Pastors: Keep Obama Balaam out of your pulpit!

Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama is a wicked man with wicked intentions when it comes to the church. Obama is itching to show homosexuals he can “confront” the church over its belief that homosexuality is a sin. He wants to get into black church pulpits, wag his finger and pontificate that homosexuality isnt a sin at all.  What’s more, Obama wants the black church to ditch what the Bible says and accept his foolish ideology. Perhaps after that we should take him to the fellowship hall and get him a free chicken dinner plate courtesy of the usher board.  Seriously, Pastors need to alert other pastors and make sure this man is not given a pulpit to attack God’s word and God’s standard on sexual morality.

When questioned about his recent gospel show fiasco, Obama told Tim Russert of Meet the Press:

I do not believe being gay or lesbian is a choice.  And so I disagree with Reverend McClurkin.  But understand, Tim, part of what I hope to offer as president is the ability to reach to people that I don’t agree with, and the evangelical community is one where the Democratic Party, I think, we have generally seen as hostile. … There’s a problem of homophobia in the African-American community. I will go into churches, I will go into meetings with ministers and say, “I disagree with you on these issues. This is not how I interpret my faith.” But the fact that we’re having a conversation, I think, allows the possibly that I will change their minds, make them more tolerant of these issues.” (our bold) 

Let’s sum up Obama’s beliefs, intentions

1. He views the church as hostile to his beliefs, therefore his strategy is to get into the churches on the guise of having “conversations”. But since he thinks the church is ignorant and homophobic, this will only be a one sided conversation.

2. His idea of “reaching people” in the church who view homosexuality as sinful is to berate them and tell them how wrong they are. This is a reactionary appeasement tactic aimed at placating the black gay community which despises Biblical truth. But, he has to be in your pulpit to do so.  That allows him to sow a division in your church with your permission.

3. His goal is not respectful dialogue, nor mutual understanding but to change the “minds” of the church.  Obama’s evil intentions are like the false prophet Balaam who thought he could curse God’s people.

20 thoughts on “Pastors: Keep Obama Balaam out of your pulpit!

  1. Sheesh!!!

    The huge list of his ignorant blatherings continue to add up each and every day. This guy thinks he deserves to be president? UGH!!!

    How blinded are those that support this scary man. He displays an unrepentant, God-blaspheming attitude; and has the nerve to verbally shake his fists at the Creator of the universe in full view of the public. He displays an agenda that is unmistakably heretical in nature. What’s worse is that he’s obviously a wolf in sheeps clothing; pretending to embrace all people (except true Christian believers, that is). He has so many people who do not know God’s Word totally and helplessly fooled.

    Obama claims that he has the desire to “bring the cultural divide” together. Then in his next breath he absolutely trashes true Christians!

    Forget about his stupid book, “The Audacity of Hope.” Obama Rama Ding Dong has the audacity of passing himself off as intelligent, capable and worthy of being the leader of our nation which was founded upon Christian-Judeo morality and ethics. Yet, he doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he despises such heritage and history.

    The reality is that through all of his bluster, the true, elect faithful in Jesus Christ see right through him. The fact is, we have already heard and discerned his evil motives. Now it is our job to warn others. He is absolutely clueless and represents the epitome of error; socially, politically, and spiritually.

  2. Christine, amen! I dont have any Bible to cite on this but this guy is beyond stupid. The audacity of hope? He uses religious words as enticement, but like satan he has ulterior motives.

  3. Col 2:8 Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

    Mat 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

  4. “Perhaps after that we should take him to the fellowship hall and get him a free chicken dinner plate courtesy of the usher board. ”

    Ouch! I’d be crying if I lost my chicken dinner plate, LOL! 🙂

  5. To the author: I cannot tell you how many blogs I have read where people who are truly searching and hungry for the Truth are turned away because of the hostility with which the Truth is delivered. I agree with the foundation of what you are saying in this article, and I used to “swing my spiritual samurai sword” too. I have been convicted of that, though. Part of the fruit of the Spirit is gentleness, and there is definitely a way to speak the truth in love.

    I am not asking you to stop speaking truth, but this post seems to drip hatred as well as truth, and that is the furthest thing from God’s heart.

