Obama, Donnie and prostitution

The fever over the Obama-McClurkin gospel show is reaching epidemic proportions. There has been no shortage of intense criticism on both sides of the issue. While I have been talking about the issue behind the scenes with various friends, I had decided to stay out of the fray because at the time I felt it was political in nature. It still is to some degree, but I want to comment on it from perhaps a different perspective.  Who’s concerned about God’s Word?

I was not going to comment until I read two peices of infomation.

One was the interview of an alleged male ex-lover of McClurkin who has now come forward albeit anonymously. The interview was graphic in places and fairly nasty so I won’t provide a link to it. The man alleges he and McClurkin were in a sexual relationship from May 2001 to 2004. That is significant because of McClurkin’s oft stated testimony. Of course, I understand that no one is perfectly free from any sinful inclination of one’s past, homosexuality included. The Bible promises nor teaches no such spiritual utopia on earth. But in this highly charged arena of political ambition, such things can become the fodder of gross misinformation and consequently even greater confusion about the already confusing issue. And if true, three years of sexual misconduct cannot be excused as simple moral failure.

And what of the many black churches where McClurkin has been the honored guest? Gifting, talent and even “anointing” aside, there is no substitute for character, integrity and right living, despite one’s past proclivities.

The other peice of information was a press release I got in email this morning in which black evangelicals denounced Obama for inviting  a homosexual cleric (which by the way is this person’s  pastor) to be a part of the gospel road show. In it, Bishop Harry Jackson remarked that Obama was “prostituting the gospel by defending the homosexual lifestyle.” 

I think that word prostitution is appropriate to use here. Bishop Jackson is warm in his comments, but it would be more accurate to say all of those involved were prostituting the gospel. Not just because of a defense of homosexuality.  My initial thoughts when the announcement about the show first broke, sans the gay controversy was that this was a prostitution of the gospel and gospel music for political gain. That is an abomination. It was a bad, bad idea from the inception. McClurkin, Mary, Mary, Hezekiak Walker and the Mighty Clouds should have NEVER agreed to such a thing. But when you practice political religion, the gospel is nothing but a prop to used to entice unsuspecting sheeple to your self serving show.

Then there’s this emerging allegation about McClurkin’s life beyond the spotlight. Is it true? Is the accuser a plant by gay activists who, without restraint, hate McClurkin? Those who have jumped to McClurkin’s defense because they don’t like Obama would do well to restrain themselves, lest they be completely embarrased about this situation.

My only regret is that the Word of God is blasphemed and prostituted in  men’s lust for power, control and prestige. If I were advising Obama, I would tell him to cancel the whole thing as quickly as he possibly can.

There is a much weightier price to be paid when the Word of God is blasphemed. Its much more devastating than not getting black folks votes or not winning the Democratic nomination for president.

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  1. Donnie McClurkin said that he was delivered from homosexuality when he was 29. In fact he said that on a TBN special. Unfortunately that would have taken place back in 1988. If this were the case than either the recent accusations are false or he has been perpetually backsliding. I don’t want to beat up on this man. I hope he has overcome his homosexual desires with the grace of God and the power of the Holy Ghost.

    Sadly however to often the Christian world is teaming up with politics. This needs to stop because ultimately our real leader is Christ Jesus not Barrack Obama, Hillary, Romney or Rudy.


  2. My real concern is not with whether McClurkin is delivered or not, but rather their actions, teaming up with politics, prostitutes the gospel.

  3. GCM Watch,

    I agree totally. The pulpit has been prostituted by politicians on the left and the right. Each using the pulpit as a soap box to pontificate their form of religion called politics.


  4. Y’all know what the Bible says about gossip, but even if the information in the interview with the supposed ex-lover is true, Donnie is clearly a troubled man rather than an unrepentant sinner. I love him regardless.

  5. Phil, the alleged exlover story is germane to the post in that it factors what happens to us when we allow sin to remain in our lives. Prostituting the gospel becomes a non issue, because sin deadens your sensitivities to truth. I hope you understand what Im saying. Donnie should have never gotten involved with Obama or any one else in this context.

    I didnt include the link to the story because the language is very salacious and at this point, it has little credibility. But I will say that reading it caused me to question many things I had heard over the last several years.

    Could it all be fabricated? Time will tell.

  6. Hi DL, I definitely agree with you that Donnie shouldn’t have gotten involved with Obama. As for the rest, we’ll see if the rumors are true, but if they are true, I have nothing but compassion for him.

