Gospel’s Dr. Bobby Jones appearing in gay movie

If you’ve ever watched the Bobby Jones Gospel Show, you know something is wrong spiritually.  With Bobby Jones. Over the last couple of decades Dr. Bobby Jones’ name has become synonymous with black gospel music and its terrible reputation as an incubator of homosexuality.  And yes, to the utter shame of God’s church.

But perhaps Jones is now coming out of the closet with an appearance in a homosexual movie. And its not good.

Jones is playing the part of a preacher in the movie Dirty Laundry which is produced by homosexual activist Keith Boykin and his male lover Nathan Williams. The movie is set to be released December 7 in Atlanta, Baltimore, DC, and New York.  The homosexual political group, Human Rights Campaign is sponsoring a 12 city tour of the movie. Maurice Jamal, the lead character, writer and director of the movie is a man who says his one of his favorite websites is the gay sex-hookup site [we wont mention it].

How can two walk together except they agree? Amos 3:3

Boykin launched a tirade against major black ministers  [caution: link may contain  unsuitable photos] who have opposed homosexuality by insinuating that they themselves were homosexual. Why then is Bobby Jones in Boykin’s movie?

Dirty Laundry isn’t just a funny movie about black folks. It has a defined agenda, embedded in the humor.  As is usual with homosexual activists, they want you to stop thinking homosexuality is a sin and think of it as just another benign expression of love.

Next magazine said Dirty Laundry is “equal parts Brokeback Mountain and Birdcage.” Both are homosexual movies.

“It’s almost as if black families have a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell policy.'”  Williams says “there are still not many healthy images of gay people of color, which makes it hard for all of us to understand the experiences of the gay minority, be they Latino, black [or] Asian.”

Make no mistake about it, this movie is aimed at the black church community with the help of the most visible name in gospel music. With this appearance and his association with such profanity, Jones is declaring war on the sacred principles of God’s Kingdom. Why is the Church of Jesus Christ allowing the filthy co-mingling of the sacred and the profane?  Crowned the “Ambassador of Gospel Music” Jones was feted by the “superstars”  of the industry. No wonder there is such a putrid smell coming from gospel music these days.

And how soon will its stench reach the nostrils of God if it already hasn’t?

Update 11.25.07

After looking at the pictures and credits of Dirty Laundry, we noticed   Jones’ backup group the “Nashville Super Choir” is also in the movie.

More checking on Bobby Jones reveals he is more inclined to believe that homosexuality is genetic, thus not sinful. Listen carefully at the words of this fool people are running after for affirmation in the “gospel music industry:

Bobby Jones of the popular TV show “Bobby Jones Gospel,” is one of the few in the industry to say he does not believe that homosexuality is entirely behavioral.  “I’m too intelligent for that. I do listen to what experts in the fields of human sexuality have to say about people and what happens to them when they reach puberty, the changes that happen in adolescence. You know, the talk shows have done a lot to educate me, too,” he said.

This was from a October 1994 newspaper article. What information is Jones referring to from “the talk shows” and “experts in the field of human sexuality”?

Update 11.27.07

Gay magazine says Bobby Jones “enthusiastically” supports gay rights. 

Among the points to celebrate is the involvement of two of Broadway’s Dreamgirls, Loretta Devine and Jenifer Lewis, long-time gay rights activists and diva icons as “Lorelle” and “Effie,” respectively. Co-star and gospel legend Dr. Bobby Jones was equally enthusiastic, pushing for the message to aid in healing both the black and gay communities.”

UPDATE 11.28.07  Response to false charges by Keith Boykin.com

Gay activist Keith Boykin is falsely reporting that GCM Watch “a right-wing so-called Christian group” is “threatning to protest the movie” Dirty Laundry. We are advocating nothing of the sort. We could care less if someone went to see the movie. Neither are we attempting to block any financial success the movie may gain. We are calling into question the participation of Bobby Jones and his “enthusiastic” support of something so ungodly it could never qualify as “entertainment” under the most lenient of Christian standards.

Contrary to Mr. Boykin’s assertion that the rift between the church and the homosexual community is created by “right wing zealots”,  the rift is with God. It was God who set the unchanging standards of sexual morality. The church because it is under HIS authority and HIS command and are required to hold HIS standards in place.

We should note that after the imprisonment of his cousin John the Baptist, for confronting sexual immorality in the leadership, Jesus began preaching a bold message: 

Mark 1:14-15 Now after that John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God,  And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.

Bobby Jones’ attempt to circumvent these standards is what is causing division. It is grossly immature to think a movie with such misguided purpose will heal any such divisions.

Additionally, Bobby Jones’ support and participation in this movie is indeed an attack on the church and the sexual moral standards which God requires us to adhere to. Bobby Jones can no longer expect us to be silent while he promotes this heresy in God’s house. Like John the Baptist, we will publicly denounce his ungodly actions.

Further, we are calling on gospel artists with integrity and those who have not sold out to mammon, and the idol gods of talent and personality to distance themselves from Jones until he repents. If he chooses not to repent, we further call on the artists to refuse future appearances on his show and make public statements as to why. We are calling on every pastor and bishop who knows that it is time to draw a line in the sand, to refuse Jones and and any associated gospel music personalities use of their facilities until an authentic repentance has been publicly witnessed.

Update 11.30.07 Eyewitness account of movie screening

This is posted only as reference by an individual who was at the screening of the movie Dirty Laundry. In light of criticism charging that we were unfairly judging the movie and Bobby Jones, please note these comments posted unedited.

“I must weigh in on this subject because I was able to attend the first screening of this movie with the cast and crew. I had no idea what the movie was about until i saw it but when it was over i almost slid out of my chair i could not believe ANY christian would be involoved in the mess that was going on the screen! Now i dont want to give away the movie but It is just as messy as some of you think it is, I also got stuck sitting next to Dr Bobby jones who was all smiles from begginging to end, I slid down in my seat as him and his camp acted like you know what around me which i guess was appropiate for the movie we was wacthing (forgive me Lord!) I was just so shocked that not only him but the superchoir appeared in this movie. now if you wordly this is an
AWESOME MOVIE minus the Gayness but if you are a christian and you think the movie gonna take a Holyghost turn you are MISTAKEN!”

Update 12.01.07

Yesterday, Dr. Jones was sent an email containing  links to our initial article and the resultant open letter. The email requested a public response to what we believe is a breach of truth and a wanton disregard for the spiritual welfare of the church of Jesus Christ. Subsequent to the email, a call was placed to the Nashville office of Dr. Jones advising them of the email and reinterating our request for a response.

