Revisiting Benny Hinn…briefly

In Plain Site has a pretty comprehensive listing of all Benny Hinn’s false prophecies including an audio of the infamous “gay destruction prophecy“.

ADDENDUM 1502pm: 

I’m a little taken by these gay prophecies the false prophets have spoken. They are neither biblical nor have they been proven true. Like this one from Kim Clements. I’ve seen Clements on tv before. He is a strange one. But he says this (in first person God-voice):

But what about the gays?” God says, “I will take gay people and I will cause them to be filled with my Spirit and to speak my Word with purity and life. Do not tell me I cannot do it, says the Lord; I will do exactly what I like. If I can go to the woman at the well, if I can go to the adulterer, if I can go to the religious Pharisee, if I can go to the tax-collector, why can I not do it today?” (Mar 5, 2002 on TBN)

Is it just me or does God sound very insecure? This is what I would call a jackass prophecy.  Because God gave a donkey in the OT temporary speaking abilities, the overblown logic behind it is that God can “use anybody”.  True, but only temporarily. Is that what a Christian wants? A temporary touch from God? This is deceptive thinking and practice when the bible tells us plainly that God desires long term relationships (read:eternal), not temporary hook-ups.  Temporary visits by God only mean one thing: after  He is finished, you go back to being what you were. Just like the donkey, he went right back to being what he was was…a jackass that couldn’t talk.

Clements should retire immediately from the prophecy circuit. He’s poven that he lacks fundamental understanding of the Bible’s truth, therefore his prophecies only sound right. Under biblical examination, they fail miserably.


3 thoughts on “Revisiting Benny Hinn…briefly

  1. They are trying to add to scripture, so their words will always fail when put to the test. Because they are not speaking from scripture, they speak from their own minds.

    Although it’s bogus, I thought he was saying that all the gays will be saved and prophesy. I mean if you are filled with the Holy Spirit you would be saved right? And then they speaking God’s word would be prophesy.

    The problem today, these guys claim to speak God’s word minus using GOD’S WORD and that’s where they fall into error. After the foretelling prophesy of John, there is the warning of Revelation 22:18. So today we should be forth telling, as in prophesy rooted in declaring what is in scripture, until we see the 2 noted in Revelation 11 and I’m sure they’ll have much to say, 3.5 years worth. Scripture even tells us when the next foretelling prophets will come, why they will come and what their purpose is.

    Today saints prophesy, speaking what the Lord says as rooted in the Word of God, but the fakes go extra-biblical and just watch them tumble all over each other.

  2. Well, the fact and the truth is that the Lord is in the believer who believes that a New Creation has been born from the moment of belief.

    Now what we should establish is that unlike the donkey we are given by God the power to decide, to make choices. It will be error on the part of God to put His Spirit in us to make us speak something that is against our Will.

    So now..being Gay and being a Christian is at odds with each other so how can one speak of God’s truth when one is stubbornly gay?

    It is like God saying that the speaker is not important. If that’s the case, Moses training in the desert for 40 years before God can use him came to nought and Joseph horrendous life experiences from hole. to slave, to prison and then as the most powerful man in Egypt is not of use to God.

    Far from it. If the God demands standards from the High Priests, His Prophets and His Judges, then He will demand the same from the people whom He choose to do His work….and that standard cannot be different from the standard of His Word.

    Therefore the standard that homosexuality is wrong must be upheld especially for the men of God!

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