Backdraft I: The Fellowship 2000 Files

Admin note: As part of our ongoing documentation of the scriptural distortions, public misrepresentations, and unhealthy relationships being forged by Bishop Yvette Flunder and her organization Fellowship, we’ve included these previous articles. Although just as informative, they tend to get less traffic as part of the larger effort.

Trying the “spirit” of Fellowship 2000 

Shhhhhh! Fellowship2000 has a big secret.
Here’s what they want you to know to know about them:
—They love everybody
—They love Jesus
—They are spiritually passive and socially peaceful
—Homeless folks cant live without them
—Their leader is a pentecostal Cinderella
—They only want to help the “marginalized”

Don’t be fooled, little children. The truth is that a dangerous facsimile of Christianity has found its groove with pentecostal flavoring, a sprinkle of black church heirachy and carefully choreographed social deeds. It is the church face of the religious left. Who are the religious left, you ask? Simple. Those who practice religion but have left the standards of Christ.

Without searching, I can find no better example than the adherents of homosexual affirming doctrines such as those in Fellowship2000. As with any movement, the leader bears either the blame or the credit for the development and direction of its organization or its failure and dysfunction. Again, without searching, Fellowship2000’s Yvette Flunder stands out.  It has been said an organization is only as weak or as misled as the leader.  Weakness, in this case is bouyed by pride in unrepentant sexual sins. >>Read the complete commentary

Radically Inclusive Love?

Apparently, the Yvette Flunder camp has been offended that I would challenge their brand of  “love” which they claim represents Christ.  I say good! Good they are offended. I for one and many others are not rolling out the welcome mat in Atlanta to her “Fellowship2000” conference. What’s more, we will be happy to see it move on after its performance.
As defined by the aforementioned group, “radically inclusive love”  has become the mantra of misguided attempts to steer attention away from the work of the cross. After all, if Jesus’ blood does not bring change, then it cannot serve its purpose of redemption. I would call it “radically redefined love”, something that individuals who refuse to accept established Biblical standards of sexual morality seem to be very adept at. So radical, I would suggest that it has no semblance whatsoever of the agape-forged truth that Christ demonstrated. Having heard on more than one occasion Flunder’s disdain and doubts concerning Biblical authority, it is no secret then that she would have to create “another gospel” for her followers. What a shame for such a talented woman. >>Read the entire commentary

UCC gay church ad all about division 
Joining the fray by lobbing accusations at just about anybody who doesnt live, work and own a dog in San Francisco’s Castro, is Rev Yvette Flunder. Among the accused are the obvious targets: President Bush and the ghost group all liberals love to hate, the “religious right.”  Flunder, by the way, is an up and coming African American lesbian surrogate for the United Church of Christ. They have been praying for someone like  her to come along.

Flunder’s article”Conquering fear in our church”  has left strapped liberals in the UCC giddy with joy.  Our church? Does she mean the United Church of Christ? In the article Flunder opines presumably to the selective-parts-of-the-Bible crowd:

“What does the real Christianity do? It feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, shelters the homeless and comforts the afflicted. It loves them that hate you.”

What she fails to mention however is that there will be cartloads of people who have done good works here on earth and stand before Jesus only to hear that they have done them without his authorization. >>Read the entire commentary


2 thoughts on “Backdraft I: The Fellowship 2000 Files

  1. Idolatry comes is so many forms, Satan just loves it. The ‘just let me feed the poor, cloth the naked, shelter the homeless’ without the bread of life message, will alwyas have the world to back ’em up. Nothing has changed for thousands of years.

    If you are unable to ‘hate’ your mother, father, sister, brother, cannot be my disciple ring a bell? If idolatry of family is possible, so is philanthropy. The doubled edged sword of Christ is only clear when these folks stop ignoring obedience, repentance, and submission to His total authority and word.

    I just wish these so called “christain” folks would take a second look at the very OT scripture our Lord Jesus used to rebuke Satan’s temptations in the desert. It’s probably a book they hate and feel just does not represent their god’s ‘true’ nature.

    It’s one thing to put human needs first above our own rights…. It’s quite another thing to do it at ANY cost, including denying God’s promise and our responsiblity to that promise. How many times have others before us done the same to only recieve a true Godly wrath?

    sorry, I went on too much, but this is an important point you make here! I hope people get it.

  2. Mark, this a VERY interesting remark. I had not thought of things this way. That the “god” being offered by religious social justice advocates is just another wilderness temptation for the church.

    As a matter of fact it was the first temptation. To physically satisfy oneself with food. Jesus rejected it and quoted scripture showing that it was not the priority of kingdom ministry.

    Now, we are being told that to feed the hungry, etc is what true Christianity is all about. It never ceases to amaze me how satan will shop his message around until it sounds good enough for someone to pick it up and run with it.

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