  7. Wow. Donnie and Obama are getting bombed from every angle. The gay community is furious “hate-filled” Donnie is there at all, now he’s the subject of some really depraved allegations that threaten to destroy his Christian career, Obama risks alienating and offending the religous black community he’s courting by putting the gay white pastor on the tour-his political spin doctoring will be put to the test real fast to contain the potential fallout of this. What a mess.

    Donnie and the other artists truly should not have taken this gig. Makes them look like minstrels (my terminology for the musical equivalent to “hireling”.)

    Gospel artists need to analyze the ‘opportunities’ that they are presented with more closely. Pray about it. See if it lines up with the Word. Discern the spirit behind the opportunity. It is NOT supposed to be all about the paycheck!!

    When it is, I suppose anyone with a half-baked idea and a chequebook can get you to come out and sing. And then one should not complain when things get weird….like Barak’s Gospel Tour has.

    As for the validity of the allegations against Donnie, I sense the annonymous guy was not 100% truthful. Yes, time will tell. But even if its like, 60% true…..how disturbing. Personally, I’m prepared to see the dark underbelly of pretty much anything or anyone.in this hour. God is not mocked and all that can be shaken will be shaken.

  8. I’m sorry, but the interview was so contrived. Just reading it, it sounds so fake and made-up its ridiculous. Now, if I’m wrong on this…oh well.

    As for the Obama factor, yeah, that is a mess. He’s gonna play on the black church factor as a way to win votes. I knew he would go that route and the reasons are obvious. THe black church (not all) wouldn’t recognize a wolf if it came up to them w/ a sign around its neck. As long as you talk about “black issues,” your votes are solidified. If he throws a “hoop” or a “gloooory” in his speech then he could very well throw Hillary into second place.

  9. McClurkin works as a hired hand for TBN. Sits there while people fleece the flock and he stands in agreement with the pimps when they are often doing their deeds. I’ve got plenty of TBN video that proves it.

    Given he would do that, I don’t put anything past the man anymore.

    Some claim he may have said something against prosperity doctrine at some time or another. It’s all false fronts, while he continues working on behalf of the network that fleeces the flock and the pimps that work with them.

    Obama, he’s just a publican, doing what publicans do.

    And see: Barack Hussein Obama’s Black Supremacist Idolater Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.

    That club he’s at is into some very bad mess, that entire denomination (UCC) endorses homosexuality. It’s all heresy and Obama rolls as if he’s Christian for political gain.

  10. This conversation would not exist if pastors preached the WORD of God. These days, most pastors will whore the Bride of Christ to the beast of the state for a farthing. The LORD Himself admonished a separation of Church from EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD when He advised that we render under Caesar what is Caesar’s, but unto GOD what is GOD’s. The services of our psalmists are not currency in which the Bride of Christ should ever dare to traffic. We should have NO Dealings with the unfruitful darkness of the wicked and corrupt state. The Bride of Christ is not a voting constituency to be presumptuously courted by these dragons of the political world. Nor is the Bride of Christ the Whore to be abusively ill used by these pulpit pimps who have made merchandise of GOD’s House of Prayer, just to sate their greed and lust.

    The Lord is not please. And, we, His people, are not amused!

  11. Hi DL,

    Sorry that I have been away from commenting here. Been busy with possible evacuation packing due to the S.D. wildfires. Fortunately, we never needed to leave.

    I see that there are many posts that I need to catch up on!

    This morning on Fox News, I heard about the controversy over Obama, McClurkin, and the homosexual activists who are steaming mad at Obama for including McClurkin in the gospel music tour. It was interesting that McClurkin wasn’t identified as an ex-gay person, but rather as a Christian who objects to homosexual behavior.

    Upon reading this post and the comments, it has become more clear (I think), why Obama chose McClurkin, despite the objections from the radical homosexual activists. Let me run this by you.

    Do you think that the rumors (or, are they facts?) that McClurkin still participated in homosexual behavior even after he claims to have been saved through Jesus Christ is the REAL reason why Obama kept him on board the tour?

    Think about it. Obama is trying to appeal to both sides of the issue. If he fails with the traditional Christians (which, IMO I think he actually loathes), he could always reveal that McClurkin is a hypocrite (in Obama’s eyes) and that Donnie is all the proof one needs to counter the legitimate claims of ex-gays who have been delivered from homosexual behavior through Jesus Christ.