Update 12.04.07

Pastor DL Foster will be interviewed live by anchor Mike Galanos on CNN. We’ll share our theological concerns with Dr. Jones’ appearance in the movie. The airtime is Wednesday, Dec 5th at 530pm eastern.

95 thoughts on “Gospel’s Dr. Bobby Jones appearing in gay movie

  1. Thank you Elder for the heads up. This is a TRAVESTY and something that the God of Heaven will send HIS judgement upon. The church MUST wake up and use their time, talent, energy, and resource to turn this demonic trend down.

    My question is where are the godly women that flock to Jones’s statge? I was sure they would say something, all that shouting, dancing and loud singing they do. Are they caught up too?

    Stay on the wall brother watchman!

  2. This should not come as a suprise to any one the gay lobby has for years under the guise of “civil rights” always wanted to find a way to penetrate the black civil rights movement. Thanks to there freind in the Democrat party and tolerant black politician’s they found the key to the door.

    Initially they gay lobby which was predominalty white had problems doing this because most of the churches where black and read their bible and knew God’s view on homosexuality.

    So they came up with a great plan use their money and hire black people to do there work for them and
    then work to accuse any black pastor who did not support homosexuality of being a bigot.

    Groups like Operation ReBirth were founded for this sole purpose, they spend nothing but hours trying to make the case so that when a pastor does speaks out they can then accuse them of of bigotry.

    They do this to silence the person and to keep honest persons from hearing what he has to say.

    If you do not belive me check out these websites


    Now if you do not want to be a “hate church” you will be put on their affirming churches registry http://www.operationrebirth.com/affirmingchurches.html

    Groups like the Human Rights Campaign used hate crimes,civil rights and there new slogan “spiritual abuse” as ways to silence the black church on homosexuality.

    Because the black church historically has been on the left politically many pastors were and are afraid to speak out because they do not want to loose their status or be called a bigot.

    This is why when Obama invited a well know ex gay singer the black church did not come to his defense. The groups attacking him were white gay groups and their black gay puppet groups.

    One such puppet is Keith Boykin a black blogger and Harvard graduate has become the darling of the HRC crowd. He is a CNN analyst and worked in the Clintion Whitehouse.

    Of course HIV will spread within the community and instead of taking blame groups like HRC will again blame the church for this increase by claiming the church was silent on homophobia.

    The truth is that the church will be blamed by the Lord if it chooses to remain silent.

  3. geesh! I know in times past the church has seen its share of stench, but I can’t help but think these are the times where we have no excuse for not responding. Never in history as so much truth and biblical scholarship been more available for all who just would seek and ask. I am quite thankful you are sounding the alarm man.

    When a jihad type rape scene (BBM) equals entertaiment and a love story, God help us, the gates of hell are wide open.

  4. @ Pastor Burnett:
    I dont want to label the women who swarm to these shows where gay church men are on parade, but the phrase “captive, silly women” does come to mind.
    I dont get the attraction other than the enemy’s deceit.

    As we saw below with Ms Campbell, many of them may have formed bonds with these individuals and resent anything they percieve as criticism of the “talented friend”.

    I dont know. I do know that we need to bring back strong rebuke and disfellowship back as quickly as we can. We cannot force people to live right but when there is sustained refusal to conform to the ways of Christ (while claiming his name) we can put them out of the fellowship as commanded.

    Perhaps if we judge ourselves, God’s judgment will be averted.

    @ Mark, I am planning to do more than sound the alarm. Keep watching. This is open and public and should be confronted in the same manner.

  5. You people are crazy. It appears everyone has an agenda but you don’t.

    It is a known fact that MOST church choirs are made up of gay individuals. HIV has devastated most choirs over the years yet the church has never taken a stand on HIV. Maybe if the so called Black leaders, and Black church, took a stand (made it part of their agenda) and discussed HIV the minority communities would not be as affected.

    More power to Dr. Jones. If people want to go see the movie, more power to them. Isn’t this a free country? A free country filled with jailed minds! The organized church is about making money first, and spreading the word of God second. FIlm makers want to make money and enjoy stirring up the public from time to time.

    What is YOUR agenda?


  6. “What is YOUR agenda?”

    Why we write this blog:
    Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. Matthew 7:15 NIV

    But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. 2 Peter 2:1

    Nieves, it helps to READ before you ask questions that make you look uninformed. A what’s so “crazy” about following scripture i.e. the words of Jesus?

  7. Luis,

    Sadly you would have been one screaming for life boats, rafts, and tow lines during the flood of Noah’s time rather than repenting before hand. You see you can’t tackle HIV unless you tackle the cause. The cause is rampant sex outside marriage. No Church is going to “solve” the problem until the root problem is addressed which is sin. First these people need salvation and have God begin to change them and give them a new heart and mind. From there the wounds of homosexuality can be healed. You see Luis you want to have your cake and eat it too. Homosexuality, bi-sexuality, fornication and adultery have consequences. Until you address the root cause which is sin there is no way to cure this disease because it is a disease of choice.(except for the few real victims of blood transfusions or a spouse not having any knowledge of the others sexual encounters) That being said we are not to shun anyone, but we are also not to embrace the sin. This Gay Christian Movement denies Jesus sovereignty over ALL sin. These people pick and choose which sins God forgave. This in essence is blasphemy because Jesus took the burden of ALL our sins including Homosexuality and EVERYTHING else. You can’t hold onto Homosexuality any more than one can hold onto stealing, killing, lying, etc, etc. By doing this you make a mockery of the cross. You deny Jesus had power over ALL sin. In essence YOU become God by claiming YOU have the right to tell people what sins God died on the cross for. This movement is leading people to hell.


  8. Luis,

    I do think that the African American community as a whole should address HIV and unprotected sex more. It’s really killing us. However, let’s not confuse homosexuality with disease. They are not the same thing. HIV and any other STD is not a gay person’s disease so just because it’s spread’s throughout a choir, doesn’t make the majority of choir members gay. That’s quite an ambiguous statement to make. These diseases come mainly from unprotected sex with whomever is infected.

    Our society as a whole has become too interested in each other’s sex lives. We are indeed obsessed with sex and unfortunately the church is no exception. It is God’s house, but it’s filled with imperfect humans. So things are going to be out of whack. So let’s not make another ambiguous statement that all organized religion is about profit first. That really isn’t fair or acurate to say. Let’s just agree that it’s not perfect and that everyone has an agenda but that agenda can be bad or good.

