Ha Ha Ha!…"Pastors have nothing to fear!"


The Joker speaks

“Pastors have nothing to fear. The bill clearly protects free speech and does not muzzle any minister.” —-Bishop Carlton Pearson, stumping for hate crimes legislation.

Really? Nothing to fear? At all?

Update: August 19: Lesbians file complaint against New Jersy Methodist ministry over refusal to allow same-sex marriage.  Government threatens prosecution forcing ministry to file suit to protect itself. Less than a year since the passage of the NJ civil unions bill, this ministry is being targeted. Nothing to fear? 


One thought on “Ha Ha Ha!…"Pastors have nothing to fear!"

  1. As this, and the previous topics linked here show us, there is much more at stake than what initially meets the eye on this issue.

    It’s scary how far the Sodom and Gomorrah agenda has gotten…

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