Sound doctrine vs false doctrine

I was reading on Neil’s 4Simpson’s blog a post entitled The importance of sound doctrine. The post is excellent, if you can understand its importance. If an individual is fed a diet of wrongly divided Word or doctrine, that person will live a life reflective that doctrine. The false prophets and teachers who intentionally feed them such poison, will come to no good end. But in the meantime, we have to guard against, warn and expose such things as the scripture commands and following the example of the Apostles before us. I won’t ask the shallow critics of this blog to read it as I’m sure it would be water off a duck’s back.

However, if you value your salvation, don’t take the teaching of sound doctrine lightly. It literally keeps the church —and you— from sinking into an abyss of perdition.

I also want to include this from Project Probe. A link to it is in the sidebar resources.

Cognisant of the fact that this kind of ministry is by no means a popular one, especially when it involves addressing aberrations and heresies coming from within Church circles, the following points should always be kept in mind:
1. As Christians we are enjoined to speak the truth in love (Eph. 4: 14-15).
2. Endeavouring to speak the truth can make one seem like an enemy (Gal. 4: 16).
3. Divisiveness in the church is not caused by the apologists in the church, as some claim, but rather is caused by those who stray away from sound apostolic/biblical teaching (Rom. 16: 17).
4. While we must all promote unity in the body of Christ, and endeavour to live peaceably with all men (both in and outside the Church) as the apostle Paul encourages us to do in Rom. 12:18, in light of Gal. 4: 16 we must equally be prepared to take a stand for truth even when it means loosing friends and favour.

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  1. Hi. I’ve been a Christian since 2000. i have tried to understand how the scriptures are being interpreted about homosexuality. In Roms 1:26-27 and Judges 19:24, and again in Gen 19:4-8, these are clear examples of God dislike towards such acts. How can these verses be restated to mean something else other then that Homosexuality is a sinful act?

    I personally am not against gays and lesbians, however, I think it should be realized that their sins are forgivable. Can you please help me to understand how churches are going about saying that homosexuality is OK?

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