TD Jakes: “saving souls can wait”

time.jpgFor what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26

Jesus’ significant declaration of the  importance of one’s soul has come into direct conflict with the beliefs of mega preacher and motivational star Bishop TD Jakes.  When it comes to preventing AIDS, Bishop Jakes says saving the souls of men can wait. 

According to OneNewsNow, Jakes said the emphasis for now must be on saving lives. He said, “Tomorrow we can save souls.”


James 4:13-14 Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, and make a profit”; whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.

TD Jakes’ theological pendulum is swinging again. His current comments on AIDS are a stark and stunning contrast to his former position,  one that many called incredibly ignorant. In August, ABC News aired AIDS in Black America, in which Jakes remarked, “The Apostle Paul didn’t write about HIV or AIDS.  So we don’t know how to navigate those waters.”

Clearly, as we noted before, Bishop Jakes is repositioning his theology.  He is a man who is not being influenced any more by scripture, but by culture, society and those who hold obvious disdain for biblical standards. Like Creflo Dollar, Jakes fears standing behind biblical truth about homosexuality might threaten his personal gains and popularity. Time anointed him the next Billy Graham, who also refused to say whether or not homosexuality was sinful. In this context, the world loves to applaud those who obfuscate God’s standards.

Luke 6:26 Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.

During hisNational Public Radio interview, Jakes revealed more of his repositioned theology.

Commentator: You don’t stay out of the conversation necessarily when homosexuals are the issue.

Jakes: Uh, what makes you say that?

Commentator: Well uh, I’ve read that you consider homosexuality is a sin. So if you’re practicing ah homosexual you’re not going to heaven.

Jakes: You know something, I don’t know anybody of any faith who can say that they have no sin in their lives. Whether it’s homosexuality or lying on your income tax or speaking rudely to somebody at a window. What we call sin may differ from person to person, but who amongst us can say that they have no sin? Jesus said that. And he said he that is without fault among you let him cast the first stone. I’m certainly not casting any particular stones at any particular group of people. All of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God, but the question was about hell. And when it comes down to hell, that’s an issue that I believe in a way of salvation. I believe that Jesus is the way the truth and the life. That no man comes unto the Father saved but by him. But I’m not so dogmatic in my views, that I’m willing to condemn anybody and send them to hell, I leave that up to God.

Notice, how TD Jakes has no problem mixing Bible with cultural sentiment in order to appear neutral. In contrast, God was adamant about making a difference between what is holy and unholy, clean and unclean. He commanded Aaron (i.e. the preacher, priest) to tell the people the difference. But according to TD Jakes, that’s not his job, its God’s.

This latest collaboration with the AIDS chasers, shows even more that TD isn’t concerned with people’s eternal condition. That’s because the people he is collaborating with aren’t concerned about that either.  It isnt important to them that someone may die and go to hell.  For years, they have clamored to get into the black churches’ Sunday morning pulpits to preach a gospel of AIDS “prevention”.  Today the AIDS chasers sanctify the “model black church” as one, not bringing people to Christ, but one who has an AIDS ministry, preferably being advised by open homosexuals.  They are only concerned that AIDS is “stigmatized” in the black community. In order to be acceptable to this crowd, Bishop Jakes must adapt their ideology. But he also has to appease his church crowd. That means an abominable mix of holy and unholy.

So we ask you to decide. Who is right? Bishop TD Jakes: mega church pastor, author of over 30 best selling books, according to TIME one of America’s 25 most influential evangelicals or God’s eternal Word?

Who’s right and who will you follow?

19 thoughts on “TD Jakes: “saving souls can wait”

  1. “TD Jakes’ theological pendulum is swinging again. His current comments on AIDS are a stark and stunning contrast to his former position, one that many called incredibly ignorant.”

    Sounds like someone had his finger to the wind and discovered that he can get lots of money from his former critics for “converting.”

  2. Total thats a good way of looking at it.

    Jakes is trying to appease these AIDS chasers because he’s concerned about his reputation. Imagine that.

    And they overcame them by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony because they loved not their lives unto the death. Rev 12:11

  3. I shouldn’t have just said money, as many men as they age grow concerned with an earthly legacy and what others will remember about them when they go. The world won’t care a lick for how many souls he saved, since the darkness hates the light. But they will glory in his memory as an AIDS activist for a few decades. After that he shall be forgotten like almost all men with only few notable exceptions- and given long enough they too shall be forgotten.

  4. I just listened to the interview w/ TD, and I must say, I am quite surprised and shocked at the responses he gave to some questions. The answers were very mild in tone, assuring not to offend, and simply bland. They were well crafted and he spoke eloquently, but to say that he can’t make that judgement about heaven/hell and who may enter either is weak. Is it not that he cannot form a wise answer based upon the Word of God…providing truth in love? And what was up about the verse–“I have other sheep that are not of this fold?” I’ve read the verse in context, but I cannot say that it absolves people in other parts of the world from receiving Christ as Savior. It was as though he was taking the Carlton Pearson twist in an indirect way. This is sad. I expect such a powerhouse of a preacher to stand and be precise and clear on issues…not water them down to make them more palettable.

