The nature, character and mission of satan

Every now and then we get some misguided comment attempting to correct us for exposing the excesses of the gay christian movement and its attendant allies.  While such criticism is expected, it makes one wonder if those criticizing would do so if they knew the power behind the people: utterly evil with a devastating agenda. Note: we are not calling homosexuals devils, demons or evil. We are saying that people who intentionally subvert God’s truth are being unwittingly manipulated by satan, even if they are “God’s children”.

With that in mind, we decided that we would expose satan (name intentionally uncapitalized) himself! Tell all his business! Put it in the streets and on the world wide web. Surely no one will send us an email saying we should love satan and be compassionate towards him. Surely no one would argue that judging satan without knowing him is wrong…and unChristian. Surely, no one would say that satan doesn’t deserve to be characterized that way. We hope not, but for better or worse, here it is.

Although some people deny the existence of satan, the Bible teaches us that he is a real and present threat to every living person. Satan’s nature, origin, character, residence, mission and eventual destruction is made plain and clear by the scriptures. This is why satan’s #1 target is the Word of God. He wants to erase the only true record of  who and what he is. Think of the Bible as satan’s birth certificate and you can easily see why he is so insistent on discrediting it.

Just as an example, so-called transgenders want to change their birth certificates to match their new –but false– identity. This can accomplished but a “reassignment surgeon” must document that the individual has had an “irreversible gender reassignment.”  But even if it is altered, most, if not all require official documentation of the surgery, thus there remains a tangible record which reflects the individual was in fact born a different gender. The point is that a “transgender’s”  gender actually hasn’t been changed, only the sexual organs. At best it is only cosmetic changes to one’s appearance.

Jonathan V. Last, editor of the Daily Standard cited a Texas case which stated,

“[T]hrough surgery and hormones, a transsexual male can be made to look like a woman, including female genitalia and breasts. Transsexual medical treatment, however, does not create the internal sexual organs of a woman, except for the vaginal canal. There is no womb, cervix, or ovaries in the post-operative transsexual female. . . . [T]he male chromosomes do not change with either hormonal treatment or sex reassignment surgery. Biologically, a post-operative female transsexual is still a male. There are some things we cannot will into being. They just are.”

Simularly, through deception and a plethora of cunning tricks, satan seeks to obfuscate the truth about who he is. Satan can also alter his appearance. Consider if you will 2 Corinthians 13-15: For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.” Knowing this, perhaps we should call satan a “trans-spirit”.  Despite his extensive bag of tricks, he cannot eradicate the record which remains. And unlike state laws, God doesn’t allow changes to His official record.

Thus, we can know —if we truly want to— the truth about satan. Let’s explore these  six (no, not cryptic) questions which cover the major spectrum of information about satan.

1. Why should we study and know about satan?

Any military commander worth his or her salt will tell you to never  underestimate your enemy. Underestimating one’s enemy can result in the loss of your greatest assets. Many people dismiss satan’s range of power and the effect he has on the human race. Whether by cunning words or deceptive appearances, the enemy has an agenda…and it is not to have a pleasant cup of tea with you! You don’t have to have an obsession with satan to learn about him. After all, he first appears in Genesis 3:1 and is last mentioned in Revelation 20:10, and is prominently spoken of all in between.

But more specifically, Christians should study what the Bible says about satan (1) because of his intentions  1 Peter 5:8, and (2) the dire consequences of ignorance about him 2 Cor 2:11.

2.  Where did satan come from?

We are not privy to the exactness of satan’s origin, but there is sufficient evidence regarding his origin. First,  Ezekiel 28: 11-19 places him in Eden as shadowing the  “King of Tyre”, but the text clearly indicates this is no mortal man. This suggests perhaps a snapshot of satan before he appeared to Eve as a serpent. The sheer glamour of his trappings were astonishing. But, it was also his undoing. Secondly, Isaiah 14:12-20 seems to pick up and elaborate on part of the story Ezekiel did not tell.  Isaiah reveals satan’s thoughts and intentions which precipitated his violent downfall.  Additionally, Isaiah completes the story by revealing satan’s (along with those who follow him) horrible ending.

These two major prophets teach us that satan, like all other creatures and humans was created. He has a beginning (we don’t know exactly when) and we are promised that he will have an end.  That he is created, means he has limited capabilities which are subject to the approval of his creator. Yes, satan’s powers are limited and controlled by God. He was not created evil, but chose to act out his evil desires. We are not told how he arrived at the motivation to usurp authority over God, but we do know that pride in his position, power, prestige and possessions was at the root of it.

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  1. Satan is all about creating counterfeits. He creates counterfeit scriptures (Gospel of Thomas and the like) and even in the end times there will most likely be a counterfeit trinity (the dragon, the anti-Christ, and his prophet). What a diabolical adversary. I am glad to know we are supporting the winning team in all this.

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