Political religion alive and well in gcm

Political religion rears its ugly head as the GOP’s gay rights faction sponsors a gay christian seminar entitled “Beyond the Bible and Homosexuality: An Affirmation of Gay Christians” this week.

The presenters, from a group calling itself Clergy United for Homosexual Equality, uses a familiar strawman of the gay christian movement. The seminar promises that attendees will:

“Discover why many Christians have rejected the interpretation of the Bible that treats non-heterosexuals as true children of God.  Seminar presenter, Rev. Steve Kindle examines the biblical evidence used to justify the condemation of homosexuals.  Kindle will examine the falacies of the “ex-gay” movement and its therapies.  At this seminar it is demonstrated how churches, knowingly and unknowingly, create victims of spiritual abuse and how to reverse this.  One of the end desires is to draw everyone closer to each other and to God.”

Its simply not true that “many” Christians have rejected the Bible’s teachings that homosexuality is sinful. It may be true among the “liberal” brand of Christians, but that is beside the point. The beliefs of liberal Christians are not the standard for righteousness.

Although some well meaning Christians think the answer to dealing with homosexuals is just a cute ‘Jesus loves you’, Kindle reveals that they aren’t interested in hearing that.

“It is not enough to say that God loves homosexuals.  What is demanded from scripture is to say that God’s love of homosexuals is affirming, nurturing, and that God’s heart breaks when his LGBT children are the victims of evil perpetuated in the name of God.”, he says.


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3 thoughts on “Political religion alive and well in gcm

  1. Thanks for your ministry. Quotes like that are so pathetic. Not only do they reject the clear teachings of Scripture, but they call those who teach Scripture accurately “evil.”

  2. Neil, thanks man you inspire me to hold fast to that which is true. I think we are in an unprecendented time of attack on the veracity, authority and applicability of scripture. Those who do so will not go unnoticed if God continues to give me the strength.

  3. I hope ex gays will start there own political PAC.If the gay groups can lobby the GOP surely the ex gays can!It would be nice to see what side these politicans are on!Have you guys condierd doing this? I am sure you would get lots of support!

    GCMW: Carol thanks, but we are not concerned with politics here. Doctrinal issues and contending for the faith once delivered to the saints is what we feel at this time the most pressing need for the church. All in love, of course. Thanks for stopping by!

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