  5. This is the sign of the Great Apostasy mentioned in 2 Thess2:3.
    Apostasy is departure from the faith. Other signs are rampant divorce and fornication and adultery.
    When Christ reurns, there will be practically no FAITH on the earth.
    The new faith is homosexuality. It has its evangelists, ministers and new converts. It has its own synogogue-the board of education.
    Our children are the harvest, and unless we stand, we will become 21st century Sodom and Gomorrah.
    We are headed for famine right here in 21st century USA. The reserviors are drying up; the honeybees are abandoning their hives. Gas is going up.
    Unless we have REVIVAL, WE ARE DOOMED.
    Lord, send Elijah the prophet!
    [Malachi 4:5-6]

  6. In his attempt to not offend any group of people, he has made himself luke warm. Trying to please both God and the world.

  7. Most television personalities, such as Oprah, must maintained consistent and mutual acceptance with most people’s views and issues. In their efforts to appear compasionate, they avoid direct negative comments concerning most issues. They also try to avoid offending viewers who financially support their ministries. Television preachers, with their million dollars homes and three thousand dollar suits, are no different. Trying to serve God and manna .

  8. Do we really believe the GOD is coming back? What will HE catch us doing/saying when HE comes for HIS church without a spot or a wrinkle or ANY SUCH THING? GOD save us……AGAIN

  9. I don’t think Bishop Jakes is trying to please people or gain accepetance, as such. I think he has truly shifted in his positions regarding the purpose of scripture for guiding the believer’s life. He has reduced the biblical text into a tool for motivating people to live life with “full barns” here on earth. He uses the text as a subtext for his real agenda; His version of the gospel. I am certain he feels like he is really helping people. Meeting folks immediate need si not the same as meeting their greatest need which is a reconciled relationship to GOD through Jesus Christ. Why else would he waffle on Christ as being the only way to Heaven. These mena nd women think by virtue of their good works and the alleviation of human suffering that they will be welcomed into the jopy of the LORD. “But LORD, we did great things, in your name, signs and wonders in your name…..”Depart from me, I never knew you…. If you listen to him he has a really good message of self help,, sound methods for decision making, good employment and business strategy plans, marital counsleing, conflict resolution, child rearing, community redevelopment, etc., etc., It is not neccesarily the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is seductive and attractive and it is the wider road to destruction. “Many there be that go in thereat.”

  10. Additionally, regarding Elijah the prophet or someone with a similar anointing, That was Jesus and we (the church in America) don’t want Him. He is too stern, “dogmatic”, no-nonsense, challenging, he will not have the right suit, or the popular TV show. His conventions will not be filled to the overflow. He won’t invite the favorite secualr artists to sing the religious music to “draw” unbelievers or the young people.
    He will not give money seminars and conferences on prosperity. He will challenge us to give away more money than we are willing, He will teach and preach for the kingdom’s sake and not for fame and popularity.

    The one anointed like Elijah will not be subject to the flattery of the other well known ministers. He will not seek a position at the head tables nor willl he be a respecter of persons. His meetings will focus on repentance and discipleship. Not the next level and building buildings as monuments to our memory. He will enter our convocations and conventions and seminars and workshops with a cat-o-nine tails and leave some whelps on some false prophets hind parts, turn over some offering tables, watch the trustees and the financial secretary coun the money. Look at some books, examine some salaries. pour sugar in some Bentley gas tanks, confiscate a Rolls or two, sell them and give the money to the poor.
    He will spent waaayy too much time with the street people, the crack heads, the pimps, whores, and homeless, those with AIDS, psych issues, and criminals. He will be missing from the planned services because he is in the nursing homes, the prisons and the hospitals actually praying for the sick instead of holding a large meeting in a hall waiting for the sick to get to him…Getting my point? It will take a paradigm shift like we cannot imagine to welcome that anointing to the church. Are we really willing?

  11. Could you tell me what issue of Time that is? I am going to order that copy for myself and show it to as many people as I can that “LOVE” Jakes

    GCMW: The original cover is here

  12. GCMW: Thank you! Thank you!

    I am so thankful for you! I can not express what this site means to me! I actually have concrete undeniable proof to show these people! Now they will have to decide to believe the truth or to continue to be deceived.