  6. Andrew,
    Did you come here searching and hungry for the Truth? If so, did you find truth or was it not the truth you wanted to hear? If I am not mistaken, a hungry person is grateful to get what he is looking for. Such is the demand of true hunger.

    If you could kindly cite some scripture perhaps we could get a grasp on your perspective.

    However I cant imagine someone showing up at YOUR house with a can of gasoline and a torch and you displaying a gentle spirit towards them.

    Andrew can you please explain why the Bible styles itself as a sword? What is a sword and why should it be used? Who is it supposed to be used against.?Who gave us the authority to use it and when?

    You seem to object to using the sword, so please clarify why you think it is wrong. And youre wrong, there’s no hate for Obama, we cant do that and see Jesus. But we have hate for anything seeking to destroy God’s house.

  7. Hey Phil: chicken plate with collard greens, mac and cheese and a slice of Sis Mattie Brown’s red velvet cake….

    See whats at stake if we let Obama in?

  8. I have not visited this site in some time, and in my return, I have been enlightened and appreciative of several of your writings on the compromising of the church infrastructure. I had hoped that, you had learned to calm your, zeal, lest you continue to harm yourself and your cause, with over-zealous fervor… and then i came to this article.
    I find it truly appalling, indeed, sickening, that any person who calls themselves a christian –much-less a spiritual leader– could show such hatred towards his fellow men. Anyone who claims to expose false prophets, and deceivers, while exhibiting such disgusting racism, is guilty of the gravest form of hypocrisy, that which corrupts his brothers, and sisters in christ.
    DL you said
    “Perhaps after that we should take him to the fellowship hall and get him a free chicken dinner plate courtesy of the usher board. ”
    that you would lower yourself to such pathetic bigotry: the exploitation of racial stereotypes, shows a spiritual corruption that must be addressed before you utter another word before the body of christ. For does the bible not teach that if we cause our brothers to fall into sin, than we are as guilty as they. My prayers are for you tonight.

  9. I watched the entirety of Obama’s Meet the Press interview, and nowhere in it did he mention preaching the merit’s of christianity, before any congregation. Neither did he say that he believed that homosexuality was not a sin, he simply implied that it is not the churches place to forbid them the rights that are extended to every American. He believes in the sanctity of marriage. His view is not pro-gay, simply accepting. In lack of acceptance, we are reduced to bigotry and racism, which i believe that you DL, and many within the church today have developed a predilection towards. What’s next? Will it be acceptable for us to use epithets now?

  10. Colby, have you ever had a church dinner? To mention them is not racist at all! They are a cherished institution and if you’ve missed out, well, you’ve missed something special. Be that as it may, DL’s mention of it was rhetorical. Obama is going into another church’s pulpit and saying, “I disagree with you on these issues. This is not how I interpret my faith.” That’s not Obama’s role as a Christian, much less as a politician. DL’s comment on the church dinners basically means, “Obama insults our beliefs. Does he expect to get red carpet treatment too?” You can argue about that if you wish, but your tirade on church dinners and racism is way off base.

  11. To Colby,

    First Pastor Foster is Black so there is no problem with the church dinner comment regarding chicken and greens. It was meant as a light hearted comment. ( BTW as a white guy southern cuisine is actually quite excellent-LOL!)

    But seriously, Obama’s comments are not a surprise. In fact on the other side of the aisle we have Rudy Giuliani which is also “pro-gay”. This same man was just endorsed by none other than Christian ( so-called) Coalition founder Pat Robertson. Hmmmm! Looks like the body of Christ is getting bamboozled from both ends.

    Here is a nice link


  12. “Anyone who claims to expose false prophets, and deceivers, while exhibiting such disgusting racism, is guilty of the gravest form of hypocrisy, that which corrupts his brothers, and sisters in christ.”

    Colby are you saying Obama is a “brother in Christ”?

  13. Why were Colby’s comments edited? What’s up with that?
    I agree with Colby. Obama has clearly said that he believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Being pro-gay and being pro-gay-rights are two separate things, and nothing that Obama has said so far suggests the former. With regard to homosexuality being a choice, I think some people clearly choose it, while others seem to have a heavy struggle with it. I for one am thankful that that is not my struggle. So if Obama is wrong on that statement of choice, so be it – he is wrong.

