Black gay theologians gone wild!

Excuse the analogy, but there is nothing humorous about the 2006 National Black Justice Coalition’s Black [gay] Church Summit which has thankfully ended. But not before volumes of poisonous hate, anger and lies were spewed from the mouths of those who spoke there.  If the black church is not aware, take heed:  the spirits of sodom are seething in their anger and determined to get vengeance for the years of rejection, pain and exclusion. (Gen 19:9). 

To sum up the video here, it is the open air murder of of logic, reason and truth. The two speakers Rev. Deborah Johnson, who claims to have been raised COGIC under the leadership of Bishop Samuel Crouch (father of Andrae) delivers an incorrigible address faulting the church for practically every sin the homosexual commits.  Of note, she defends male sexual adulterers of the “down low” stripe. In her view,  because the black church restricts them from “telling the truth” about the homosexuality, they are justified in deceiving their wives.  In the gay christian movement’s theology matrix , the perennial virtue is declaring one’s homosexuality.  Anything (scripture included) or anyone, which conflicts with this in any way, is cast aside as loathsome.

Listen to Eric Michael Dyson’s philosophical ant hill where he says among other things that that heterosexual blacks are homophobic because secretly they desire to be homosexual.  Does that include him?


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  1. I had to laugh at Dyson’s contention that blacks have been “queer” since the institution of chattel slavery. His comments on the hip hop culture was funny. I always thought that men wearing the jeans halfway off their buttocks was prison culture lingo for availability. He he! It is a very logical argument, but the good Dr. Dyson fails to understand that logic is not the basis of truth.

    He uses the realities of the American American experience to justify a worldview antithetical to the Gospel. I finally realized that there are not such persons as black Christians, white Christians, straight Christians nor gay Christians. There are only Christians.

    If this doesn’t make sense, here’s a quote that I posted from a Jewish philosopher and theologian Rabbi Joel Beasley earlier this year:

    As far as the Jewish religion goes, there are no homosexuals in the world, nor have there ever been. There are no Jewish heterosexuals either. Both terms are pejorative. They imply that the essence of [human] existence lies somehow within the crass and the carnal. Human beings are reduced to their most primal function, as if the point of life was to contemplate the smörgåsbord of sexual possibilities in the world.
    From the Jewish perspective, identifying as a homosexual or a heterosexual is as irrelevant as identifying as ptyallizer(a person who whose saliva flows excessively). The words may describe predilections or behavior, but hardly capture the essence of the person. The Torah (law of Moses) labels people not by their primal urges, but by their obligations to God. (Jewish Spectator, Winter 1998, pg. 27)

    Christians are identified by Christ, not by social constructs of identities that are temporal. Blackness is as relative as Whiteness, and they are irrelevant. This is not to say that their aren’t diverse kindreds and tongues, but we as Paul explained to the Athenians on Mar’s Hill all people of all ethnic backgrounds are made from one blood (Acts 17:26)

    The GLBT people have sexual-based cultural identities. This is a recent cultural construction in human history.
    Christians must understand this confusion because many as Rev. Johnson believe that their predilections and behavior is fundamental to their self identity and self-worth. But this is untruth. Though predilections and behavior are aspects of human experience, we are not defined by them. We are defined by the Creator. If our predilections and behavior (i.e. sins of the flesh) do not line up with God’s will, He requires repentance and obedience.

    Leviticus 18:22 says that the ACT of men lying with men is abomination. Jewish theologian Barry Freundel elaborates:

    It seems clear from this that halacha (literally “the path” aka Jewish law) never viewed the homosexual as a member of a unique category or as different from the non-homosexual. He has no greater or lesser rights or obligations… In fact the term “homosexual” is an essentially inappropriate description for him. We should, rather, refer to this individual as a person engaged in homosexual activity. “Homosexual” is therefore not a noun that identifies and categorizes the individual but an adjective that describes his activity. (Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society, Volume XI, 1986)

    Jesus Christ died on the cross atoning for our sins. This is why can Paul sinners shall not inherit the kingdom of God in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. But here comes verse 11 (KJV):

    And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

    God bless!

  2. This video is sick. I have never seen so much delusion. These people are racist by proxy. They are self hating blacks. Follow me now. By equivocating your race to be equal to homosexuality you are implying that they are the same in principle. Biblically then as we know homosexuality is a sin, therefore is it also a sin to be Black? I think not. How dare anyone denigrate there own race to that which is sinful. Mankind was created equal in the eyes of God however sin was perpetrated by man. You CAN’T equivocate sin with race. Blacks struggled for freedom and equality and died by the millions from the days of slavery to the era of segregation. For anyone to imply that a lifestyle choice is the same as generations of turmoil for a people is insane.


