Fellowship Bishop’s credentials purchased from fraudulent “university”

And that’s not the only fraud we discovered about Bishop “Dr.” Wyatt Greenlee, Jr. of St. Louis. Bishop Greenlee, the “Episcopal Assistant” to Bishop Yvette Flunder, and a member of The Fellowship’s Ecclesiastical Board (think COGIC general board) claims to be a man of high educational accomplishments, but does the evidence match the claims? 


Bishop Greenlee’s church bio is chocked full with alleged degrees, boardships, executive positioning and the likes. But little of it is legitimate or can be substantiated. The following is a screenshot of Bishop Greenlee’s online bio:

Perhaps what is most shocking is Bishop Greenlee’s “master’s in education and doctorate degrees” from St. Regis University. Bishop Greenlee may indeed possess a doctorate and a master’s degree from “St. Regis University”, but both were purchased, according to the modus operandi of the school. St. Regis University aka James Monroe University was a cog in the wheel of an  elaborate degree purchasing scam.  According to Wikipedia (our bold) :

Saint Regis University is a now-defunct diploma mill operation with several other connected institutions. The Oregon State Office of Degree Authorization has stated that Saint Regis University was a diploma mill linked to 18 other front “schools”.The school issued degrees based on “life experience” instead of requiring the taking of actual academic classes or a formal course of study. It sold both college degrees and high school diplomas.

After CNN uncovered the scam in 2005, and a major scandal erupted in a Georgia school system, the eight owners were indicted. One of them, Kenneth Pearson, was a pedophile. Wikipedia said that four computers seized from Pearson’s home in association with the diploma mill investigation were found to contain more than 10,000 sexually explicit images of children. He later pleaded guilty.

But neither the pedophilia of its owners  nor the blatant illegality of the fraudulent school was enough to dissuade Bishop Greenlee from proudly listing his purchased degree[s] from them. Why does the Bishop feel he has to deceive others about his education?

Secondly, Bishop Greenlee states that he received a “degree in ministry” from Covenant Theological Seminary. Covenant, a conservative Presbyterian seminary would be an extremely uncomfortable environment for Greenlee.  In fact, the school’s very prominent Francis Shaeffer Institute teaches an entire series on homosexuality from the Shaefferian perspective.  Shaeffer, a former agnostic, was largely credited with influencing Jerry Farwell’s Moral Majority.

While Greenlee states he received a “degree in ministry” from CTS on his site,  the Fellowship site states “Bishop Greenlee is an alumni of the Master of Divinity program at Covenant Theological Seminary.”  Faced with this disreprancy, we called CTS in an effort to clarify if Greenlee was enrolled and which degree, if any, did he receive. 

The registrar’s office at Covenant searched extensively but said that Wyatt Greenlee was not a student and further, the name did not appear in any of their databases. She also added that CTS is a fairly small school and generally she would know a student. Does the Bishop realize that such fraudulent claims would mean immediate loss of employment in the secular world? What is The Fellowship’s policy to such patent dishonesty?

Greenlee also claims to possess a BS in Business Administration from the University of Missouri at St. Louis. Unfortunately, we cannot divulge that information due to a privacy agreement required by the Student Clearing House (SCH). The university uses the independent SCH to handle all degree and enrollment verification requests.


The following is a screenshot from Bishop Greenlee’s online bio detailing his ministry credentials:

What about Greenlee’s claim that he was ordained by the World College of Bishops? Who is this organization and how reputable are they? After searching, we did not find a “World College of Bishops” but did identify the World Bishop’s Council . What’s more, pictures of Bishop Yvette Flunder and her friend controverisal Archbishop Timothy Baymon president of the WBC were posted there. He is also another Fellowship Ecclesiastical Board member.  In February, Baymon was arrested in Springfield, MA in connection to the assault of another bishop in his organization. He accused the man of using witchcraft. Baymon also has a history of ordaining homosexuals into the bishopric.

