"6-30 million gay clergy" says gcm supporter?

You won’t believe this. You can either chuckle or be very disturbed at the length some people will go to support ordaining homosexuals in the Christian church. For your information, the PCUSA has at least triple the amount of homosexual clergy that most major denominations have members! That’s what a gay christian supporter in Bowling Green, KY claimed.
The Toledo Blade is reporting that Wednesday night, Maumee Valley Prebyter, a regional body of the PCUSA, rejected the ordination of homosexuals.
In the article, Marcy St. John , who defended gay ordination, seemed to have no problem wildly stretching the truth beyond recognition.

First Presbyterian Church in Bowling Green, whose delegate, Marcy St. John, introduced it by reading a statement that said barring homosexuals from leadership roles is “denying equality in our church to somewhere between 6 million and 30 million persons … simply because God created them differently.”

Beyond the obvious fallacy that God created people as homosexuals, St. John states 6-30 million persons are homosexual clergy!? That’s mind numbing. Perhaps St. John was desparate to sway the vote. Perhaps she wasn’t aware that the denomination she’s a member of only has 2.3 million members in the entire denomination. What’s more the Blade article mentioned that the Maumee Valley regional body had only one (1) openly gay minister.

Update 12:21pm—–

GCMW emailed David Yonke, religion editor of the Blade (and author of the story for clarification on the 6-30 million figure. He replied:

Ms. St. John was not saying 6 million to 30 million gay clergy, she was saying there are an estimated 6 million to 30 million gay people in the United States. I thought that was clear in context.

Maybe it was a contextual problem on the writer’s part, but what was said in our view refers to homosexual leadership. “…barring homosexuals from leadership roles is “denying equality in our church to somewhere between 6 million and 30 million persons.” (our bold). Even if Ms. St. John was only referring to “gay people in the US, the statement is still problematic, because those people are not members of the PCUSA. To state that denying homosexual clergy in the PCUSA is to deny all gay people in the USA “leadership” is a lie. However, we have amended our title to a question.