    But he is right that churches should adopt a different approach to ministering to all people. And don’t tell me about the flood or Sodom and Gomorrah – those were both God ordained and executed. Tell me about the radical Jesus who partied with prostitutes and sinners (I firmly believe gays included) and even filthy tax collectors. Obama is of that radical ilk. AND NO I DID NOT JUST CALL OBAMA THE MESSIAH.

    If you really have a problem with Obama’s radical views of tolerance and acceptance of gays then go vote for McCain, if you REALLY think he believes or will act differently, which he won’t. The thing I hated most about Bush was that he bamboozled the evangelicals and made them believe he was keen on protecting the sanctity of marriage, but he was just using it as a wedge to divide and conquer. Love is the more excellent way.

  14. MG,
    First of all Jesus didn’t party. He talked with people and fellowshipped with them.He CONFRONTED sin and then told them to go and sin no more. To the pharisees and saduccees he was very harsh. He also CONFRONTED their sins and told them to repent and escape the coming wrath. Understand, people unwilling to accept the truth and actively fight against it and try to change the truth of God’s word, God has already given them over to a reprobate mind. Honestly, i don’t believe this site is for those people. This site is for those who are confused, who know that something is wrong but don’t know how to get out of it. This site is also for those who have never been presented with the truth of God’s word.
    Yes, God is a loving Father to those who are born of the Spirit. Yes, He loves all of His creation, everyone. But He will deal harshly with anyone, especially a leader, who not only believes a lie, but who tries to get others to believe the lie also. Obama said (I saw the clip) that he didn’t believe homosexuality was a choice. We all know what that means. Not a choice= born that way=in the DNA code=not a sin=not punishable by God. Why would God tell us not to do something that He put in our DNA code to be genetically expressed. “Thou shalt not have blue eyes.” What?????
    For those homosexuals who are claiming to be Christian, where is the Holy Spirit who is supposed to lead you into ALL of the truth. You must deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Christ. No doubt, it is difficult. Sexual sin is probably one of the most difficult to overcome. But we have the Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead that will quicken our mortal bodies.
    We are living in the last days and the enemy is using whatever he can to turn people from God’s truth. satan knows that all liars will burn in the lake of fire. he is the father of lies.
    If there is something nagging you about the lifestyle you’re living, that is the Spirit of God. Yes, there are other sins, but this site is dedicated to the sin of homosexuality. Turn from sin. If we are not holy, we will not see God. If we are liars, we will burn in the lake of fire. One of the best ways of showing real love is to turn someone away from their sins, to literally snatch them from the lake of fire.

  15. In due respect, I have to disagree with you. Obama is the best thing going for this country right now. He just proves that Christians don’t “love the sinner and hate the sin”. I don’t use this term to make that clear. I know who I’m voting for on November 4th. It’s not just homosexuality. Other issues matter as well.

    I know most people won’t understand what I’m saying but as long as Christians call gay names, ridicule and dehumanize them and not give loving alternatives to this sin, people like Obama will continue to do this. The REAL CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST must STEP UP!!!

  16. I’m disagreeing with the original post which says Obama is a wicked man. He’s not and would do more for this country right now that the other political party.

  17. Well, Jysuper youre certainly entitled to believe that. But realistically, no one man can do anything alone. Thats includes highly touted presidential candidates of any party. Check your history and governmental structure. And perchance Obama rises to the presidency it is no indicator that it is for the good. You dont have that type of insight to predict that other than just feel good emotionalism based on Obama’s speeches. Then too, your disagreement is purely political, but the post deals with Obama religious machinations. Unless you see the two as one, I dont really understand your disagreement.

    Im not comparing the two, but the reason so many people will fall to the ultimate deception of the antichrist is because they have become conditioned (by economic, spiritual and enviromental failures) to look for a hero to save them. The A/C will provide just that. But what will be hidden is a diabolical plot to gain trust, then the violently betray it.

    Those who trust in the arm of the flesh will reap the consequences. This isnt a political statement at all, thus the title of the post. The church has to safeguard against all who do not share the agenda of Christ, including political figures, no matter what political parties.

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