Bishop Greenlee claims to be a current board member of the St. Louis Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America,  but Mr. Dello Thedford, the current chapter representative for the chapter said that Greenlee is an involuntarily “inactive” board member due to reorganization. However, Thedford did acknowledge that the Greater New Higher Heights Choir remained an integral part of the chapter.

As for being “vice-president of E.R. Mason and Associates”, there is scant evidence the organization still exists. The individual who answered the only number listed for the company said it definitely was not the number for E. R. Mason and Associates.


11 thoughts on “Fellowship Bishop’s credentials purchased from fraudulent “university”

  1. I gladly say that I am proud heterosexual member of GNHHCC. Bishop Green is a man that walks in integrity. When you acuse someone of being a fraud, you need to really check the records. I have worked along side of Bishop Greenlee and have seen most of his credentials. I don’t know what kind of research you have done, but E.R. Mason and Associates is a viable business and travels all over the United States in the Public Schools motivating young people. Our church is not a gay church; however, we are a church of justice and welcome anyone to come that wants to worship our God. I am offended and I wish people like the author of this article would know the facts before they try to judge a persons character and/or creditablity

  2. Ms McCoy, perhaps you didn’t take time check out the DOCUMENTATION in the story. Its your choice to be willfully blind and accepting of blatant dishonesty. If that’s the type of leader you desire, then by all means stay happy with what you have. From what we see FROM HIS WEBSITE BIO, our strong opinion is that Bishop Greenlee is in possession of fraudulent educational credentials.

    If you’d like to prove otherwise, please supply hard information on ER Mason and Associates and we will happily retract and apologize. While youre at it, please supply hard evidence that Bishop Greenlee’s educational claims are not fraudulent. Behavior is a fruit of character, therefore we can judge that in context. Read

    Matthew 7: 15Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
    16Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
    17Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
    18A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
    19Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
    20Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

    Secondly, you sound like you are couching your gay affirmation in social euphemisms like “justice” and “welcoming”, but where is the justice of telling someone they are ok living as a sinner? What good is it to welcome someone into something that is fed by false doctrine?

    Finally,Ms Mccoy being heterosexual does not save you or make you any better than a homosexual if you are teaching and living against the word of God.
    As to your “pride”, I can only refer you to the Word: God hates pride.

  3. This is a response to Sis. McCoy and to anyone else interested. I am concerned when anyone or any ministry gives an avenue for any sin to be highlighted or excused. The church has failed to deal effectively
    with the Homosexuality issue. The church oscillates between to extremes (both are incorrect using scripture as a guide). Churches either says, “its o.k. to be gay, bring your partner to church or get out & go to hell you homo!!!” Neither is done the way Jesus Christ would have done it. Notice how Jesus dealt with the woman at the well in John 4. He IDENTIFIED HER SIN, HE LOVED HER ENOUGH TO TELL HER IT IS SIN, and LOVED HER ENOUGH TO MINISTER LOVE AND TRUTH TO HER!!! To make excuses, use catchy euphemisms for sinful behavior, or avoid the issue is the least loving most hateful thing to do to a person. Too much is at stake!!! The church, must as Christ did, tell the truth in love and love people into their deliverance.

  4. minicraige,
    You make a great point. At the very same time, I ask that you do not under estimate the reality in the church today. I am sure I don’t need to give you ample examples.

    We must also remember the words of Paul. 1 Corth 5:10-13. A very REAL moral principle is applied …Remove the wicked man from among yourseleves. His sexual misconduct was not rebuked by the church.. The church did nothing although Paul praised them for doing other things right.

    They church must, remove those who take God’s holiness, in this case sexual purity and calling it Holy, and remove them!

