The nature, character and mission of satan – II

We continue with our expose of satan: the thief, liar and murderer. Warning: loaded with scripture. If you don’t like the Bible being used as a supporting reference or you disdain it as “prooftexting”, then we would advise you not to read this article.

3. What is the character  of satan?

St John 10:10 – Jesus calls him a thief who steals, kills and destroys.
             8:44 –  Jesus calls him a murderer and the orginator of the lie.
St Matt 4:7-9 –  He is arrogant, assuming the world belongs to him.

Satan’s chief character trait is pride.  It was his strident pride which caused him to be deposed from heaven’s loftiest position under God. And we might add that hateful pride will seal his eternal doom. Pride has shaped satan into a being capable of unimaginable hatred for God and consequently all that God loves. Pride is sure to evoke a heated reaction from God. Jesus himself said he saw satan fall like lightening from heaven (Luke 10:18). His pride and arrogance was so offensive, God violently threw him down to the earth.  

It is interesting that the gay political movement first adopted pride as its main characteristic. At some point, the gay christian movement movement followed suit. Note: we are not calling gays the devil, but it is worth noting that pride in a false identity is what defines the gay movement. Ezekiel 16:49 list the sins of Sodom and the very first is pride. Is it possible God would have forgiven them and withheld destruction had Sodom repented?  He did for Nineveh. Seeing that pride is so offensive to God, why then would the gay christian movement likewise identify?  Pride blinds an indiviudal to their true spiritual condition, thus the individual will not repent. That’s why the Bible never encourages Christians to have pride in oneself (flesh, humanity, earthly knowledge), but rather to have confidence (faith, trust) in God.

Every lie originated with satan and there can be no reconciling of a lie with the truth. Even if a lie is mixed with truth it becomes a lie.  A lie corrupts anything it is paired with.  Satan attempts to corrupt every thing God has done and said by seeding lies into it. Sexuality is just one of the areas where a lie has corrupted the purpose and intent of God.  As a liar, satan is also a deceiver or one who uses an alias.  For instance, scripture reveals that he uses behavior as a pretense to identity.  Compare scripture’s declaration of Christ the Lion of Judah with its depiction of satan who is like a lion. There is a tremendous difference between acting like a lion and actually being one. As we mentioned in part one of this article,  a transgender may emulate a woman (or man), but despite the very best of appearances, can never be a true woman(or man).

God is omnipresent, satan is ubiquitous, giving the perception that he is everywhere at all times. The truth is that he relies heavily on a well organized —and formidable— heirarchy of spirits to carry out his mission in the earth.  While satan is indeed behind the evil machinations going on in the world, we do not subscribe to an arbitrary “devil made me do it” excuse. Satan, as manipulative and malevolent as he is, should not be used as a scapegoat in lieu of one’s personal sins (James 1:14,15)

4. Where is satan?

It is common for satan to be depicted in popular culture as being some sort of mystical ruler in an underworld setting, replete with a pitchfork, horns and a tight red suit. of course, this conflicts with what the Bible teaches about satan’s residence. Deception about his whereabouts is part of satan’s plan to continue his seditious campaign. We learn through reading Job that satan does indeed have limited liberties in terms of accessing heaven and he moves fairly unihibited throughout the earth. However he “rules” from the celestials or “heavenlies” somewhere between heaven and earth. Satan is a king and has a kingdom although it is an illegal governance and a rogue assembly of subjects. His ultimate power thirst is to be seated on the throne in Jerusalem as God.  He will seek to usurp the final kingdom reign of Christ through a phenomenal deceit, lies and manipulation, but will fail. Miserably. It is only after these events have transpired that satan will get to check out his Hollywood estate sans his contrived kingship. He and all those who have believed and loved the lie will be cast into the lake of fire.

5. What is satan’s mission?

Satan primary self-assigned mission was defined by Christ as one intent on “stealing, killing and destroying.” Specifically he:

—causes men to turn away from God
—opposes the rule of God in the earth
—seeds doubt of God’s authority and love
—obfuscates truth found in scripture, even using himself for ulterior motives
—turns men against each other
—promotes all forms of anarchy, chaos and disease
—lures people into spiritual and physical death as sinners.

