand why we cant’t just stand on the Word that has been given to us in the Bible. Why is it we have to write rules. and bylaws and more laws and just let God’s Word rule and reighn in us like He said.

    Glynda, are you sure you want an answer to this or is it just rhetorical? You really ought to read The Landmine of Unforgiveness at Christine’s TalkWisdom blog. It could answer your question if it is a legitimate one.

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