    IMHO, believers (the church) today have forgotten the very theme of God’s holiness as given to us in His word. That being, ‘KNOW my holiness and have a proper FEAR of me! ‘

    Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Popular? no. I, for one don’t care if it is. I care that folks repent, submit, and KNOW the real Christ, the real God, and not some perverted worldly love that leads to nothing but destruction, now and later. That my friend is “love”. I would hope you would agree.

  5. Mark, I agree whole heartedly. But These type of Homosexual leaning, so-called Christians or those who are under the stronghold of Homosexuality know where to go to hear a message conducive to their lifestyle. We are commanded to tell the truth in love. Those I referred to are the ones who understand that this is sin and are struggling with it. The church must offer them something. The others I believe are so gripped by this that they may fall under the category of what 2 Cor. 13 called “Reprobates.”

  6. MinCraige,
    thats a question I am will ing to look at. At what point does one become a reprobate and (2) is there hope for repentance for those who are “given over”.

    Generally because this falls within the Romans 1 discourse it is applied to homosexuals, but it really applies to anybody.

    What do you think? Can a person be restored after they have been “given over” by God to a reprobate mind?

    I ask this because it could really affect the way we see homosexuals who have backslidden?


    I have heard Christian Apologists in answering that this “giving over” is after a willful consistent rejection of the truth. And in this state, according to these apologists, those who have “given over” are so tormented that they by that state that it becomes a means to bring them back to the truth (feeling the heat before they see the light). My answer is I REALLY DO NOT KNOW. I guess we have to chalk that up to the sovereignty of God and the providence of God. I’m sorry, I don’t have a clearer answer. But I do not think backsliding is the unforgivable sin, blaspheming is.

  8. I am seriously bothererd by the fact that you have nothing else to do but try and find fault in people. The first thing you need to realize is that before you find fault in someone take a long look in the mirror. But he issue at hand is The Bishop and it is like you were talking about my father and Bishop is an upstanding man of God, I have known him for almost 20 years and I have spent time with him outside of ministry and He lives what he teaches and preaches. Yes there are members of his congregation that have proclaimed the homosexual life style, but the vision that God gave him for this ministry is that the church is a hospital and the sinner comes to the hospital to be healed of there circumstances and or habits. I am a straight man of God that was a part of his ministry for years until i returned home to kansas city, Mo but under his leadership I learned so much which in effect has helped me in my current quest in Ministry here in Kansas City, But my question to you is have you made contact with the bishop? I seriously doubt it because he is a man of integrity and would welcome your questions. The bible also says that the enemy is an acuser of the brethern. What difference does it make about his educational background? the question is how many lives has he led to christ? and how many have you led to christ its not a numbers race but how effective we are in soul winning. Judge not that ye be Judged……. But what are you doing to build the kingdom of heaven? if yo want to report something report the positive there is enough of that garbage in the media already… I am a proud member of Sheffield Family Life Center of Kansas City one of the best teaching pastors of this era has led this congregation to greatness and one of the best examples of how heaven is going to be with deversity. Touch not my annointed and do my Prophet no harm… I Believe that you should go to the source before you print evil… God Bless and mya the lord bless you……..

  9. There has been evil printed here. This article document what the Bishop has posted on his church website about his credentials which have been found to be in question. This means the Bishop no disrespect but if he or the one who does his webposting has been misleading about his credentials this calls into question a major part on which his ministry is based. Your quotation of the “Touch not mine anointed…” passage is clarified by the context. This passage has nothing to do with a respectful question about misleading details about a pastors credentials.

  10. The fact is either the Bishop or the one who does his webposting made misleading statements about his credentials. This has nothing to do with the context of the “Touch not my anointed…” passage you quoted.

  11. Thats a rather strange question: what does educational credentials have to do with soul winning?
    And the usual touch not, judge not…

    How about lie not? Isnt that binding anymore?

    Bishop Greenlee volutarily put his false educational credentials out there IN PUBLIC to impress people. If they mean nothing why even list them? Apparently soul winning isnt a priority or else he would have highlighted that. And thus this article would not even exist.

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