Albertina Walker reportedly "quite upset" at gay conference booking

Today, GCM Watch received  communication from  a woman who allegedly is the granddaughter of reknowned gospel singer Albertina Walker. In June, we reported on Walker’s appearance at The Fellowship conference in Chicago. We also questioned whether appearances of gospel artists at gay affirming conferences and music events was a serious theo-ethical breach.  If the writer is correct in her assertions, it appears there may have been some level of deception on the part of Bishop Yvette Flunder and The Fellowship.  Although the following is from “Tina Nance”, GCMW has not yet verified her identity.

“My name is Tina Nance and Albertina Walker is my Grandmother. I came across this article while visiting her today for her Birthday. Let me first say that my grandmother did not know the background of this organization until after the event, had she known this information she would not have been a part of this program. When she learned of this information, after the fact she was quite upset, but by then it was too late. The management company that books the CARAVANS has made the appropriate changes to their process to ensure that this situation does not occur in the future.

Furthermore, I do not understand why my grandmother was singled out when she appeared at this event as part of the Caravans not as a soloist. I realize that her name is perhaps the most recognizable on the flyer, but it would’ve been responsible to mention that she performed with the Caravans and not as a soloist. My grandmother does not in anyway support or promote this lifestyle, this was very simply a case of her not being given pertinent information. Finally, I would like to add that Albertina Walker is possibly the easiest artist to contact on Earth, it would not have been at all difficult for a responsible journalist to reach her.”

Ms Nance raises some issues we’d like to respond to.

First, we meant no disrespect to Albertina Walker. As a matter of fact, we pointed out that she was a gospel singer par excellence.  Her music and ministry is highly respected making it even more strange that she would agree to appear at such a conference with full knowledge of who and what was really going on there [see original article comments].

Secondly, we disagree that Albertina Walker was “singled out”. While the flyer released by The Fellowship headlined the Caravans, it highlighted the “Queen of Gospel Music” as the name behind the Caravans.  Her name is the most recognizable, therefore attention was placed on her appearance as opposed to her being there as just a member of the Caravans. This is why we posted a copy of the flyer and a link to the original.

Third, we are cheered and heartened to learn that Albertina was “quite upset” that she or her booking company was deceived.  This was at the core of our article. Some of these gay christian organizations intentionally misrepresent themselves and their false doctrine in order to lure gospel artists to their events. The booking agency is to be applauded for amending procedures to ensure no deception in future engagements.

Fourth, we did make an attempt to contact Albertina. As soon as we learned of this event,  an email was sent. [albertinawalker at] to Albertina via her website.  It was returned undeliverable the next day. Moreover, her official website listed no phone contact. We even asked if anyone reading the article could help us with contact, but that information did not come through [again see original article comments].

Thank you Ms Nance for writing and letting everyone know that Albertina Walker does not support the lifestyles of those who claim Christ but remain sexually disobedient to God’s Word.


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  1. Albertina Walker has always been well received by those in the gay community, and her ministry transcends all boundaries of race, gender, faith, and sexual orientation. Her personal beliefs concerning homosexuality are irrelevant in the greater context of the ministry. The fact that she has the ability to appeal to marginalized groups both within and outside of the Christian community attests to her divine gift and unparalleled talent. She should be delighted that God has used her as an instrument to spread His word to all of His children.

  2. No, what’s irrelevant is being “well received” by the “gay community”. We’re not concerned about the gay community unless you are saying everyone in the gay community is a professing Christian. That would be inaccurate.

    If gays are in the audience at her concerts, that is no problem, they too need to hear that they can be delivered from sin. However, its quite a different situation when a gay christian group (like the Fellowship) misleads Albertina about who they are to get her to come one of their meetings.

    Apparently, she is not at all supportive of that.

  3. I would like to follow up on your fourth point regarding contacting Albertina Walker.

    I have to agree with Tina Nance that Albertina Walker is easy to contact.

    GCM may have made a miistake in her e-mail address, as once I read this article I sent Albertina Walker an e-mail the other day and now we have a reply from here grand-daughter.

