Pastor Foster’s discussion of homosexuality with gcm pastors

This is part three of an hour long discussion on the black church and homosexuality.  For the other videos, simply click on the video tag on the left margin. As before, feel free to exegete, discuss or pontificate as you desire.

11 thoughts on “Pastor Foster’s discussion of homosexuality with gcm pastors

  1. Pastor Foster,

    You are amazing you handled youself quite well.The other panelist rarely used scripture but talked more from an emmotional stand point. In psychology they teach us that feelings are never right or wrong but what we do with them are. People fail to see how Gods grace embraces this philosophy.

  2. Thank you Mrs. Miers.

    Defending sin based on emotive pov-s is just plain wrong. But they do not regard scripture as more authoritive than their opinions and personal experience.

  3. I too think you handled yourself very well – especially the part where you said ‘love and the truth cannot be separated’. Excellent!

    Every arguement FOR moral decay (homosexuality, pedophelia etc) shows that they don’t have the Holy Spirit in them, and are not submitted to God the Father, and are in fact rebelling against Him. They side-step the SOURCE of this issue (which is their heart and relationship with Jesus) and so they concentrate on the RESULT which is homosexuality and their “right to love”. They’ve skipped A and moved on to B. And by using faulty logic, they twist what we’re saying as being against love which in turns makes us hateful. We’re not against love, but sin and all forms of it. But they refuse to recognize it as sin, and so they will never repent and thus will never be saved. (unless the Lord in His mercy intervenes)

    Hope I didn’t confuse you.

    Keep up the good work – you handled yourself very well!!!

  4. Pastor Foster,

    Excellent! What amazes me that they would imply that those who speak out against this movement would be called a Homo-Phobe. In your case you were once in that lifestyle so for someone to call you that is quite a long shot considering that you have been there and have seen the light. Also, I want to commend you on your use of scripture. This was something lacking with the other guests.

    However, I would like to expound upon something deeper. What I have found out is that those who proclaim the GCM tend to be liberal in most of their theology. Oftentimes they are not only pro gay but are pro abortion, ecumenical, socialist, and oftentimes anti Israel. The reason I expounded upon this was because the roots of their theological error go beyond merely homosexuality. This is one of the reasons as to why I think it is difficult for many who are trapped in this sin to come to the truth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In other words they have so much baggage beyond just the sexual orientation issue.


  5. Kyle I find myself agreeing with your comments. Sin operates in cohort groupings. One sin supplies and supports another in a web-like effect. Falling into the snare of one sin, could very easily drag you into another. Homosexuality is not, in this context, a major issue, but part of the complexity (and decetption) of sin.

    Perhaps that is what Gal 5:19-22 was alluding to.
    Great comment!

  6. Yes! Galatians 5: 19-22 is a great representation of what we see. Another scripture that I think is pertinent is Romans 1: 18 – 32. These scriptures are chock full of deep meaning. You could write a thesis on these scripture verses they are so deep in meaning especially regarding homosexuality. In fact, I would need a lot of time and would take up a lot of bandwidth if I were to expound upon these scripture verses.


  7. Pastor Foster,

    Excellent display of truth and love. The other pastors were typical of GCM arguments: “What’s wrong loving someone”. They mix love with sinful acts. If they truly loved another they wouldn’t lead themselves or others in disobeying God. The male pastor was contradicting himself when calling you a homophobe. How God call someone to hate? And how could he encourage you in your call to hate?

    He doesn’t help his argument. He really helped your position. What one meant for evil, God made it good! I guess… Blessings.

  8. Thanks Jason he did seem to have somewhat of a chip on his shoulder so to speak. I think it was mainly because he was defending his son’s sinful behavior so his judgment was biased in that respect.

  9. When I saw this footage I began to weep at the justification of perversion in the Body of Christ. Do they not know that this is a result of a reprobate mind and sexual sin is indeed self worship. Changing the glory and truth of God into a lie and an idol, pleasing the flesh. A gay reverend…this is just heart breaking…THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS FORCEFULLY ADVANCING…if we would consider our selves on the Lord’s side and in His army we are called to defend the faith. I was so encouraged by Pastor Foster’s testimony and stance against the false, this spirit of anti-Christ is so deceptive and such a stronghold please Saints let us stay free and prove what is that perfect and acceptable will of the Lord. People don’t think hell is real and the wrath of God is coming We all want to rejoice over eternal life…I pray He would have mercy on us…that we would not be condemned due to our lack of intercession and resistance against the false infiltrating the Body of Christ

    Only a carnal man and sinners confuse lust with love. That burning in them selves is not love but is in fact a result of God abandoning them and doing in themselves those things which are not convenient. The kingdom of heaven forcefully advance as we declare”Repent” just as John the Baptist , Jesus, the disciples, the old testament prophets did and we still have that same mandate. The good news is not good news to those who are perishing. This homosexual agendaa in the Body of Christ is a good breeding ground for the anti-Christ who is going to take over with intrigue and flattery. He will be appealing to covenant breakers…He held up the daily sacrifice(dying daily) and in this way he was able to over throw the trith and the temple was destroyed. Every body wants to enter heaven, the pharisees, Sadducee’s, (legalist)even Satan but don’t want to repent and there is no repentance for Satan. If people follow his devices and are seduced and lured away from the truth because of their own lustful desires they will pay the penalty for their sin as Satan will with the same eternal burning and separtion from God..What man can bear that punishment…I pray that we take up a lamentation and become bold for the Lord and not love our lives to the point where we are afraid to declare”REPENT”
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