    I say if you don’t want to support the movie then don’t. If you do then do because to answer your question this is a free country. And the film makers do want to make money. Poeple don’t realize though that by stirring up controversy it inevitably makes more people see it. (Hello? DaVinci Code! ) However, I pray this issue will be addressed soon in the church because it is out of control. And hey maybe even the talk of this film will make people address it.

  9. Just when I tell myself that I’ve seen it all and can no longer be surprised….situations like this movie with Bobby Jones take place.

    I guess what continually astonishes me is the fearless mockery of God and His Word. Its great to love the Lord, but we must fear him too. It is but a fool’s demise not to.


  10. R Dub,

    What do you mean by address? If you mean like the present situation then you are dead wrong. You can’t all come together and “talk” about these things. The Church is not the Oprah Winfrey show. And this may be a real shocker. You can’t get any STD if you wait until marriage. Also, if you already were engaged in sexual behavior then once you are saved you should follow the biblical paradigm of correct sexuality as described in the Bible. It’s mealy mouthed preachers who talk about condoms as, “But If you are going to do it then………………………” Also, did you know that per capita black women have more abortions. Did you know this was design by the founder of planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger? The same Planned Parenthood that is supported by the Democrat Party which is supported by 90% of African Americans. The BIBLE is the only cure.


  11. JJ, we continue to be astonished as well. What is much more astonishing is the silence of the church as Bobby Jones prepares to invade with this homosexual lunacy in tow.

    The Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. That’s why I called Bobby Jones a fool.

  12. Amen. And two hallelujahs as you snap your fingers to form a letter G!

    God died for OUR sins!! You can take that and define which sins if you want.

    God says, “Love thy neighbor”. You then decide which neighbor you should love. It is all so ludicrous! (I hope I spelled that correctly!)

    God said, if we belive the Bible, “Judge ye not lest you be judged”. You decide who you want to judge and when.

    And yes, there are a lot of people in sheep’s clothing — let us start with preachers, ministers, priests, rabbis, etc. Who will cast the first stone my brother? Most of the people “preaching family values” and telling us how we must get back to God to be saved, are the biggest sinners. (Ah, there I go making a mistake, I judged!!)

    IF there is one God, one Christ, one Heaven, why do we have so many versions of the Bible? Whyt are there so many organized religions telling us what to believe and instructing us what we have to do to get to Heaven? There may be many routes to get to Newark but there is one sure way to get to Heaven, believing in God/Jesus and living a life indicative of what God/Jesus taughtt us. There is no other way. No one group will get me to Heaven faster. But why do all these so called prophets put so much fear in people and then slowly preach to them that they must contribute. Contribute to what? Why do Jews have to pay more for a seat during special ocassions if they want to sit up front?

    Yes, the Bible does talk about making offerings (some have translated it to be 10% others more, others less) but why not make burnt offerings as in the Old Testament?

    The Bible will always be a controversial book. Is it accurate? Who really wrote it? Were these people writing things as they happened? Were their writings recollections? Was the new Testament written based on sermons by Jesus? Were his notes used to write what was written? And finally, do we have a PERFECT copy of what was written? Are the Scrolls intact? Is the language(s) used in the original text being properly translated?

    Let me give you some food for thought. Christ associated Himself with MEN. We can say it’s because of the custom of the times. Men were up and about, women in the homes. However, when He really became friendly with a woman she was a prostitute. He forgave her. Washed her sins away!!! However, when scholars begin to conjecture of the possibility that Jesus may have had a wife, and possibly a child(ren) everyone is on the air explaining why it cannot be. But were we living back in those days to know? Now, if we can’t attribute Jesus to possibly marrying a woman, could it mean that He had a gay following? Only men followed Him! See how things can be twisted? We can all do that. I know, it’s blasphemous to think Jesus was gay!

    We even have heated debates of Jesus’ complexion, where we went, what he did, etc. We can only guess!

    Yes, we need to look out for those individuals in sheep’s clothing but are YOU in a position to judge? Are YOU in a position to cast the first stone? I say NOT!


    GCMW: Nieves, just one question: who on earth are you talking to? Much of what youre saying makes no sense.


  14. Pastor Foster,

    He is addressing me. In my post I didn’t say anything out of line. But like most people they can’t address the issue so they result to childish tirades.


    GCMW: Duly noted. I still can’t follow the logic or spiritual content in his comments. Thanks Kyle.

  15. Marie, my thanks for speaking the truth. They cant defend something that offends God. Jones should be ashamed at himself for participating in this behavior, but instead he is celebrating and encouraging this sin.

  16. Actualy the Christian community collectively does more for HIV than all gay groups combined. If you were to look at the funds given by church goes compared to gay people as a whole I am fure the Church is doing more than it share.

    The gay community likes to say the church is doing nothing but this is a lie. They say this as a way to make people feel guilt but the facts show just the opposite. America and its churches have done a great deal for HIV and continue to do so.The Salvation Army, World Vision and the names keep coming.

    While gay groups do spend money on HIV it is the Faith based groups that globaly lead the charge.The Human Rights Campaign is not in South Africa or In Sudan. In fact what makes Faith based grops better than gay HIV groups is that they give aid to everyone no matter who they are, while gay groups mosly focus on gay people.

    I use to work at the Salvation Army and saw many transeuxals and gay men in there shelters yet the gay press ignore this. Do not belive the lie tha churches are ignoring HIV this is a smoke screen for gay activist to accuse others for the failed sex eductaion policies and the promiscuity of many homosexual men.

    The gay community need to put a stop on sex crusing websites, crusing in parks and batherooms, opening up bathhouses where men come and have barback sex! Before they judge the church they need to take a good look at there own behaviors!

    GCMW: Carol thanks for your passionate comments, but our focus here is on those who are claiming to be Christian and yet still practicing homosexual. I’d like to see less discussion of secular gay community. After all, they arent saved and God is their judge. We cannot force the godless immoral to do whats right because they have no inward compass of righteousness. Its quite different for those who name the name of Christ. We are to hold them accountable for their words and actions.

  17. Why is this such a suprise about Bro. Bobby Jones, everyone can tell what he is and what he’s all about. He is so Star Struck and wants to be noticed that he will let down all standards, to be in a low class, underated, movie. DON’T LET THIS MAN SURPRISE YOU, HE’S NOT LIVING ANYTHING ANYWAY.

  18. We must stand for right and not for wrong. Homosexualtiy is wrong and it will never be right no matter how many civil rights groups spring up in defense of it. We know what the word says and we MUST continue to uphold the truth against sin.

