DL Foster's classic book "Touching A Dead Man" available

DL Foster’s classic semi-autobiography Touching A Dead Man: One Man’s Explosive Story of Deliverance from Homosexuality is now available  via instant download.

Hailed as “groundbreaking” and “comprehensive” the 234 page book masterfully weaves together the complexities of life, religion and ethnicity with stunning emotion.  Touching A Dead Man was credited with greatly expanding understanding about overcoming homosexuality. Thousands of people all over the world have purchased the book and returned glowing reviews after reading it.

“I received your book and I can’t put it down! As I read through the pages, tears began to flow down my face…so many parts sounded like me back in the day. Thanks for this awesome testimony. This is not made up because only a person who walked through the gay lifestyle could tell it is such a detailed format. This is the first book I have read that tells it like it is.”, said PJ, a Chicago resident.

Thousands have been captivated by DL Foster’s God-given ability to paint such a vivid and honest portrayal of a secret lifestyle which so many struggle to overcome. Whether you have struggled with homosexuality or not, Touching A Dead Man masterfully reaches into the core of deliverance and walking out of sin into holiness.

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7 thoughts on “DL Foster's classic book "Touching A Dead Man" available

  1. Sounds like a very interesting read on a highly charged subject. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  2. I am interested in knowing from DL Foster or other people coming out of homosexuality or claiming deliverance from homosexuality ever experience temptation in that area again. I have heard testimonies that deny temptation and that acknowledge it. Is anyone willing to weigh in? GMW I am not trying to take over your blog but I am truly interested in hearing what people’s experiences are. I have recently recieved into membership several people who are coming out of homosexuality.

  3. Elder Jimmy,
    as much as I want to jump into this, I try as hard as I can to keep this site educational for people who arent aware of the gay christian movement’s false theology. And believe me I hear all the time “I didnt know this was going on”.

    Thus, I try to keep the discussion on each post germane to the subject matter.

    While your question is a GOOD question, it would lead away from the purpose, which is to encourage people to purchase and read the book which contains a wealth of information for people coming out of homosexuality. Trust me when I say it is anointed to destroy the yokes.

    I have addressed this issue and others about former homosexuals at my website FAQs. You’re welcome to go there and get that information. If you’d like to talk about it further with me to help those in your local church, please contact me.

  4. I have read the hard copy version of this book and can say that this book was truely a blessing to me. I was never in homosexuality, but this book can be a great ministry tool irregardless of the sin and especially for thoses caught up in sexual bondages.

    DL beared his heart and soul and made himself vulnerable so that healing could be available for all that would receive it.

    If you know some one that you know are you are struggling in this area, you need to purchase this e-book for yourself or for the person you want to minister too.

    I also believe this book is a must read for every pastor and christian in leadership and for and christian that desires to witness to those in homosexuality.

  5. Jt, its not “in stores”. You can get it only as the e-version (no different than the print version except it has pictures.)

    Just click the link in the story.
    Thanks for asking!

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