Creflo Dollar protects his money in Canada

My pastor used to call it being “mealy mouthed”. But its also known as cowardice. So this is what a “world changer” does when the world confronts him?

And how else can we describe the pansy-wansy response of the Rev. Creflo Dollar of Atlanta when asked by Canadian interviewer George Stroumboulopoulos what Dollar thought about homosexuality. The interviewer first threw out the premise that we really don’t know if homosexuality is a sin or not, because one cannot take the Bible literally. Instead of Rev. Dollar saying “well some things in the Bible are very clear and homosexuality is a sin”, he weasels out by saying we can’t single out homosexuality and not talk about divorce and adultery. “Sin is without measure”, he concludes.

Creflo makes his living off of teaching about the power of wealth. But we can see wealth has no power at all when sin challenges the wealthy to a fight. In order to protect your self-attained wealth, confrontation of sin becomes less of a priority. It shows that the boldness of the Holy Ghost which empowered early church leaders (who were poor and uneducated) to stand and confront sin is absent in Creflo Dollar.

Independent Conservative has the video of Rev. Dollar’s fearful failure to stand up for truth. As IC pointed out, Creflo shows where his heart truly is…and its not with standing for truth.

Keep in mind, this interview was in Canada, where people are locked up for speaking firmly against homosexuality. We see Creflo had no desire to speak firmly against the sin he was questioned about. Didn’t want to do anything that might land him in prison like the apostles who were continually locked up for telling the whole truth.”

I’m sure Creflo was aware that his response would be watched very closely by Canadian gay activists. But are they the only ones he should be concerned about? His response and character is representative of the sorry, passive state the church and those who claim to be leaders of it have fallen into.

What happens to us when what is now a reality in Canada becomes a reality in America? If things continue in the direction they are going, “hate speech” laws could directly affect the free speech of some American preachers. One thing we can derive from this conversation: we can’t depend on Creflo to stand up for what’s right if his money is at stake.

Sadly, his money won’t protect him, when it comes to giving account before God.


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  1. Let’s get the facts straight on Canadian Law. Yes, gay marriage is legal in Canada, however the law is titled THE CIVIL MARRIAGE ACT and no church is forced by the Government Of Canada to marry anybody if doing so is against their beliefs. This way, the CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS protects both the rights of gays and lesbians to contract a civil marriage and freedom of religion at the same time, thus making the law constitutional.

    Also, gays and lesbians are protected under the HATE CRIMES LAWS but that does not mean that every little remark that you say will land you in prison. Words said in a private conversation do not come under the HATE CRIMES LAWS nor does comments made from a church pulpit in a religious context. However, putting such remarks in the daily paper, on the radio or televsion, billboards, or parading around in public with signs which could incite people to harm gays or lesbians in any way may very well get you in trouble with the law.

    But even in these cases, since all complaints must go through the filter of the Attorney General’s Office, very few actually make it to court and those that do usually result in a fine and sometimes a light jail sentence. So you see, the purpose of the law is not to punish but rather to educate.

    Since Jesus Christ is Lord of my life, I don’t need any law to tell me that bashing gays and lesbians is wrong. I hang my head in shame at the very thought of doing it. God loves gays and lesbians and so do I.

  2. Bruce you always sound guilty when you post here, like bashing gays is what you used to do. If that was your problem, then I’m glad youre reformed. But if you think that your mentioning it every time you write something here somehow will stop real violence against homosexuals, you have a rather juvenile perspective.

    You said:
    However, putting such remarks in the daily paper, on the radio or televsion, billboards, or parading around in public with signs which could incite people to harm gays or lesbians in any way may very well get you in trouble with the law.

    Exactly the problem with the law. The intimidation factor had Creflo around the neck.

    Saying that homosexuality is a sin isnt bashing gays, its telling the truth.

  3. If I love a thief, I don’t tell them it’s OK to steal. Likewise for the homosexual. Both stealing and homosexuality are sinful. So to both, a man who claims to be a church leader should tell the truth. If Creflo were asked about stealing, how long do you think it would take for him to say it’s wrong? I’d say about 2 seconds and he’d only wait 2 because he knows he’s a swindler himself, the way he lies to build his brand.

    All need Christ and with that message we can’t sugar coat if there is a sin we know is an abomination to God, Leviticus 18:22.

    NONE of the abominations noted in Leviticus 18 have become anything less under the new covenant. They are still abominations. Many things under the old law are no longer observed, but the abominations were affirmed to be avoided in Acts 15 and we know who will not enter Heaven no matter what they call themselves in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.

    So if we love homosexuals, let’s love them as much as the thief and be honest with them. And to be a thief, while it is a sin is not noted in scripture as an “abomination”. So if we don’t tell the homosexual THE TRUTH, we are showing partiality and helping the sinner not doing the abomination, while allowing an abomination to continue.

  4. Excellent remarks IC.

    IF sin is sin as they say, then Creflo should have acted accordingly, without partiality.

    This is a textbook example of what will happen here in America with these hirelings. They will quickly abandon truth and standards to save their own hide…and money.

    As a matter of fact they are already heading for the hills as more and more people expose their lies, deceit, false prophecies, lust for money and antibiblical teachings.

    They are taking the money and running to the world with a new Christ-less message and new identities as “motivational speakers”.

  5. Yea, now they want to lead everyone to “God” THROUGH THEMSELVES and their “self help” garbage, forsaking in many cases the message of Christ. Which by definition makes those who do it FALSE CHRISTS. The people making such books act as false christs by making claims of other ways to God via what they put in their books. And when they claim that YOU have the means to access God directly and don’t mention Christ, if you beleive them and forsake Christ, you make yourself a false christ. It’s like everything Satan would like man to do ever since Genesis 3:4-5. Same thing Satan has been trying to do himself. Lead us to think we can find greatness via his lies. In result making himself God.