  19. Many of you need to re read the 501c3. It may help to bring some clarity to some of the situations that the churches are dealing with when it comes to certain subject. Its a known fact that homosexuality has been rampent in the black church for years and I’m 59 years old. I saw it in the black church when I was 10 year old 49 years ago. I guess that’s one of the reasons why the Black Church hasn’t really joined the fight against aids.Its sad to say but the life style is being passed down to many of the young choirs coming out today. Well, I am one person who will not waste my time going to see this movie. There is a lot that goes on behind the scene. I have been involved in the gospel industry for years and its so sad as one women put it, “to see so many good looking black men who are gay.” In Da Church…

    Andr’e L.

  20. Amen to this Luis:
    “”And yes, there are a lot of people in sheep’s clothing — let us start with preachers, ministers, priests, rabbis, etc. Who will cast the first stone my brother? Most of the people “preaching family values” and telling us how we must get back to God to be saved, are the biggest sinners. (Ah, there I go making a mistake, I judged!!)”””

    I live in Pennsylvania,,were BobbyJones has roots, I’ve known he was gay for decades,,,
    but honesty Juanita Bynum sickens me more than this man…with her unholy tactics…

  21. A few questions for either ladydi or Andre:

    Is it that the church is powerless to do anything or the church doesnt want to do anything? Secondly, as an individual knowing what you know and as a Christian knowing what you have known for so long, what personally have you done to stop this from spreading further in the church?

    How can a person like Jones continue growing with influence IN THE CHURCH, and with the SUPPORT of the church when the scriptures clearly tell us to cut this type of evil (leaven) off.

    What are your thoughts? Because truthfully, knowledge about something is not any good, unless one will put it into action for good.

  22. To Dr. Jones and thei movice. I so sad by the hateful ways of great men and Women of God. Like Bishop Jake and Bishop Morton. This movice is our true and God Love us just as was make. I so tried of the damage and the pain that people who has attack Dr. Jones and US if our true to ourself. Do know how many has took they lif, because of your self-righteous self. how many youth is gone, because of this mess and false teaching.

    God’s who sent to tell God’s people that God love you and stop listenn to people like Bishop Jones and the good old boy, Beccause less I not preaching in spirit in truth not in judgement and We ARE the ones . To all is attacking and use this to tear down. I end by saying you be teach well by the opresssion. But in the name of Jesus we sure show who we are part of God’s kingdom. Hat off LGBTQ Christain around the world. God is on our side and in 2008 we be seen as the Children of God.

  23. The Insanity of this story and your perspective is shocking. Have you even seen the movie yet? Have you taking the time to watch the movie and see what its message is? So hypocritical of you so called bastions of moral authority to judge what others have and are doing when you are yourself guilty of much. Gay people are in the church….why? Because they love god also. Here you are calling people closet cases, and throwing around rumor and innuendo and hating people because they are gay. And yet you call yourself a good christian.


    Keith and Nathan aren’t just advocates for gay people. They are college and Law School educated advocates for BLACK PEOPLE and civil rights in general. They would stand side by side with you on issues of racism but you would insult and hate solely based on their sexuality to which should be none of your concern. This is whats wrong with our people.

    I am ashamed.

  24. I’ve never seen such hate (not hate towards sin but towards people) from CHRISTIAN people in all of my life. If I were not saved and didn’t know the Lord in His fullness and had to use this site as an avenue to Christ, my soul would be lost.

    Did the Bible lie to me when it says that we have all sinned? Seems to me, and I could be wrong, we have taken one sin, categorized it and have given it a priority 1 biggest sin rating and have forgotten that none of us are righteously sinless. As I read this site, I get the feeling that there are some perfect & sinless people here who look in the mirror everyday and find they have no sin, no faults, no flaws, no blemishes but exude so much hate. That’s very frightening because we live in no such world.

    Where are the fruit of the Spirit on this site; love, joy, peace, long-suffering, patience, peace, gentleness, goodness, meekness, TEMPERENCE, etc.?

    Are the sins of a heterosexual smaller than those of homosexuals? If I look at a woman and think, “Um..um..um!!” I’ve sinned in my heart against God but because of Jesus Christ, I now have atonement and my judgment does not rest in the hands of the Christians on this site who have already formed weapons, condemned and have placed people in hell.

    We can go on and on about the church taking a stand, and rightfully so, we have to take a stand but when we have a problem with our brother, we go to him in the Spirit of Love. Where is the love, brothers and sisters?

    ROMANS 5:1-11
    1Therefore being justified [declared innocent or guiltless] by faith [our belief], we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ [not ourselves]:

    2By whom [by Jesus Christ] also we have access by faith [our belief] into this grace [goodness] wherein we stand [we stand in His goodness], and rejoice in hope of the glory of God [happy that we will one day live with Him.]

    3And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh [produces] patience;

    4And patience, [produces] experience; and experience, [produces] hope:

    5And hope maketh not ashamed; because THE LOVE OF GOD IS SHED ABROAD IN OUR HEARTS by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us [we have it.]

    6For when we were yet without strength [when we were too weak to abstain from sin], in due time [long before we were conceived] Christ died for the ungodly [Christ already paid the price.}

    7For scarcely for a righteous man will one die [hardly ever will you find anyone, no matter how “sinless” and great, who will die for you]: yet peradventure [maybe] for a good man some would even dare to die.


    9Much more then, BEING NOW JUSTIFIED [declared guiltless] BY HIS BLOOD, we shall be saved from wrath through him. [Then why are we “Christians” so full of wrath?]

    10For if, when we were enemies, WE WERE RECONCILED [accepted, reconsecrated, restored] TO GOD BY THE DEATH OF HIS SON, much more, being reconciled, WE SHALL BE SAVED BY HIS LIFE.

    11And not only so, but we also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom WE HAVE NOW RECEIVED THE ATONEMENT.

    Be blessed everybody and remember love is received better than anger and hatred. There’s a methodology to help save the lost that does not include an over-bearing hatred. That methodology is Romans 10:9, “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”

    God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world but so that the world might be saved through Him? If God did not send His Son to condemn, why are we?

