Falling away: apostasy now a stark reality

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.” (II Thess. 2:3)

Christian radio commentator Chuck Baldwin comments on what I believe is the spirit of this age. One that has been explicity prophesied in scripture. In case you hadn’t heard or read, the church is sliding into apostasy.  If you have been prompted by the Holy Spirit to look into this,  you will see very quickly that we are being set up. Sadly, the eyes of the church universal are fixated not on the things of God, but on satisfying the desires of the flesh. It has completely discarded the divine priority of Matthew 6:33 Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all the other things shall be added unto you.

I want to also note that apostasy cannot be committed by sinners or “the world” or even other non-Christian religious bodies. Baldwin explains why. 

…regardless of one’s interpretation of who the “man of sin”
is, there is no doubt about Paul’s prediction that before this man comes, there will be a great “falling away first.” By “a falling away,” Paul was clearly referring to a state or condition of “apostasy.” Paul is saying that before the “man of sin” (whoever he is) will be able to seduce and deceive humanity, the church will fall into apostasy.

By definition, apostasy is the condition of those who once (in some degree) embraced the truth, but have now abandoned or forsaken it. Obviously, this applies only to professing Christians. Infidels, agnostics, and unbelievers have no profession from which to apostatize.

Accordingly, whether on a local or universal scale, before various men of sin can seduce and deceive their respective societies, the Church must first be in a state of apostasy. Saying it another way: churches that are sound in the faith, strong in truth, and steadfast in the Word serve as a resistance and retardant to evil men. No wonder the Lord Jesus said we Christians are “the salt of the earth.”

That said, I am personally convinced that, by and large, the churches of America (regardless of denomination) are in a state of apostasy. And as such, offer little or no resistance to the men of sin who seek to seduce and deceive our people.

Its our belief that the gay christian movement is a result not the church’s rejection of homosexuality, but rather the church’s rejection of God’s truth. The apostate church can’t help but be a hypocritical church: one that calls homosexuality an abomination, but excuses its own sins.

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6 thoughts on “Falling away: apostasy now a stark reality

  1. Wow! This is interesting. What is funny to me is that the last two studies I have had on my own have been about that last days signs of Christ’s return and Church apostasy and the “man of sin”. I didn’t want to study them because it can be overwhelming, but I did and I’m glad I did. Not only did it awaken my spiritual eyes more to what is going on, but it also caused me to do “spiritual inventory” of my own walk to make sure I’m still of the faith.

  2. This apostasy can be best seen through our nations largest Church. It is none other than Lakewood Church pastored by Joel Osteen. The emphasis is humanistic and fails to address the depravity of mankind and its need for Christ as redeemer. People flock by the tens of thousands to satisfy thier itchy ears and hear a feel good sermon all the while never addressing their sins whether overt or hidden. Unfortunately an apostate church does not want Christ. They want to satisfy their flesh all the while twisting scripture to justify thier actions.


  3. Judges 20: 25 In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his
    own eyes.

    The church has a king alright, but it is not God.

  4. What a powerful article that every Christian should read.

    I am so tired of “Christians” overlooking the blatatnly anti-Christian words and behavior of Politicians such as George Bush.

    My wife and I walked away from our home church of many years and the leadership constantly raising up of George Bush as a good Christian appointed by God was one of the reasons we left.

    I firmly believe that the apostasy is now engrained into ALL denominations in the United States.

    The Church in America is lead by men who love their postion more than they love God. they love the adulation more than they love God. They have become drunk upon the glory being directed to them instead of God. And God is going to shake the American Church to its very foundation as God will not share his Glory with any other.

  5. Whew!! Waken from your slumber America for you are
    very close to death. Men in her church have need of a great dose of spiritual backbone. They preach what they know nothing of, that is the wrath of the Living God.

    No matter whether or not homosexuals find a genetic connection to their behavior or not, the fall brought a twisted broken and diseased biology to all of creation.

    Anyone could say, “I was born this way”. For in truth we were but it still remains to be a “sin nature”. TD Jakes should be ashamed of himself for this heretical apostasy, as should anyone who takes the name of Christ and yet is still the seed of Satan.

    I spent the greatest percentage of my life in this sin and Jesus Christ reached down in a queer church MCC and took my out of that life. PRAISE God.

    Because I know what God has done for me I am female but have more spiritual testosterone than any of these so called men of God. Nothing will ever cause me to turn against Christ. God help the ones who fear man more than God.

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