Lawsuit by lesbians punishes church

Our brave new world in action.
Via Talk Wisdom we learn of the chilling outcome of the clash between the social demands of homosexuals and the right of the church to maintain its biblical beliefs.
In short:
Two lesbian couples who were denied permission to use a church group’s seaside pavilion for civil-union ceremonies have persuaded New Jersey officials to punish the group through revocation of its tax-exempt status.

Our points:
1. Churches need to immediately rethink voluntary enslavement to the government via “tax exempt status”. We predicted several years ago that this would be used as weapon against churches who refused the advances of homosexuals.

2. Laws being proposed will eventually be the noose from the tree for churches who do not bend to the homosexualization of the church.

3. As we stated here, churches and pastors should immediately review their policies, procedures and ethics and ensure they will withstand further intrusion of social activism by homosexuals.


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  • Addendum: Generally, I dont respond to critics who have nothing substantial or biblical to say in response to this blog. But we are making this exception for the exceptionally uninformed “Kevin” who claims we are enslaved to the government via tax exempt status.  He desparately needs education and out of sympathy we feel an obligation to help him.

    We offer the following to Kevin in hopes that he will take more time to educate himself before making false, reactionary comments.

    If you want to verify a ministry’s tax exempt status, simply go to the IRS official website and type away. Guidestar is not an accurate source of information on churches and ministries.

    5 thoughts on “Lawsuit by lesbians punishes church

    1. The acceptance of “all things homosexual” seems to be growing at such an alarming pace in our society, government, schools, and now, even being used to inflict damage, pain, suffering and ultimately, destruction of our churches.

      I would hate to see the tax-exempt status gone from our churches. Aren’t their laws in place that protect us from seeing that happen? Why aren’t lawyers using all of the freedoms listed in our Constitution to battle against this terrible wave of deception and attack being inflicted upon our religious freedoms? Don’t churches still have:

      1. Freedom of religion rights?
      2. Freedom of speech rights?
      3. Freedom of association rights?

      Ultimately, the goal of such complaints by homosexuals and lesbians is to silence biblical truth on this issue, restrict the message that Christ can release homosexuals from such bondage, and, what is particularly egregious, attempt to pass laws intended to inflict much more severe punishment upon those who believe, share and teach that homosexual behavior is sin and an abomination to God.

      That is what these lawsuits are really all about. They wish to get rid of God’s laws, the Bible, and Christians who want proper morality rather than paganistic depravity taught to their children in school and elsewhere in the public arena.

      I ask…How ridiculous can it possibly get before people wake up and open their eyes to this terrible deception?

      I agree with gcmwatch’s three points above. It’s not worth keeping that “tax exempt status” if it means having to bow to the “god” of homosexuality.

      I think that the buying and selling “mark of the beast” is going to not only be directly tied to the government (obviously), but also the relentless push towards the homosexualization in this fallen world of depravity will be one of the vehicles of depravity used to get people to worship the end times false prophet prophesied about in Scripture.

    2. Christine,atter reading the comments of Robert, its no wonder why the homosexual machine can consume all our freedoms the way they do with little opposition from the church. He suggested there were “other things to talk about”.

    3. Sorry about all the grammar mistakes in my earlier post. That’s what I get for not taking the time to proof-read!

      I read Robert’s comment in the other thread. Despite all his preaching that there are “other things to talk about” and his admonitions against the purpose of this blog, did anyone else notice what was sorely missing from his comment? I did not see any warning or call for the need to repent.

      The first word recorded in Matthew 4 when our Lord began preaching in his earthly ministry was “Repent!”


      He continued:

      “For the kingdom of heaven is at hand”

      Mat 4:17 From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

      Notice that Jesus did not start with these words, FIRST:

      ‘Love: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’
      ‘Mercy: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’
      ‘Grace: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’
      ‘Forgiveness: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’

      Since Jesus said that word before he mentioned that “the kingdom the heaven is at hand,” then it must have been a very important point within the gospel message. Don’t ya think??

      The term “repent” is recorded in the Bible 46 times in 43 verses!

      Here are just a few more:

      Mat 3:2 And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

      Mar 1:15 And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.

      Mar 6:12 And they went out, and preached that men should repent.

      There is no salvation without repentance. Did Robert conveniently forget this fact or what?

    4. Wow, thats an excellent point.

      Compare Jesus actual words and the emphasis of his words to Robert’s is a vast difference.


      What’s wrong with telling people they have sinned and need to repent? Jesus made it his coming out message.

      But it supports my initial comment that this is precisely the reason homosexual activists can bulldoze the church and its response is a whimpering “lets just love them.”

      The church should respond with an forceful REPENT.
      But repentance would need to start at the house of God first.

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