    God Bless,

  25. To: A Very Concerned STRAIGHT Saved Christian Man

    You quote scriptures very well but you DON’T KNOW THE BIBLE! What EVERY SAINT should use in this issue or any other issue is DISCERNMENT. Remember? It is a spiritual gift…Go to http://www.Bethelburnett.blogspot.com and LEARN. It’s Christians that DON’T know their word that are easily deceived by Gay Blade Boykin, his SODOMITE FRIENDS and their HOMOAGENDA that seeks only ONE thing and that’s to CHANGE THE TRUTH OF GOD INTO A LIE…Where’s that found?
    The CHURCH should DISCERN between truth and error and TURN DOWN the Lie. The fact that Boykin has a gay movie is the way of the world…JUST DON’T INVOLVE THE CHURCH. Doing this and using “supposed” church figures sends a message CLEARLY and DIRECTLY to the COMMUNITY and his target…THE CHURCH …Harvard taught him at least that much…additionally, Christians without discernment are his target as well…I could teach a whole lesson on why he says “see the movie before you judge”…There’s NO NEED…What did the devil through the Serpent tell Eve to do? Do you know that scripture? Read and learn the first rout of entry is to appeal to the emotionalism and carnal senses by looking and seeing, involving flesh and carnality…”Ye shall not surely die”…Did you read that? She like many weak Christians don’t know what DEATH is. How could she? She had NEVER SINNED and certainly didn’t know the impact of disobedience along with Adam…She made decisions based on her ignorance. The difference here is that Boykin tries to convince the unsuspecting that Christians are ignorant for not ALLOWING him space…NOTHING is further from the truth. They are not sinners that can hear the gospel and repent, they are Children of Belial, reprobate…people who have made up theri minds to continue in their SINS and disobedience in spit of TRUTH.
    People like Elder Foster, myself and countless others who are willing to stand for the TRUTH are helping Christians and siners to know that there is a difference between clean and unclean and holy and unholy and the Bible STILL says COME OUT FROM AMONGST THEM AND BE YE SEPERATE SAITH THE LORD! By the way, is that in your Bible to?
    Neither this Gay Blade nor his sodomite associates deserve the promotion of this filth that they are perpetuating! And the best thing that any sinner can see is TRUE SAINTS who stand for the TRUTH! NOW THAT’S THE BIBLE!

  26. Since the Bible is clear about the issue, folks have had to defy reason, ignore the tough talk about turning from sin and its consequences and they embrace error to quiet their accusing consciences (Romans 2:14-16). As Jesus said, “Men loved the darkness rather than the Light, [because] their deeds were evil” (John 3:19-20).

    God’s plan for many homosexuals is that they come to salvation. There were former homosexuals in the Corinthian church back in Paul’s day, just as there are many former homosexuals today in my church and in faithful churches around the country. With regenerated hearts, they sit in biblical churches throughout the country praising their Savior, along with former fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, thieves, coveters, drunkards, revilers, and swindlers. Remember, such were some of you too.

    Without a gospel response–no one will be confronted with the truth of Scripture that condemns the sin and points us towards the hope of salvation through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. It appears that is what is so offensive to Mr Striaght Saved Man. It is just that, that I find offensive. His Implying that rebuking those who are neck deep in wickeness is hate, is absurd.

  27. Educated black man,
    then surely you can understand our outrage and rejection of this involement of Bobby Jones in such an offensive movie, especially as it is being marketed to the black church community.

    To use your words it is shocking and insane.

    And to those who say its not, why is the imagery of the movie drenched in the couture of the church? I looked at the trailer and guess what the scene is one of gossiping black church sisters…outside the church.

    We will emphasize once again, our concern is not who is going to see it as much as it is Jones’ wanton participation in it as a so-called representative of the church.

    Personally, I have nver asked Keith Boykin to stand uo for me on anything, so thats a moot issue. I depend of God to handle the difficult issues of my life. Maybe you should try that also.

  28. Amen Pastor Burnett!

    “Though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed [Gk., anathema, “devoted to destruction”]” (Gal. 1:8).

    Boykin et al are making a direct attack on the gospel, this is not a small doctrine matter – ‘devoted to destruction’ – should be a clear warning to the seriousness of the matter.

  29. PLEASE, PLEASE “church people” we are sooo quick to point fingers and call names but who is willing to pray for those souls that you believe are “lost”? The lost ones are the ones that we are supposed to embrace! Instead we treat them as thought they are the enemy of the church! Has ANY of us seen Bobby Jones in any compromising postiton that would deem him to be gay? He was a preacher in the movie for God’s sake! Will we as Christians, believers of GOD EVER unite?

    GCMW: We said that it was dead wrong for Jones not only to be in the movie, but to be enthusiastically supportive of it message that homosexuality is not a sin. We did not say he was gay. Please read before you post again. Secondly your “must see before” argument is at best lame. Paul did not see the man having sex with his father’s wife, yet he commanded they put him out till he repent. (1 Cor 5:1-12) Jesus did not see the woman in adultery, but still called her actions “sin” (John 8). Yet, you and other biblically anemic Christians would rather ignore sin and call it love. Sin kills, destroys and damns people to hell. Its difficult to fathom you actually want that to happen.
    Sad, if you were actually praying, God would tell you to do what he told Joshua to do when there is sin in the camp.

  30. Pastor Burnett,

    Thank you very much for your comments, Sir. With all due respect as a Man of God and obviously a shepherd of God’s people, I don’t think you addressed anything in my comments. Instead, my comments apparently provided another open door for you to do whatever it is you do.

    I’ve never professed to know the entire Bible but I do know enough to know that Adam and Eve lived under the law. And, since you’re a theologically scholared, seasoned and well-studied gentleman, unlike myself, I’m sure you know what that means. I never said sin should not be confronted or rebuked or that we should not exercise our spiritual gift of discernment to identify it. I’m in total agreement that it should be. I’m a parent and have to do it with my own children but I am also responsible for educating them first so that they have a clear understanding with no ambiguity or room for debate or questioning and then I tear their behinds up.

    As far as Boykin, I never said anything at all about him. I never even heard of him before visiting this forum for the first time today. I am certainly in no position or have authority to judge on him, which should not be confused with discernment.

    Sir, if you desire to comment on my comments, I open-heartedly welcome them; however, I think appropriate to address them. I’m opened-minded, really appreciate the Bible lesson you gave and am eager to learn more of Christ but you just didn’t say anything about what I said. That being said, your reply should not have been addressed to me but to the general forum. You’ve only further proven my point.

    I’ve got thick skin, I can take it and am not easily offended but I am disappointed when I Christians [Christ-like saved folk] use certain scriptures and interpretations to justify their points of view and send everyone else who doesn’t have the same interpretation to hell. Let’s face it, we all have our own interpretations and we all believe our interpretation is the right one but the Word of God is like a two-edged sword and cuts all of us. Have we no beems in our own eyes?

