Tracking the gay christian movement 1968-2007


A ministry leader says that “evangelical” churches are trending towards fully accepting homosexual conduct. But is he right or wrong?

Steve Gallagher, director of Kentucky based Pure Life Ministries wrote in his OneNewsNow column that history (click thumbnail for timeline details) shows the trend along with several reasons. The first being that homosexuals have developed a “brilliant strategy” that churches are ill-equipped to respond to.

Secondly, Gallagher believes that a larger issue looms. He descibes it as an “ever-increasing worldliness” pervading  churches.

“Many Christian leaders”, he says,  “are regularly immersing themselves in the pagan values that permeate television airwaves. Sitcoms, documentaries and talk shows are all openly promoting the gay agenda. Continually subjecting oneself to such ungodly influences subtly and systematically diminishes one’s convictions.”

No more shame? The biblical admonition to expose and shame those who sin is being rejected in a “just feel good about yourself” church society.

“Another reason I believe we are quickly headed in the direction of seeing evangelical churches ordain homosexuals is because of our corporate loss of shame over sin in the Church. The number of ministers willing to assail sin in the pews and call their people to genuine repentance and holy living has greatly dwindled over the past 20 years. Even those in our congregations involved in the most abominable behavior are quickly assured that God’s grace covers all their sin. Scripture tells us that, “The fear of the Lord is to hate evil …” (Proverbs 8:13) But to a large extent the enemy has effectively silenced that crucial safeguard amongst God’s people.”

That’s why, in our perspective, exposing these false prophets and their false doctrine is an absolute necessity and a critical component of Kingdom work.

The tracking chart shows the progression of the gay christian movement within the Christian church.   It doesn’t list all of the splinters of homosexual churches that have cropped up in the last generation. But it does show us that the church has been both asleep at the wheel and in desparate need of wake-up call.

When Gallagher talked about strategies and most would think “After the Ball”, the gay final solution for social dominance blueprint. But there was a religious template for de-heterosexualizing the church and at its forefront was the Episcopal homosexual group Integrity founded in 1974 by  Louie Crew from small town Fort Valley, GA.

Lesbians led the strategy by pushing for broader women’s ordination rights. Once these lesbians came into positions of authority they began ordaining and promoting homosexual men.  Thus, the walls of the Episcopal church were breached.    This may say a lot about the ordination of women and its socialized justification.  The same carte blanche justification (equality in Christ) has been used heavily by the gay christian movement to fortify its advancement.

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  1. Pastor Foster,

    Thank you for posting this but I must take issue with something. I think you need be careful about generalizing the debate about women’s ordination. There are two camps out there that promote women’s ordination secular/religious liberal feminism and biblical egalitarians. Women’s ordination in of itself has nothing to do with the ordination of homosexuals. The quest Women’s ordination is not of itself a liberal feminist agenda birth out of a suspicion of the Bible. Women from slaves to homemakers have been preaching the Gospel and entered ordained ministry before there was such a thing known as the feminist movement. The Wesleyan-Holiness Churches for over one hundred years have been ordaining women not because of a “feminist” agenda (that would be anachronism), but because solid biblical hermeneutics that look at the whole counsel of God and his redemptive and eschatological plan for humanity . Phoebe Palmer, Katherine Bushnell, Catherine Booth, Aimee Semple McPherson cannot be grouped in with liberal feminists. Many complementarians use the “slippery” slope argument to argue “if women are in the pulpit here comes the homosexuals”. This is rhetorically illogical. It is not a sin to be a woman. Male and female are created in the image of God. In Genesis instructed both male and female to rule and have dominion. Man ruling Woman is the result of the fall, not before it.

    The passages in the Pauline epistles that restrict women in the public churches have to read in the historical context. There is good exegetical studies of the Pastoral Epistles done by qualified evangelical scholars like Walter Kaiser, Roger Nicole, and Gilbert Bilezikian who affirm and respect the authority of the Scriptures who hold an egalitarian perspective. Kenneth Bailey’s “Women in the New Testament: A Middle Eastern Cultural View”

    Mimi Haddad’s “Egalitarian Pioneers: Friedan or Booth”

    James Payton’s “A Tale of Two Cultures”

    Though the two camps aforementioned have seem argue for the similar issue there are different theological/philosophical presuppositions. Please prayerfully consult the website for Christians for Biblical Equality for further information. I respect and thank God that you are doing great things for the Lord in exposing the lies of the Gay Christian movement, but Brother I think that it would be wise to pick apart the women’s ordination debate from the homosexual debate because the former is more complex than and HUGELY different from the latter. Although it’s easy to marry those to together because of our cultural location, they have to dealt separately.

    God Bless

  2. P.S. I would also suggest the reading of Kevin Giles papers on the Trinity at CBE’s website and read what some complementarians are doing in order to argue for the permanent subordination of women. They’re re-visioning the Christian Doctrine of God! Check that out, Pastor Foster.

    Be Blessed,

    Jason Evans

  3. Jason, skimming the site, I noticed that Charisma editor J. Lee Grady endorses CBE. He also endorses my LifeLines Program.

    I didn’t see the argumentation for the permanent subordination of women. My understanding is that they promote the equality (ordination?) of women.

    Its important to note that I am not arguing against the ordination of women per se (at least not here), only that it was the doorway through which the gcm gained entrance whereby they could also use to justify the equality/ordination of sexually immoral clerics. I also think an individual’s gender is a moot point if that individual is involved in sexual immorality. So my larger point is made against the ecclesiastical progression of gays and lesbians in the Episcopal church as opposed to male/female ordination.

    I believe in the equality of every believer, but I don’t extend that to those who are sexually immoral particularly in the context of refusual or rejection of repentance. Equality, in this case only comes through submission to Christ and his Word. The gcm has clearly demonstrated that they want the benefits of the Name but reject the qualifications of carrying the name. I don’t see that as a delimma for immutable circumstances.

  4. Pastor Foster,

    Thank you for clearing that up. Yest GCM has used the ordination of women and the ordination of minorities as a foothold just like in the secular Civil Rights Movement. The devil is snake, ain’t he?

  5. Yes, I forgot that too. The ordination of minorites, which follows to the letter the gay political movement’s social/political strategy: it was wrong to deny rights to women and minorites, therefore it is wrong to deny rights to gays. The de facto mantra being assumed as truth.

  6. This quote is right on when it comes to those who ignore the call to repentance of the sin of homosexual behavior and perceive themselves as gay christians:

    “Secondly, Gallagher believes that a larger issue looms. He describes it as an “ever-increasing worldliness” pervading churches.”

    There is no doubt, based on God’s Word, how damaging and destructive this movement is. It is steeped in heresy and apostasy. Pointing out heresy is beneficial for many reasons. It’s not a game of “who is right and who is wrong.” It’s a matter of who or what is steering (or keeping) people out of the kingdom of God, and following the Great Commission of Christ to warn people of such errors.

    The true gospel of Christ is an offense to those who are perishing. When a movement within any Christian church is “just like the world” our spiritual antenna should go up.

    Scripture is filled with warnings not to cling to things that “rust and decay.” We are called to holiness and righteousness as followers of Christ. We are to observe and obey Jesus’ admonition that we are not to
    be “like the world” and not to place “worldly values” above eternal values given to us through God’s Word. When a brother or sister in Christ is heading in the wrong direction, the Bible stresses the importance of being steadfast in faith and obedience to reprove them.

    We are to work for an audience of One. And that is God and His Word. If it displeases certain people, then that’s their own problem.

    Hbr 5:14 But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, [even] those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

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