  3. As a Black man, I really object to many gay people who want to compare their quest for rights to the Black Civil Rights Movement. Gays are human like everyone else, but no way can they hijack our history.

    When have a multitude of gays been kidnappend and forced into slavery for around 400 years? When was it illegal to teach gays to read and write? Were gays required to say “Sah” and “Ma’am” to straight people?

    Where gay men ever frightened to look at straight men on the street lest they be lynched?

    Where there ever any gay Jim Crow laws? Were there “gay” and “straight” water fountains? In public buildings, were there separate entrances for gays and straights, the gays’ entrance in the back? In theater, were the gays forced to sit in the balcony, while the straights sat on the main floor?

    Were there segregrated lunch counters based on sexual orientation/preference (FYI: go to to find out about preference as opposed to orientation)? Were gays required to give up their seats on buses to straight people? Who was the “gay Rosa Parks?”

    Were gays at the bottom of the economic social structure for decades? Where were the poor “gay ghettos?” When have gays gotten the worse jobs and lower pay than straight people?

    Were there “separate but equal” schools for gays and straights? And were 3000 gays lynched like 3000 Black men lynched for decades? And when was a gay person frisked for coming out of a building in a straight neighborhood? (I was frisked by a white cop because I was coming out of a building in a white neighborhood years ago.)

    Even Rev. Jesse Jackson (not my idea of a Black leader at all) at the Harvard Law School said: “The comparison with slavery is a stretch in that some slave masters were gay, in that gays were never called three-fifths human in the Constitution, and they did not require the Voting Rights Act to have the right to vote.”

    By the way, for what it is worth, “Rev.” Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist “Church” (the “God Hates Fags” cretins) manifest the spirit of Satan rather than the spirit of Christ.

  4. Robert, that’s a great summary of the cultural aspect of the homosexuality issue.

    I was wondering what your take on the video and the two blacks who make the same claims as the white gays but are doing it in the name of God. That’s a twist, eh?

    I guess the case could be made against white gays hijacking black civil rights, but what of these?

    My focus has been to keep the argument about the misuse/abuse of scripture by gay christians using this proven standard of the word. If they use it incorrectly (which they do without hesitation) it can be proven. The cultural arguments can get murky and problematic with either side looking wrong based on fluid perspectives.

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  6. To keep track of the time in which we live, read Isaiah 3:12.
    The Serpent has totally seduced the women, and they are the vanguard of the current culture. Wherever there is perversion, watch a woman stand up and declare victim status. They are forcing us to change the laws to accommodate sin. If Hillary is elected president, we[men] should run for the hills!
    As it is, you will be hard pressed to find any female success story that is not a victim, a single parent, an ex junkie, hooker, etc.
    Not one of the superwomen give credit to a husband; they love their children more. And their female friends.
    All the movies women watch ’empower’ women while they destroy the men. [Soulfood, Dreamgirls, Waiting to Exhale, etc]
    Satan promised Eve she would be a god; she is: goddess, diva, queen, single parent, CEO, Dr., lawyer, truck driver, police officer and more. Everything but a faithful wife. And they are ruining their children’s fathers through child support, and building matriarchal dynasties off the poverty of their ex-boyfriends/husbands.
    Check out Maury Povich and notice how many single parents[mothers] are crying about their reprobate daughters[not sons-they do not can about the males].
    If the daughters are whores and addicts, and there are no fathers in the homes-who is raising the whores and addicts?

  7. All I have to say is that we are surely doing the enemies work when we can look at a child of God who has been formed in his or hers mother’s womb by the hand of God and call them an abomination!

    At the end of the day sin is sin regardless of how it comes – fornication, adultery, over-indulgence etc.

    Saints – lets look to Jesus, let us be Christ-like and love one another. Dear Lord – where are you in the so-called Christian community.

    Lord we NEED you more than ever.

    Let us pray for one another, let us pray as Christ prayed – “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do…” Let our prayers not be selfish “Lord change the gay Christians” or “Lord open the eyes of the hetrosexual Christians to see that we are right”, but let it be a prayer as “Lord – I humbly bow before You and I pray that if there is any sin in me – take it away – take away pride – take away a heart of stone – open my heart and let my life reflect Your life”

  8. CC there’s a marked difference in calling a person an abomination versus calling sin abomination.

    Would you agree?

    And would you mind explaining exactly how we are to deal with sin and false doctrine by professing Christians? Please document your assertions.

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