    I’d like to offer a recommendation that you re-read my comments and should you feel like addressing them, address THEM. I’m open to receive. I know how to extract the good and apply it and I also know how to do away with the rest.


    P.S. …and, yes, my Bible says exactly what yours says.
    Be blessed.

  31. Christ is God, the Holy Spirit (God also) inspired the Bible’s writing, So when God declared homosexuality an abomination in the Old Testament, it was in fact Christ (God) who was the one declaring that. So, Christ did say a lot about homosexuality. Everytime God says it in the Bible, Christ (being part of the
    Godhead) is agreeing with all that is previously written when he proclaims to the Father, “Your word is truth”.

    John 1 explains that Christ was (and is) GOD in the flesh and was the Creator who made everything, including every word written by man to be included in the Bible. This unequivocably solidifies the inerrancy of the Bible and supports God’s original proclamations in Scripture that homosexual behavior is sin and an abomination.

    The Word of God does not contain “words of prejudice and hate.” It does contain solemn warnings for those who violate it’s Sacred precepts — warnings to gays and straights alike.

    Paul said, “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.” (1 Cor. 6:9-10).

    We know that these sinners turned from their sins, for Paul said, “such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.” (1 Cor. 6:11).

    Notice the progression. First, they were washed. Then, they were sanctified.

    Look at the definition of sanctification:

    1. to make holy; set apart as sacred; consecrate.
    2. to purify or free from sin: Sanctify your hearts.
    3. to impart religious sanction to; render legitimate or binding: to sanctify a vow.

    Only then is the sinner considered justified by God.

    God’s love can remove the guilt of sin — but only when we repent of our sin. Repentance means willfully turning away from previous acts of sin.

    The joy of the Lord comes to those who have their sins forgiven (Psa. 51:1-12). Such joy is true happiness. True happiness comes from a knowledge that your life is in harmony with the will of God.

    “Blessed (or happy) is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful; but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night.” (Psa. 1:1-2).

    Pastor Foster and the Christian bloggers who comment here are not operating out of “hate.” Using that term incorrectly to gain acceptance for the sin of sodomy is a lie from the pit of hell! It is a deception from satan himself… designed to “fool the elect…if that were possible.” Scripture informs us that there will always be a remnant of believers whose adherance to Christ – and knowledge of God’s Word through the leading of the Holy Spirit – will not allow them to be fooled by such deception.

    Forgiveness of sins can only come from God, based upon genuine repentance and obedience to His will.

    The homosexual whose pride of life and love for the sin of sodomy obviously has no desire to cease the practice of that sin. Therefore, he must invent ways around God’s Word. The gay christian movement is steeped in such errors. What’s worse, is that those who are still under such deception have the gall to call those who adhere to Jesus and His Word as “bigots,” “haters,” and “intolerant.”

    Well guess what?

    Jesus is not tolerant of sin!! If he was, then he wouldn’t have given up His precious body and blood at the cross to pay the penalty that we all deserved for our sins.

    The description of the sexual act of “lying with a man as with a woman” as a sin and an abomination cannot be be so easily cast aside. Even though the term “homosexual” was not coined until much later, the descriptive act certainly is plainly made in Leviticus.

    Lev 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination.

    Later, in Leviticus, we see the capital punishment of death for such acts:

    Lev 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.

    Today, people think that’s cruel or too harsh. The fact is, ALL SIN is worthy of the punishment of death! Other sexual sins don’t get a pass, either. Any kind of sin brings us to the ultimate end of death, not only physical death, but spiritual death (separation from God forever) as well. It is only the confession of all sin, and repentance of the sin (like a vow determining not to continue or remain in such sin) upon the person’s soul through acceptance of Jesus Christ’s shed blood and death on the cross in our place that serves as remission for sin. Accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord into our lives is the only hope for salvation. It is then that the Holy Spirit can indwell the believer and lead a person to the truth of Scripture, while also guiding him/her towards God’s will in their lives.

    We can accept or reject the leading of the Spirit. Following Jesus means giving all of ourselves to Him, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. All else is secondary.

    Jesus said, “If you love me, you will keep my Commandments.” This includes avoiding idolatry and adultery. Homosexual behavior is a form of both. The sexual partner is more important that striving for holiness and righteous with God.

    You can fill any ANY OTHER kind of sin, too.

    Whenever a sin has taken hold of a person’s soul and they refuse to give it up, then they are in a stronghold.

    This can lead to deception and refusal to see the truth about that particular state of being; mostly because the sin may be pleasurable.

    A deceptive stronghold is different from backsliding. A backsliden person knows that they have sinned again, confesses and repents of that sin with the
    determination not to continue in a willful sinful condition.

    However, a deceptive stronghold keeps the person’s mind, heart, body and soul in a perpetual denial of the sin they are engaging in. They would do anything to not accept the truth about that sin…even go so far as to claim it as “holy” and a “gift from God.”

    This is what I see in the gay christian movement.

  32. VCSSM,
    why was it necessary to point out that you are “straight”. Does being straight have any bearing on whether or not your comments are truthful and/or accurate?

    But since you are looking for specific addressing to your points, lets first summarize your points.

    1. Christians here who disagree that another self-proclaimed Christian should appear in and support a homosexual movie with a anti-biblical message are “hateful”

    2. You have prejudged that people here (Christians again) who dont support sin are declaring themselves sinless and perfect.

    3. You are having difficulty finding the fruit of the spirit on this site.

    4. You (again) prejudged that Christians here (I guess that means those posting) have condemned people to hell.

    5. We should have went to Bobby Jones privately and not let out the secret that he is appearing in a gay movie.

    We’re not sure how all the scripture you cited fit any of the above points, but I do agree with scripture.

    So does this accurately summarize your points?

  33. I am back!

    My comments are meant for anyone interested in reading them. If you need clarification, please let me know.

    The problem with religion is that we preach and lecture. It is usually someone at a podium preaching to an audience. The audience listens. It is more like a monologue than a dialogue. And most of the monologue is about fearing God and how vengeful God is! Ah, but I see God as good, forgiving, and loving!

    GCMW: Luis, arent you doing more than your fair share of “preaching and lecturing”? Old religious habits are hard to break, huh? Warning to potential readers of this post: get your anti-preaching and lecturing spray out, there’s a heavy attack coming your way!

    After listening to a sermon/lecture, most parishioners return to their area of residence only to have to deal with poverty, grime, desperation, depression, oppression, etc. Most see no relation between God and their world!