6. How can you and I overcome satan?

Is it possible to win against an enemy who is so adept at trickery with such immense experience deceiving people? As a child of God who adheres to God’s Word, trusts the leading of God’s Spirit and obeys the Son of God the answer is an emphatic yes!
Satan is not to be feared, because we have the Greater One living on the inside of us and He is greater than the one who is in the world. We are not to have a arrogant sense of victory, but when Christians trust God, we are assured victory by remaining in Christ. “Now thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph in Christ.” 2 Cor 2:14 Make no mistake, satan is a tremendous foe, but one who is powerless against our Christ. We can expect that we will suffer and be persecuted at the hands of satan, but such suffering is a necessary component of identification with Christ and a qualifier of reigning with him.
Specifically, overcoming satan and his forces is possible through:

—Telling of the goodness of God in your life (Rev 12:11)
—Submitting your life to the will of God (James 4:7)
—Loving without pretense (1 John 4:!8)
—Speaking life and believing what God has spoken (Proverbs 18:21)
—Get suited up for war! (Eph 6:11-18)


8 thoughts on “The nature, character and mission of satan – II

  1. Hi DL, do you think that Satan has the ability to read our thoughts? Only God is omniscient–He knows our past, present, and future–but is it possible that Satan has limited access to thoughts that cross our mind, like he does to our spoken words and actions? I’ve been told that Satan can only observe our behavior and mess with us based on that information, but sometimes it almost seems like he knows my unspoken thoughts. Does the Bible provide an answer?

  2. Phil there may not be a definitive answer on that, but from what I see James 1:14-15 seems to imply that he cannot. You must remember, satan is nowhere near on par with the power of God. Yet, he presents a strong illusion that he is.

    What James implies is that it is a supply and demand system. You supply the thoughts (generated by your own lusts) and satan supplies what your flesh is demanding via the unspoken thoughts.

    Thus, the ensnarement.

    Read that and see what you think.

  3. Thanks, DL! That’s a passage that I’m familiar with. I meditated on your reply for two days and then had an incredibly complicated weekend that distracted me (no temptations, thank God :-), but coming back to it again this morning, I agree with your analysis. God bless you!

  4. Yea, Phil I dont think that James means that as a catch-22. Sometimes as much as we try to control our thought life, it is not always pure and holy…no matter who you are. But there is a great cry from the scriptures that encourages to “let this mind that was in Christ be also in you”.

    We are to continually, cleanse our minds and discard the roots of what causes us to have unpure thoughts.

  5. its not satan you have to worry about reading your thoughts. its the ignorant. in my opinion. look in revelation about satan falling. this is like a question.. a third of the stars were drawn to the earth by a seven headed dragon who had ……. horns and … .diadems on his heads…. anyway if you see closely theres a child born that is supposed to rule the nations and satan is there to devour him at birth. then it says while that is going on, he is fighting michael and his angels in heaven… and they are cast to earth. how can they be cast to earth twice? so jesus says “i am the bright and morning star” and its said a third of the angels fell from heaven. so apparently “fall” could mean to be born. but if thats true how would it be that satan would fall from heaven being like God unless he became prideful and hateful as a person so to say. unless hes like jesus and knows before hand who he is and why he would come here if he were a man. so his plan would be to make gods star fall from heaven as described in revelation while trying to take over because god is also being a man ?

  6. i forgot to add what further makes me think this is that jesus said he saw satan fall from heaven in past tense then says “for if the good man of the house knew what hour the thief cometh he would have watched lest his house be divided.” meaning he didnt know when the thief would come. and theres three accounts of his falling. one more when jesus is on the cross. saying “in this hour the prince of this world is cast out.”

  7. i am very much grateful for getting this information and i want to plead that more materials especially books on this topic and other christian relevant books that will enable me teach my people.i am pastor mike okonji n.a student of the nigerian baptist theological seminary,ogbomoso.thank you very much once again.

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