New Christian fiction deals with love, marriage, & homosexuality

Author Sherri Lewis of Atlanta, to our knowledge, just may be the first author to deal with homosexuality in a fictional Christian setting. Her book My Soul Cries Out is getting rave reviews for dealing with the subject in a redemptive manner. MSCO is the fictionalized account of an African American husband and wife, Kevin and Monica. The story is set against the dramatic backdrop of Monica catching Kevin in bed with another man. The story’s exciting twists and turns incorporating colorful characters and playing out the struggle of the two as they find a way to heal and make it through…together

I’m very honored to say that my wife and I had the opportunity to meet with Sherri when she was struggling to find an appropriate ending to the book which didn’t leave “Monica” hurt, broken and bitter the way so many women are when they discover homosexuality in their husband’s life. Terry McMillian immediately comes to mind. Through talking with Sherri, my wife and I were able to help her find that place of love, forgiveness and accountability for her book. We are grateful for this project as it helps women and men recover from sexual infidelity so that in the end God gets all the glory.

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