    When we are attacked by Muslims, we immediately say they are terrorists, fanatics. However, they kill in the name of their religion. We in the US may not kill with bombs but we kill with words. And then we hide behind God or the Bible to justify our actions.

    It is said, “Stick and stones can hurt my bones but words can never hurt me.” That is definitely not true. Words kill. Words create a momentum. Words turn into laws, legislation, etc, that usually affect people. Laws aimed at keeping a person or group oppressed is not Christian-like.

    With all the fear we put in our sermons and all the laws we get passed, pray tell why we have so many jails? Why do we have so many children shooting each other? Why do we have so much poverty? Why do we have so many oppressed people? Why do we have so much natural destruction? Is there a God? Do you thing that if all these people were to truly and honestly believe in God that He would make their world better?

    I may not agree with abortions but I have no right to blow up clinics that perform abortions or injure doctors that work in those institutions. Religious fanatics in this country have done that. Yet, we turn around and call the Muslims terrorists. Who are we kidding? It is a sad commentary to note that most people against abortions are men yet men are the ones who mostly tend to disappear after a child is born!

    Yes, the prior comment about AIDS not being a disease only afflicting and affecting gays is correct. In some countries the virus supposedly began in the heterosexual population. Here it became known mostly among the gay population.

    Promiscuity and polygamy are NOT correct, whether the couple is heterosexual or homosexual.

    Now that I have said that, I can find many references in the Bible that God appears to have sanctioned polygamy and/or promiscuity. The times were different then but it did happen. Anyone can take these references and justify polygamy.

    GCMW: Where are those “many references”? You seem to be lacking in the citing department.

    We need to respect each other. You may not agree with someone or a group of individuals, and that is your right, but you MUST respect that person or group! We can agree to disagree but we can’t agree to be mean with words or actions! Again, it goes against the Bible!

    GCMW: Read our doctrinal statements. Respect is given generously. Truth is non-negotiable.

    I say again – There is NO one in this world that can tell me the book we refer to as the Bible is complete and concise. No one can tell me that the translation we use is error free. If we believe the history of the Bible, then we know these statements to be true. However, those who want to bury their heads in the sand will swear by the Bible and assume that every word is accurate and every chapter that appears in today’s versions are the ones that were originally written!

    GCMW: That interesting Luis, even with the Bible being as incomplete and inconcise as you claim, people still reject the truths found there. Do you have some other secret information or lost books which will make everyone suddenly love and obey every word of the Bible? I think not. What’s sad is that you are just another cheaply opinionated theorist who seeks to find loopholes around obeying what God has already said. But, youre entitled to that.

    The Bible is full of many contradictions. Are these contradictions made on purpose? Was something not translated properly? Is part of the original text missing? With God there are more questions than answers!

    GCMW: Really? Please cite at least 5. You make too many generalizations, with little substantiation.

    Finally, “When injustice enters a life, it is met not with tolerance, but with a greater demand for change.” It appears this statement may be part of the homosexual’s mantra!!

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. My hope is that in 2008, you and your followers learn to love more, open up your mind more. May God watch over you and yours! Peace to you now and always!

    [edited due to unecessarily excessive preaching and lecturing]

  34. Praise HIM,

    Elder Foster, Wonderful forum and keep allowing the Lord to use you to open the eyes of the Saints so that we can cast this devil out!

    To Christinewjc

    You brought TEARS to my eyes. Thank you for that WONDERFUL exposition of TRUTH! Absolutely FANTASTIC!

    To: A Very Concerned STRAIGHT Saved Christian Man,

    I CERTAINLY meant NO DISRESPECT to you in any way. Please forgive me for coming at your comments so strong. Now, all concerns that you voiced were hit either by me or one of the other wonderful commentors…at this point all you’ve got to do is allow God to help you SEE it. It’s right here. I know you’ll find it…for shure!

    Thank God…This is the conversation that has been LONG overdue for us as a CHURCH…As long as we continue to peer into God’s word for an answer and receive what he says WE CAN’T GO WRONG! God bless and keep praying, watching, reading and sharing.

  35. “Even though the term “homosexual” was not coined until much later, the descriptive act certainly is plainly made in Leviticus.”

    Christine and others,
    This is one of those oft used, but completely illogical assertions used by both the gay christian movement and the gay political movement.

    Are they aware that the term “gay” wasn’t coined until long after the term homosexual? Neither was “sexual orientation” or “homophobia”. These are all recent conversational inventions of the homosexual movement.

    The objection to the use of the word homosexual to describe sexual acts between two people of the same sex are inapplicable.

    I cant understand why people who claim to be so intelligent could make and swear by such ridiculous arguments.

  36. I really can’t comment because all of the best replies have already been taken. As the Bible says, God will judge those on the outside, we are supposed to judge those in the house of God using the Word of God as a standard.

  37. Ok, actually, there is one good thing I can say. Mr. Boykin has a link to your site on his site. Wouldn’t it be just great that someone coming over here to read your post, get to searching across your annointed site, and be convicted by the Holy Spirit? Before you know it, the posts and scripture references help minister deliverance to the individual…or at least get them to thinking>>>>

  38. I would really like to commend to GCMWatch for your forum and bold stand for the Lord. Unlike a forum I came across called “Pulpit Pimps”, you also come back to what the word of God says with this issue of homosexuality. I am, too, appalled at the fact that a professed believer is “enthusiastically” supporting the rights of men and women who are living a lifestyle that is an abomination to God. Yes, we must keep them in prayer…1 John 3:9 says that the Lord is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. Each day that these men and women have, they have a chance to repent and get their lives and hearts right with God…We can’t back down on this thing when it comes to what the word of God says. We also have to be mindful to do with a spirit of love.

    I do commend you because you have shown love when speaking the truth…that’s what the Lord wants us to do…

    Love and God Bless,

    GCMW: Leidell, thank you so much for your comments. As a reference, I was inspired to begin this site specifically because of PP. I loved the way they stepped up to the plate and started making it an issue of the Word of God versus people’s crazy ideas. We are all fighting spirits who are seek to destroy God’s precious sheep and we cannot sit by and let that happen without sounding the alarm. But thank you again for that affirmation. We believe God’s word is the answer for man’s many problems. And we don’t have a problem saying that.

  39. Leidell,

    This site links up to pulpit pimps as does pulpit pimps to this site. Many here including myself and most others including Pastor Foster contribute to that site. You have to remember that each site is dedicated to a particular topic. Don’t be too quick to judge.