  13. I am a person that is aquainted with Bishop Jakes, and do understand where he is coming from, now i know for certain that God sent him as a messenger in my life, No doubt whatsoever, and i agree with most of what you print, but as Bishop Jakes says tell me who is it at one point in their lives, did not have an issue of sin, and we are not final judges, God is, i have had perverted issues in my own life, and ther was a time in my life ,that i thought i was Holier than thou, you cannot reject people that have that problem, thenhow can they ever be delivered? the whole need not a physician, but they that are sick, it’s God who can give them over to a reprobate mind, not a man, or a preacher, now until then we have to love every human, and have hope for their deliverance, God delivered me, but i was not always delivered although i was in church and preaching, i remember condemning a preacher, for an issue that he had in his life, when i thought i had it all together, and God let me know that i was not loving ,but judging, and he says he that judges ,doeth the same thing, and after i did that i fell into the same condition, for about fifteen years, and all God tells us to do is Love , not condemn, or Judge, he is the judge, God hates homosexuality, as well as he hates condemning another for it , love them into deliverance, Beleive God can deliver, Jesus said he that cometh to me i will in no wise cast out, condemning folk is not our Job, loving folk is our job, we will let God do the condemning, and Jesus said that he did not come to condemn but to save, watchout ,
    ! it’sa dangerous thing to condemn a person i don’t care what his problem is, you can fall into the same sin, and he said if one is overtaken, let the spiritual one restore, homosexuals can be delivered, but what hope do they have if we turn them away, and i feel sorry for people that are so self righteous and full of pride, that is just as bad as being gay!

  14. Another scripture for all of you fault-finders of any man of God, you would be wise, to consider your own life, Mr and Mrs Perfect, in the book of Acts, the Jewish Leader Gamiel, said refrain from these men! if the thing be of man it will come to naught, if it be of God, you will found kicking against God.,

  15. With all due respect I must say that the TD Jakes that first showed up on the scene with the first Woman Thou Art Loosed Book seemed to care about the souls. As a matter of fact the souls could not wait back then! Now that he has arrived on the backs of freeing women he has moved on to the next thing to keep the cheddar flowing.

    What is a life if it is not saved by the blood that Jesus died on the cross and poured for us? When its all said and done people pleasers will die trying to show love instead of showing the way the truth and the life is in Jesus. Love is being true and striving until He returns to be free from sin. Not finding ways to soften the blow while continuing to live in it and leading others to believe its okay, telling them go ahead and sin just ask for forgiveness. BUT if you get ill with Aids or end up on your death bed can the soul wait then? Or is this when we pray Laaawwwwwd deeeliiiiveeer theeemmmm pleaseee Laaawd?

    Why not talk about prevention Before we put on the theatrical show, that’s love and that will save a whole lot more lives than what TD Jakes is pushing. On CNN he said the bigges problem was economics. I am beginning to see a pattern here.

    It all leads to mammon and that my friend is no joke, I expect a revival but I am convinved it won’t be lead by none of these so called famous preachers of today who had the platform and did absolutely nothing with it. Don’t wait till the battle is over shout now people, it’s you and God on the battle field and you better put on the full armour because your preacher might not be as equipped as you think. Let the Word be your guide through the times ahead. We Win!

  16. Are we not as christains to call out false doctrine and rebuke with love. It is not our job to condem anyone which is right . But we can learn through scricpture that where there was false teaching there was correction. And to call something false you will have to pass a judgment on it. All in scripture it is evident about dealing with this issue. One the church today calls “passing judgement”. Trying to make many of these mega church pastors, bishops, prophests etc, untouchable. As if what they say and teach is scripture, without looking to see if what they say is in line with God’s word. I don’t condem T.D. Jakes and anyone else who preach and teach a false doctrine, but I will call a spade a spade or in a word that is not use by many “heresy”. I do pray they will repent and turn to the one true God and preach the true gospel and not this “get rich, forget the great commision, it’s all about you bieng little god’s calling your 3 million dollar home home into existence gospel”.

    And if T.D Jakes really does call himself a bishop then why don’t he act like one and call sin what it is. You can tell someone that yes homosexuality is a sini and yes if that person does not repent of there sins then they will go to hell. Scripture tells us who will and who will not inherit the kingdom of God. So we don’t condem them we just do as we see and are told to do in scripture and taht is preach God’s word in truth and in love. Even if people are offended by the truth oh well theres notthing we can do about that. This is one big problem today with a water downed man centered gospel, that sugar coats sin and is leading millions probaly billions to hell. So many are false converts because so-called ministers won’t tell them what the bible says, but will tyell them they FEEL that it’s not there job. Oh yes it is his job IF he is a true minister of the gospel. What is more important someone dieing for anyyhing or there eternal salvation? We all will die one day so souls can’t wait because of this biblical fact . see Heb.9:27

    And please see 1st Corint.5:12, 1st Tim.1:8-10

  17. Thank you Ernest for standing up for the truth. I’m encouraging those who post after me to go back and read your post. Well said my brother.

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