    Here is the e-mail that I sent to Albertina Walker’s official e-mail address found on her official website (

    Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 13:13:48 -0700 (PDT)
    From: LAWRENCE
    Subject: Internet Article

    Hello Mrs. Walker,

    I ran across this article and was wondering if you where aware of this? The link is below:

    Albertina Walker’s singing symptom Wednesday, Jun 20 2007
    Yvette Flunder and black gospel music and gay churches and African American

  4. Mr. Lawrence, lest we digress into a red herring back and forth, it should be noted that contacting Albertina Walker is much beside the point, if it can be considered a valid point at all. Mainly because:

    (1) It assumes that such contact would have resulted in a desired action i.e. Albertina would have cancelled her engagement with The Fellowship.
    (2) It assumes that such contact is a qualifier of “responsible journalism”. Responsible according to what standards? There were none cited.
    (3) It assumes that the contact we attempted was inadequate. We have already demonstrated that the attempt to communicate was more than adequate as a courtesy. You did not explain the absence of a phone or fax number on Mrs. Walker’s official website. Can that be classified as “easy to contact”?
    (4)It assumes that a requirement exists to contact major gospel artists prior to writing information about them. Once again, please cite such requirements if they exist.

    Having said that, it is interesting that Ms Nance (identity still unverified) emailed this site only after you sent an email to the “official” email address.

    Her remarks suggest that she casually found the article with no prompting from an outside email. Which version is accurate? Or did they receive our initial email and simply chose not to respond?

    Finally, this is not about whether we adequately emailed Albertina Walker but rather the proliferation of false doctrine and false prophets who use deceptive measures to gain access to artists like Albertina Walker. We are interested in your comments on that.

  5. Tina Nance is indeed the granddaughter of Albertina Walker, although I suppose there is no way of knowing whether the individual who wrote the response was actually who she claimed to be.
    I agree that Ms. Walker should have been informed about the nature of the program prior to accepting the engagement. It was wrong of them to trick her into being a supporter of a program that conflicted with her beliefs. On the other hand, I still feel that we as Christians need to reach out to those who may never have the opportunmity to receive God’s teachings. As far as homosexuality is concerned, the Bible is very clear that sex is meant strictly for pro-creation, which means that a lot of heterosexual Christians are just as guilty of sin as their homosexual counterparts. We as a community need to move on past our own petty prejudices and begin spreading God’s message of love and salvation to all humankind.

  6. I agree that it is unfortunate that Mrs. Walker was decieved and not privy to pertinent information regarding Flunder and The Fellowship prior to booking for this event.

    I also understand the concept of “freedom of the press”, although I don’t think it’s always fair to artists. Although GMC is not obligated, It would have been nice for GMC or someone to have raised this issue prior to the event, however it’s all in the past now and from Ms. Nance’s comment’s Mrs. Walker and the Caravans have taken the proper precausions to prevent this from happening in the future.

    Albertina Walker/Tina Nance have expressed their feelings regarding this situation and that is all we have to go on. I happen to be a fan of Mrs. Walker’s and truly believe that had she been given all the vital information, she would not have been involved in the event.

    By the same token, although God does hate sin, he does love the sinner including the gay community and I believe He (God) will raise up a servent and equip such servent to minister effectively to the gay community. We are not to judge, but we are to pray for the salvation and deliverance of the lost.

  7. One of the things that I admire most and has set Ms. Walker apart from many of the Gospel Singers of today is her single desire to reach souls. What is wrong with coming before an audience in a church to share Christ,His Love, His desire to save and heal.That is what Albertina has always done. We are told to go into the bye ways of life…the streets, where ever the needy of spirit may be and tell them of God’s power to save , heal and deliver.
    She did not go to the Fellowship concert to agree, to join, or discuss doctrine with who- ever her audience was. She was however, there to simply do what she is called to do, present Christ. The rest is up to Him and them. How wrong it is to speak against evangelism..this way. How can you reach the lost if you don’t go and share Our Savior with them. Just like in any other audience there were I am sure repesentitives of every life style..yet as Christ , we are not to judge or discriminate we are to share the word in word or song as He gives it to us.. When we as ministers begin asking who we are going before and reserving the word only for those we deem worthy…We then loose sight of what we were called to do in the first place. Ms. Walker, is a minister in song in the purist sense of the word. She not only believes in what she is singing,but lives it and has share it all these years before anyone who is willing to hear. Her goal is to win souls…the folks that need to know that Jesus loves them and can and will change their livesfor the better. The concert in question, was just another assignment – our Father opened, so that He would be glorified. I pray that God continue to bless our Queen of Gospel Ms. Albertina Walker…For standing tall before the world and sharing Christ the Savior of all man kind..I only wish there were many more like her.

