‘Transgenders’ seeking ordination have historical idolatry ties

Dr. Robert Gagnon has published a paper well worth the reading on the problem with so-called transsexuals seeking Christian ordination. He explains that if one is to properly understand the problem with transsexuals, then one cannot ignore the problem with homosexuals. The former is but an extension of the latter, he argues, with compounding relational issues.

The document, currently available in only in PDF format, says that in some respects transsexuality is an “extreme version of homosexuality”.

Writing on this brutal form of “transformation”, Dr, Gagnon says
“One has to go far in an effort to overturn God’s design and even then it is incomplete.” Is transsexuality demonic? Gagnon doesn’t make that overt claim, but does offer historical mention of a group of men in ancient Mesopotamia who worshipped the female idol diety (read: demon spirits) Isthar and who attempted to transform their gender identity while under her “influence”.

God addressed what we understand to be “transvestism” in ancient Isreal in Deuteronomy 22:5 A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this. The religious activists have yet to explain this one away. Sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) didn’t exist until 1930, but God knew the evil of people’s hearts and forbade cross gender identification, even in appearance.

Its a fascinating read, especially because sex changelings are driving an even more egregious social, political and religious agenda than the homosexual movement. Every Christian should educate themselves and prepare. Change has a new meaning and it wants control over the house of God.


3 thoughts on “‘Transgenders’ seeking ordination have historical idolatry ties

  1. Excellent paper by Dr. Gagnon. I particularly appreciated the biblical references to historical idolatry ties that should end the gay christian movement’s false arguments regarding both homosexual and transgender “ordinations.”

    Jesus consistently stressed the one and only unique relationship that he created to be for us…that being…one female joined together with one male in the holy bond of matrimony. No other type of bond for sexual relationships meets with God’s approval.

    The details about what a person goes through while undergoing a “transgender” operation was difficult for me to read. It’s just…well…awful! Why anyone would subject themselves to such a devastating butchering of the body is beyond comprehension.

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