Panel discussion on homosexuality and the black church

Part 2 of 3 videos of the AIB show dealing with homosexuality and the black church.

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8 thoughts on “Panel discussion on homosexuality and the black church

  1. Great job DL!! You handled each question and issue in a heartfelt, compassionate and, most importantly, biblical way!

    There is so much to counter about the Rev. (on the right) where to begin?

    I will choose to begin with what he left out while quoting John 3:16. He completely eliminated, “that He gave His only Son.”

    The question is, why did he skip over that?

    My guess is that when we realize why God gave His Son (as propitiation for our sins) and the fact that the cross represents our need for repentance (which DL specifically pointed out in his comments) ; the elimination of that portion of Scripture enabled the Rev. to conveniently “skip over” that fact in his responses.

    I am seeing this “crossless gospel” being presented at many liberal churches. It appears to be what the gay christian movement is also embracing, too.

    What does the Bible teach about “preaching another gospel?” Read Jude and you will know.

  2. In all fairness, I did mix up the “When youve seen the Father youve seen me” scripture. It should be the other way around. I just noticed that. It was unintentional.

  3. My question to those on the right of the COGIC pastor is do they believe that homosexuality is a sin or not? Using ephemisms like “sexuality” to describe what the word of God clearly teaches in context and in book, chapter, and verse is SIN is misleading and dishonest. Real Love walks hand in hand with TRUTH!!!!

  4. Nice job DL! Did they buff your head with that camera make up? LOL! I see no shine bro.

    Seriously, every time I hear the “all god’s children are welcomed at the table” it makes me cringe a little. Indeed as you pointed out DL, you’d welcome a even the KKK to your church. It wouldn’t change your teaching and you certainly would ask they take off their hoods.

    But as this phrase is used by that guy on the panel and so many others today, it has little to do with proclaiming the truth of God and much more to do with justifying a unholy union, in more than one way.

    1. The church no longer can discern wickedness and cast them out if unrepentant.
    2. The sexual union of anything outside one man and one woman in holy marriage must be considered Godly / holy.

    It may not be pleasant to think about, but ALL are not God’s children, plain and simple. If we allow acid into the truth of God’s word, we have nothing. As Christine and MinCraig have pointed out, buzz words to blanket over a truth of God is no truth at all. God defined sexual purity! no man could come close to doing the same! A Christless message indeed.

  5. Mark, notice how they laugh when I said that about the KKK being welcomed. She was actually going to say something about the KKK remark when they both realized what I would come back with if they challenged it. You can see Rev. Meredith struggling to get another thought!

    They had just said EVERYONE is welcome, NO ONE should be excluded.

    Even though I do say that at our church, saying it in front of them and then to mark their response lets you know they are hypocrites because they are only talking about welcoming unrepentant homosexuals, not everybody

    PS: yes we used “shine away” shine remover, lol

  6. Where can I watch the other parts??? I only say part 2 on this site. I didn’t hear the part where it came out about the lady being a lesbian or about the guy on the far end having a gay son. Anybody see the msnbc story about Carlton Pearson when Yvette Flunder was referred to as a “same sex loving person.” I sent a blog to MSNBC about how they really did not allow a strong enough or loud enough response from OUR SIDE. But maybe I expected too much.

    GCMW: Part 3 should be up a little later today. Meanwhile, you can check this out. It lists all the christian lesbian avenger revolutionaries when they came to Atlanta this year. Kathi Martin was a presenter.

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