    GCMW: Gene, thanks for your noble accolades towards Albertina Walker. But you like many who write-in play dumb to the real issue. This is not about Albertina Walker. This is about flagrant violation of God’s Holy Word. If you would just offer a little evidence, then we could see where you are off track.

    1. What songs did Albertina sing while she was there? Please list them.
    2. Did she call for repentance while at the fellowship? What were here exact words?
    3. How exactly do you “present Christ” to people to claim to be saved already?
    4. Where in scripture does the Bible say God ordained singing as a method of salvation?
    5. Why did the Fellowship misrepresent themselves to her management?
    6. Why did her granddaughter say that AW was “very upset” with being tricked into coming?
    7. Why does the scripture admonish us not to keep company with individuals who claim the name of Christ but continue in unrepentant sexual immorality?

  8. Point # 7 says it all. Too many gospel “artists” are chasing the idol of celebrity and the dollar. I am not sure that Albertina is doing that but she needs to get somone to check out her itinerary. Perhaps her grandaughter.

  9. I’m very sorry but Albertina Walker new when she walked through the doors what is was about and it’s about. If it wasn’t for the gays she would not be The Gospel star she is. Who would know her? Secondly she sang with James clevaland for years, everybody new about James. 3rd When has she not sang with anyone that was not gay? When you look in the Gospel field many are closeted and would love to come out but can’t because of people telling them there going to hell and their don’t want to lose what they have. We as a people keep hating and treating people wrong. I’m sorry Albertina has been on this road a long time and she’s not stupid. Truth be told the Barretts sister came in with annointing and pulled it down. Souls where blessed and set free in cluding the Caravans. So I’m sorry that she feels like that but trust me she new when she came and render service unto God. That’s what they said they where there to do.

  10. So Christopher to sum, you were there and you are saying that AW (via her grand daughter) is not telling the truth.

    Is it possible that even though she has indeed been aware of the homosexuals in gospel music feild, she did not sanction it?

    Im not sure that your assertion about gospel artists coming out because of what people say is valid. Coming out doesnt send you to tell, the failure to repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as Lord will. That is irrespective of what people say.

    The other point is that these unnamed gay gospel artists would rather hold on to “fame” and “fortune” rather than be right with God? How does that wash next to Matt 6:33?

  11. Dear, it is what is! And yes I was there and they still sang and praised God just like the rest of us. he that is with out sin let him cast the stone.

    Like I said she has sang with a many homesexuals and eaten and even kee, keed with them. Whether she sanction it or not she never got off the stage from singing with or taking pictures with and even loveing them. Mathew 22:34, 40 but we don’t do that eiether.

    Albertina has been in this a long time. Lets not play games. She was not blindside with anything. So lets not go there. IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!!!! It’s nothing against Albertina Walker I love her or the Caravans. these anoited ladies have been singing for years. and Trust there names have been out their too.

    And as far as the artist not coming out because of fame and fortun you can answere that your self. ‘To thine ownself be true’. You call it right with god I call it being true to God and God being tru to you

    . You fell to relize he knows all and sees all and he’s just God and a loveing God. I’m so glad I don’t have to get validation from man because I know the Lord just like you. I know where reading the same word sometimes we pick and choose what is relivent to us and we go on from there. The last I read is that he died for all men that we all may have a right to the tree of life. You see the table was set for for a sinner such as I and oh what a ‘Happy Day” I’m so glad he will be the judge on Judgement day. that’s what makes all the diffrence in the world.

    Grace and Peace

  12. Thanks Christopher for stating that Albertina Walker and her granddaughter are liars. Its good to have the truth come out so people can know.

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