  40. Pastor Foster,

    I watched the movie trailer and I think I got he premise of the story.

    Basically the main character has a son he didn’t know about. One day his son finds his “dad” in a gay bar. Then there is the big shock to everyone that he had a kid because he was gay. Then there is the flamboyant light skinned dude who is either his friend or his boyfriend. And in the end whats important is family regardless of sexual orientation.

    This is crazy.


  41. Kyle,

    This is exactly what happens when you pass judgement on a film and it’s message/content when you haven’t seen it…you look stupid! Your above assertion is totally off base. This website and the horrible and misguided anti-gay thoughts herein are the exact opposite of the loving God I’ve come to know all of my life. It’s one thing to stand up and be honest about your hatred towards the gay community, but the real sin is when you use the words of a loving and inclusive God to justify your bigotry.

    You and Pastor Foster have made it painfully obvious how difficult it is for traditionalists to accept change and God’s word for all of his people…so sad.

    GCMW: Darian, thanks for your comments. I visited your website several times. But I havent made any judgments on it. That being said your criticism of Kyle and those who havent seen the movie is unwarranted. You didnt explain why in your opinion, seeing a movie is the sole criteria for judging it. Do I need to see a murder take place to know murder is evil and wrong? Do I need to see a man beat his wife to know its a sin? Do I need to see a movie in order to judge whether or not it is in congruence with what the scriptures teach? Darian, why do they put out trailers, synopsis, photos, etc, etc? You and I both know that it is so that you can judge for yourself whether you want to see the movie or not. Why is judging so despised among gays? And why again, when you do it all the time. Like you are doing right now by telling Kyle he cant possibly make a judgment on a film after viewing a trailer intended for that very purpose.

    You make a quantum leap of logic to assume that because we oppose (and we do) homosexuality, we hate homosexuals. That’s bad, self-serving logic. I could prove it to you, but I think you know that already. Its just expected of you to cite the standard self-innoculating lines of the gay community about how everyone hates them. Not so brotha. And if what youre doing cant teach you that very simple and basic truth, you should rethink your ideology altogether.

  42. Yeah, Kyle I think I got the same message. In order for the “acceptance” of homosexulity to be muted to the black church community, and thus nonthreatning, it needed to be presented as benignly as possible.

    Do you think so? They deny its aimed at the church, but with all the churchfied atmosphere, its clear who is the intended audience.

    Just like the devil, he dont want to scare us by coming as the evil demon he really is.

    LOL, this IS crazy.

  43. Christinewjc,
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    Eloquent, powerful, non-discriminatory, non-defaming, non-degrading, non-insulting, uncut, understandable teaching, presented in love and declaring the Word of God ALL BY ITSELF. I can learn an abundance under that kind of leadership and teaching. I comprehended your teaching and agree whole-heartedly.

    Pastor Burnett,
    I accept your apology, Sir and thank you very much.

    You’re just mean, defensive, rude and loose mouthed to anyone who doesn’t agree with you and your points of view. It appears to me that you thrive on making other people look bad and inferior but I’m not one of those people. I pray that I’m 100% wrong in that analogy. I just don’t think you have to be that way; that’s just my opinion. How you can beat people down every time they open their mouths or express their thoughts and expect them to look up to you and agree with you? That’s controlling and abusive, like a bad marriage. My recommendation would be for you to take lessons from Christinewjc. Present the Word of God and it will destroy the yokes.

    GCMW: You are wrong. No need to pray. However, dont come unglued when people give you what you dish out. So now that your hot/lukewarm/cold rant is finished, how about answering the specific points in my post that you came unglued about in the first place. Remember that? And when are you going to apologize to everyone here you were rude, defamatory, judgmental to?

  44. @ A Very Concerned STRAIGHT Saved Christian Man,

    Your thank you’s x’s three appear on the surface to make the point this is more about how others make you feel, and less to do with the message, no?

    You as a christian, a brother, and one who does not deny the authority of scripture, how do you evaluate the words and conduct for instance of Paul, Peter, etc…when they were rude, insulting, loosed mouthed, and defensive ? In fact, was it not those qualities that started riots, and ultimately their deaths so to speak? I don’t think anyone here is claiming apostolic privilage, but surely feelings over message was never a road block.

    My point, is it how one feels that is of most importance to you, or the message? I for one don’t buy a thing you have said here. Your comments have metamorphosed from one extreme to the next. . I could be wrong but your last comment has a narcissitic tone that is just too hard not to miss. I’ll pass on giving you any advice other than some will see right through your phoney concerns. maybe I am wrong, but today I will trust my keen instincts, they are a gift from God, and so is DL’s attitude. 🙂

  45. Elder Foster

    No need to worry here…I apologized out of HUMILITY, not because I was wrong. Hopefully ~A Very Concerned STRAIGHT Saved Christian Man~ will get that vision too. He said he wants to grow, that’s the way to do it. By the way, HIS sheep hear HIS voice, NOT the personality of the one bringing the message. Strangers follow “personalities” that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in now

  46. Kyle, on November 29th, 2007 at 7:14 pm Said:

    This site links up to pulpit pimps as does pulpit pimps to this site. Many here including myself and most others including Pastor Foster contribute to that site. You have to remember that each site is dedicated to a particular topic. Don’t be too quick to judge.


    Good Morning Kyle,

    I would love for you to clarify your statement. If you are saying that I don’t need to judge about a website who would rather be a gossip sheet than do what is pleasing to God, then I do take issue with that. I choose not to argue with you; but I will not run from your challenge, dear…

    P.S. Kyle,

    I consider PP to be rather mean-spirited in their approach in exposing those things that are contrary to God. That is what I disagree with.


    You’re very welcome. Your response let’s me further know that you are fighting those things in the spirit realm; not people ( Ephesians 6:12)…

  47. Leidell,

    I think your looking at it the wrong way. PP.org is filled with satire, humor, and cynicism towards proponents of the Prosperity Gospel. Lets not judge the moderator of the forum by his creative writing.


  48. Why would Jesus love a country that was founded on the mass murder of millions of Native Americans and Africans, and the enslavement of millions of African-Americans. You’ve NEVER apologized to God for your evil in building this country. You call yourselves Christians, but you American right-wing facists (white & black) aren’ t fit to kneel before the Lord.

  49. No Kyle,

    It strikes me as being mean-spirited. I understand that he is trying to keep the people of God from being taking in by this prosperity gospel; I still don’t agree with his approach.

  50. Derrick,

    Are you Nation of Islam? If not then do you describe yourself as a Christian. But anyways, