Dr. D. James Kennedy passes

GCM Watch mourns the death of D. James Kennedy of Fort Lauderdale, FL. He passed early Wednesday morning at the age of 76.

Dr. Kennedy remained on the front lines of biblical adherency, particularly engaging the church and culture on issues of homosexuality. He eshewed the liberal positions of some other Presbyterian groups and steadfastly proclaimed the gospel message as the solution to the ills of mankind. We salute the work and life of this great man of God as an example to all who treasure and live out active faith in God.

Religion News Blog has the details. 

Memorial Tribute


5 thoughts on “Dr. D. James Kennedy passes

  1. from Schmitz Blitz: schmitzblitz.wordpress.com

    Kennedy marks the second death of a major figure in the religious right this year (after the May death of Jerry Falwell)–I wonder if this is making his followers and other fundamentalist Christians take a long hard look at the state of their faith, seeing as they generally consider earthly tragedies and misfortunes to be punishments from God (recall Robertson’s remarks on Ariel Sharon’s stroke, and the countless comments made by others with regard to Katrina).

  2. Hi guys,

    Great post. Dr. Kennedy was one of my favorites and I will miss him greatly! Guess he and Spurgeon will have lot’s to talk about in heaven!

    Thanks for the link up and great work exposing the homosexual evasion within the Body of Christ!

    Phil Naessens

  3. Yeah, when I heard this one morning on one of the AM talk shows that play his sermons, I was deeply saddened. I listened to Dr. Kennedy’s sermons almost every morning while preparing for work. He will truly be missed.

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