HRC now pimping religion for profit

We’re adding to our watch the Human Rights Campaign, a national homosexual political organization. As much as liberals grit their teeth over breaches of the mythical “separation of church and state” wall, one would wonder why they even bother feigning religion. But they do, not because of devotion to Christ, but because they despise the so-called “conservative religious right”. Organizations like the HRC see a lucrative opportunity offering gay christians political religiosity. This is one where you can have religion, your gayness and out of gratitude, lovingly donate money to HRC’s political causes. Its like the two for one deal you’d get at the local grocery store.

To ensure that they rake in the gay christian dollars, the HRC has put together a group of handpicked “skilled scholars” who dutifully parrot the political left’s religious line about social justice, liberation theology, ad infinitum. The program, called Out in Scripture is what the HRC assures readers is an “honest” look at the Bible. Perhaps, the definition of honesty has changed.

Although the HRC states the Bible doesn’t beat up on you, the hired pimps (mostly from the United Church of Christ and the MCC) immediately put it to use condemning and beating up on just about anyone who isn’t a bleeding heart, social liberal. Ready for some uplifting exegesis?

“For today’s preachers, teachers or leaders knowing where to stand presents a most pressing challenge. Do we join the voice of the psalmist and Jeremiah, standing alongside the victims of violence and oppression? Do we find ourselves with Amos, condemning the agents of oppression who — pursuing wealth and power — grind the bones of the poor to make their own bread? Or are we the wealthy who pursue privilege ignoring the suffering of others? When we proclaim the word of God for today, we must discern the images and questions most appropriate to the place in which we plant our feet.

As for images drawn from our lives today, options abound: A wounded soldier trying to build a new life or, conversely, an Iraqi with several empty beds in the home. A poor woman who takes her cancer to work every day, a cancer that would have been detected had she received health care [Hillary’s, of course]. A lonesome college student, trying to find one person she can trust with who she truly is.”

Wow, we are inspired already. Really.