    Do you think that making the ill-conceived point that deliverance from homosexual behavior is a perceived failure, might just be the right tool to re-gain the liberal left loonies and all the gay lobby as a result of this exposure?

    What are your thoughts on this?

  12. Saw another news story on Fox news about this controversy. Now, the network is labeling McClurkin as “anti-gay.” Probably did that due to pressure from radical gay activists who cannot tolerate Christian believers who follow God’s word and call homosexual behavior exactly what it is…SIN!

    How ironic is it that those who considered themselves once “oppressed,” have now become the ultimate oppressors!

    DL, I have been reading the book, “The Homosexual Agenda” by Alan Sears and Craig Osten. It is even more eye-opening than the first chapter of “The Marketing of Evil!”

    I know that you prefer not to get into the political arena very much on this issue, but I think that those two books need to get into the hands of every American, especially Christians so that they won’t be duped into the lies that we are being bombarded with every day regarding homosexual behavior, the agenda in schools, through Hollywood, in the media, and even in their churches.

  13. I agree the gay political agenda is just as destructive in that arena. I think the two books are excellent resources in that regard. My greater concern is that Christians will jump in feet first to the political issues which can cause a hardening in a sense and forget that the house of the Lord is also under attack.

    I think it is fairly evident that the average Christian can easily be hoodwinked by the gay christian movement’s false doctrine and we need to make sure that doesnt go unnoticed.

  14. I’m from another country. So what’s the norm in the States isn’t always typical here. I’ve been reading comment after comment about how Black Gospel music is filled with gay men, both out and on the down low. Apparently this includes choir directors, soloists and music ministers- not just recording artists.
    The comments are usually prefaced with “everybody knows…” meaning you don’t have to live under a rock to know the reality of homosexuality proliferating Black Gospel in the States.
    My question is simple.
    This is not the case in my country, so will someone please explain to this sister what’s going on in the Black Church world Stateside?

    GCMW: JJ, until there is some sort of accurate counting of these men and a comparable study of those who are not, it may be an overstatement to say that black gospel music is “filled with gay men, both out and on the downlow”. Of course the nature of sin is that it seeks to remain hidden, thus such a count would certainly never happen. If and until it does, much of the cumlative remarks would remain in the realm of speculation.
    Questions that need to be answered is: How many men are in black gospel music? Of those men, how many are professed homosexuals?

    Why is

  15. So … no one cares about the daughter born out of wedlock, which is a publicly known verified truth?

    GCMW: HTL, I dont think its a case of whether or not anyone “cares” about McClurkin’s out of wedlock child, just that it is part and parcel of a series of bad decisions McClurkin keeps making. In my view, his prostitution of the Word and its music to help Obama gain votes off the backs of church folks, is over the line egregious.

  16. I think that GCMW is a great website but please be prayerful in how you deal with Pastor McClurkin. Remember when Joseph was falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife because she couldn’t have her way with him (Genesis 39). A false accusation is not a condemnation from God, but rather an attack of the enemy. Pastor McClurkin has addressed this accusation and said it is false. He is one of the most transparent pastors alive today. When he fathered a child out of wedlock, he was still assistant pastor at Perfecting Church in Detroit and he was the one that fessed up to the congregation and he sat down for a long period of time and did not pastor until he was released to do so by his Pastor, Marvin L. Winans.
    God knows why Pastor McClurkin did the Obama concert, Watch this CNN clip (below) and find out. It was that sound bite to be heard by many conflicted and struggling people, those called by God but not delivered yet, the unsaved, and the world to hear how God delivered one man. I encourage you all to listen to the sound bite, and pray about your stance against this man of God.


    God bless you.

  17. PS, Im not sure I am getting your Joseph/Potiphar’s wife analogy. If you can, speak a little more plainly.

    Secondly, gospel artists have no business using God’s gifts to help politicians win votes, ESPECIALLY when that politician has adamantly said that he stands opposite of the gospel message.

    This isnt about Donnie McClurkin, this is about God’s Word being blasphemed among sinners. You cant self-sanctify something that has a wrong foundation. so there’s no need to pray. about speaking against that when God’s word is clear.

    I am concerned that you dont seemed to be bothered by politicians using the church (ala McClurkin and others) to get votes for an anti-church agenda.

  18. Heathland, Donnie does not have a daughter out of wedlock. Perhaps you are referring to his adopted daughter. Check again.

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