What does Kirk Franklin know?

“In the church, especially the African-American church during the seventies and eighties, homosexuality was a big problem. It still is in some places. It’s a problem today in gospel music–A MAJOR CONCERN–and everybody knows it. … It seems that more than half the young people involved in dance, music, and the theater are openly gay. … and the gospel music scene has not been exempt from that” (Franklin, pp. 39,40).

Now that Kirk Franklin is hosting a gospel knockoff of American Idol, we wanted to take a retroactive look at his frank, but scripted admission about homosexuality, black gospel music and the black church. Unfortunately, the situation is so confusing, we could only ask more questions. 

Its been almost ten years since Kirk Franklin dropped this tiny bombshell about homosexuality and the gospel music industry in his autobiography Church Boy.  But has anything changed? Have there been any attempts by the gospel music industry (which falsely claims to be exalting Christ) to hold these talented —but ungodly— homosexuals accountable? Have any of the many major black church leaders, who on a regular basis rub shoulders with homosexual gospel artists and musicians, broke the code of silence darkening in the genre? Why are black churches still inviting, celebrating and paying top dollar to men and women who are engaging in unrepentant sexual immorality? Is the church no longer concerned with the scriptures? 

In that time since Franklin’s leak, have things gotten worse spiritually in the gospel music industry? Did Franklin’s years of pornography bondage (while at the top of the charts) prevent him from correcting others? Now that he claims to be free, why isn’t he saying or doing something to clean up the gospel music industry’s  irreconcilable sexual misfeasance? Is Kirk Franklin afraid of something (or someone) who knows more than he is willing to say?

Saying a little more: Franklin on gays in the church (AP interview, March 2006) 

AP: What do you see as the future of the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender community in the black church? Do you think one day they’ll all be expelled, or converted, will it be a constant divisive force?

Franklin: “I think that you have to be, as scripture would say, ‘as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove.’ To lovingly share the truth, to lovingly and to passionately speak the truth in love into the lives of all people and to allow that message that you speak, to trust that it has enough power to do the changing.”


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  1. This is not surprising. As was noted Kirk Franklin exposed to the world his addiction to pornography. Pornography is similar to drugs. For example, pot use may seem benign however it eventually leads people into harder drugs. And like drugs pornography eventually leads you into even more depraved sexual sin such as homosexuality, beastiality, and pedophelia.


  2. As a white musician involved locally in black gospel music, I have witnessed the almost open involvement of gays in church music. Some of the large prominent black churches in town have openly gay couples on the payroll as music directors/choir directors/musicians. Black preachers feel like they have to have these talented muscians at any cost because they have the ability to get the crowds “worked up” into a spiritual (actually fleshly) furvor. It is just a symptom of the “black church” sickness. The urban black culture doesn’t want to adress fleshly sin, all you need to do to be spiritual is dance and scream on sunday morning and it doesn’t matter what else you do during the week.
    Sexual sin is obviously not unique to the urban black culture, however “white” culture deals with it a little differently. We keep our sins hidden better maybe. (almost all serial/sexual murderers are white)
    Cold, harsh words maybe, but until some things are faced there will be no movement forward.

    GCMW: VS would it be too much to ask what city you live in?

  3. VS,

    I have to question you on the hidden aspects of white Homosexuals. It is my opinion that the marches in San Fran, the liberal school boards, and those in Hollywood are primarily white and they don’t hide it. However, what you may be saying is that within Black Churches it is prevalent. This can be attributed to Liberalism. After the 1960s civil rights era Liberal politicians quickly moved into the African American churches. What was a righteous and just cause, quickly morphed into a beacon of liberal agendas and the subsequent degradation of many African American’s. From that point we see very high out of wedlock births, higher abortion rates, and yes tolerance of EVERYTHING including homosexuality. The Liberals used the just cause of equality as a springboard to infect African Americans with their ungodly socialism. That being said the Homosexual aspect is only one facet of a multitude of problems. Let’s take Margaret Sanger for example. She was the founder of planned parenthood who in her writings clearly had the desire to wipe out African Americans and other “unwanted” from the planet. This same organization is owned lock stock and barrel by the Liberals who consequently have 90 % of the black vote who in turn have higher abortion rates per capita than other races. The liberal mindset is systematically destroying African Americans by killing the unborn, promoting homosexuality, and lowering the standards. Just look who Hillary Clinton was having a fund raiser with a few months ago. None other than Timberland the artist/producer. Like I said the Homosexuality in black churches is a symptom of a larger problem. Here is the link to Margaret Sanger the good liberal and her views on African Americans.