  6. As a preacher you must learn to operate in wisdom. The bible says he that win soul are wise Pastor Dollar
    is a man of God that teach the word from the bible he do not preach ideas and if you study your bible for yourself you would not make comments like a novice.
    Pastor Dollar walk in the love of God and as a preacher you can not compare one sin against the other because anything that is done outside of faith or the word is sin.
    I know pastor dollar’s heart because I am a member
    the ministry do deal with every issue this world face today thats why we are world changers.
    There are millions of people around this world life have been changed by the word being preached by pastor dollar we see the fruits of his labor where is yours since what you are saying is so true. who life have you changed that should be your focus if someone is doing something you do not like that they believe God told them to do you go and pray and God will change you or him.

  7. Micheal just a couple of questions,

    While in Canada on the talk show:

    (1) exactly how many souls did Creflo actually win? If that is the reason he was “being wise”, then please ask him to show the fruit of his wisdom. Or if you have that information, please share it.

    (2) Creflo was not asked to compare one sin against another. He was asked if homosexuality was a sin or sinful. How then are his actions classified as “faith” when he avoided a straight question with an easy, biblical answer?

    (3) Since your pastor was too afraid to answer the question maybe you can. Is homosexuality a sin?

    (4) The Bible says the heart is desparately wicked, who can know it? Do you have a special intuition into Creflo’s heart? The rest of us of are told to judge actions and fruit. What’s your secret Michael?

  8. I think that Creflo Dollar’s response was perfect. He didn’t condone homosexuality at all, but he made it clear that homosexuality is not an entirely different issue than divorce or adultery. These are all sins because they take God’s gift of sex out of context, and twist it in a sinful way.
    He made it clear that as Christians, we must continue to love people in their sin, but work with them in a constructive way, so that they can be free of their sin and find God’s best for them. Which, is appropriatte and Christ-like. In the prescence of God, as a new Christian, the Holy Spirit doesn’t fill us with oppresive feelings of guilt for our sins, even though we may be deeply entrenched in them still. Rather, the first thing that we sense about God is His overwhelming love for us. Later on, we get to the painful, long process of uprooting sin, but first, God just loves on us. That’s what our response should be as Christians. First love, then change.

    AND gcmwatch, and independant conservative; Creflo DOES say clearly that that homosexuality is a sin. He doesn’t answer it directly, because it wasn’t asked as a direct question. he does say “we can’t become so harsh…that we say that this group of sin is worse than that group of sin” referring to homosexuality being worse than other forms of sexual sin.

  9. Laura, that is all wrong honey. As soon as we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, change begins immediately! Also, guilt comes from the Holy Spirit. He is cleaning our souls and our minds so that we are able to become more like Jesus therefore as for me, the guilt came immediately. God doesn’t wait a while to change you. Second, sometimes people just need a direct answer for a direct sin. I may not have an issue with adultery or divorce but I may definitely have an issue with homosexuality (a sickness) which definitely needs to be addressed.

  10. homosexuality is a sin. You want to know how to love a sinner. You continue to tell them about Jesus. Don’t condone their sin just because God loves them. He can love the person but you better believe He hates the sin and if you are a follower of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior you would hate the sin as well. As long as the person has an ear to hear, TELL THEM THE TRUTH.

  11. Why do so many Christians admire these ‘politically’ correct televangelist for ‘standing up for the truth’ yet without giving offense. If he would have spoken GOD’S word without watering it down, it would of been offensive to some. He’s famous for teaching the word of God, yet he did not teach the word of God or address this contreversial gay movement with the scripture. A voice of GOD will quote GOD’s WORD!! How dare he not address the issue with the platform he is in at any chance he’s given !! God says that if the prophets are of HIM then they will lead people away from sin. His answer was so sly it would have been ok with any gay person. Especially the ones that
    are trying to say that our GOD will grant them righteousness in the mist of thier lifestyle. Do you think that added the fear of God into any of thier hearts or made them drop to thier knees to repent? Creflo Dollar You are a SELL OUT! Why cant we address homosexuality without talking about adultery and divorce? You were asked about about GAYS AT A TIME that GAYS are behind pulpits. What does it profit
    if you gain the whole world but loose your own soul?

  12. Why are you worried about Creflo Dollar. So many haters in the world. Just work out YOUR OWN SALVATION with fear and trembling; or in other words, singleness of purpose. That alone is enough to keep you busy with yourself and your mind off of Creflo Dollar who has broken no laws! Why don’t you go after Muslims, Buddhist, and a ton of other people who actually DENY CHRIST! We sure are good at killing our on soldiers

  13. I may be out of place here, but (as much as I hate to say this about Dollar) was he not correct? Sin IS sin, right? Homosexuals will go to Hell for not wholly leaning upon Christ, just the same as the adulterer and the fornicator and the man of pride.

    I think I (Lord willing) would answer the question with more vigor than saying we can differentiate between things. I would have stayed simply on the topic of homosexuality, since that was the question asked. But I would have made it clear at the end of the statement that all sin is hated by God and all sin is punishable by the wrath of God.

  14. Pastor Dollar responds was perfect i was saying it was not any different sin than adultery and divorce,forncation.God does love homosexuals,lesbins but God hates the sin.We have to pray for homosexual,forncator,adulters that they will get saved

  15. Can someone show me a scripture that states “God Loves Homosexuals”!!! Talk about taking scripture out of context, just C A Dollar!!! This is terrible that folks love darkness rather than light.

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