  4. I dont think that VS is saying he is homosexual. I didn’t pick that up at all Kyle. He was relaying his observations as a white man working in a black church music environment. And, btw he told the flat out truth.

    I will agree with you that white liberalism has impacted the black church tremendously and the acceptance of homosexuality is a distinct symptom of that.

    But even beyonf liberalism is the very raw issue of sin. Liberalism stresses love, albeit false. But the church can love without allowing unrepentant sinners to have influence and authority in God’s church.

    Thats supposed to be the difference in the church.

  5. I hope I didn’t imply that VS was gay. I was trying to expand on the idea that Homosexuality was prevalent in Black Churches. My attempt was to show some of the root causes. And yes sin is ultimately the root cause. I used to be a member of a COGIC church with an openly gay minister. I didn’t know this at first and as I became more and more aware of other prevalent sin it dawned on me that iniquity was quite rampant and never questioned. And yes, the same sins were those that the Liberal left embrace. Consequently it was not uncommon to have talk and support of left leaning candidates within the church. After so much of this I had to leave. This is why I came to the conclusions of my previous post. My intent of course is not to make this too political but rather to expound upon the reasons as to why this is happening.


  6. Basically everybody knew he was gay and nobody cared. It was no secret. I’m not going to mention names, where, or what because I don’t want this to be considered gossip. So I will generalize. The Pastor was also in an adulterous affair with the secretary and fathered a child with her. How do I know this? Because I was a member at that time and I am only giving the facts. That’s the reason I was expanding as I did on the issue regarding the Black Church and homosexuality. In other words, “Know ye not that a little leaven leavens the whole lump? Once any sin enters the church and is allowed to manifest than its open to a whole host of sin.


  7. The former COGIC person, you really threw some good bricks at the grand ol church and trying to hide your hand. Man up and at least say what city your from or the church is from. Fine to spare the minister but your statement loses it strength by you wiggling like a weasel.

  8. Too much politics,

    I can agree with you somewhat. But is your name really “too much politics”? And if youre not willing to reveal your name, why should former COGIC person (Kyle) reveal someone else’s details?

    Be fair.

  9. Too Much Politics,

    I e-mailed Pastor Foster the information. I don’t want to throw out names into the blogosphere. My issue is with ONE Church incident that happened in the past. Please don’t think I am denegrating the Church as a whole.


  10. GCM Watch,

    This may be good enough to get it’s own post.

    I’m putting this under the Kirk Franklin post because the person this article is in regards to is a Gospel singer.

    Gay rights groups are attempting to force Barrack Obama to dump Donnie McClurkin from his campaign tour. Apparently they feel that McClurkin’s view on Homosexuality does not fit their agenda and are pressuring the Senator to get rid of Donnie for spreading “false” information about the Homosexual lifestyle. Very sad the power that the gay movement has.



  11. Kyle thanks for this info , you beat me to the punch. I’m actually doing some sideline research on it right now.

    When I first read about it, I was thinking “should I?” because its political, but then again its also a message spiritually which fits in with our thematic message here. So I will touch on it.

  12. Donnie McClurkin should not be supporting a politician that supports gay rights (including gay marriage) and abortion to begin with. Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a member of the United Church of Christ, one of the most apostate denominations around … that is the denomination of Reverend Barry Lynn of Americans United For Separation of Church and State (although Rev. Lynn has not filed a single lawsuit or request for the IRS to investigate Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or any other “Christian” that gets involved in ILLEGAL political activity on HIS SIDE). So this is not Obama, we know that he is working for the anti – Christ already. This is about why Donnie McClurkin is working for the anti-Christ by supporting Obama, and whether McClurkin has been working for the anti-Christ all along.

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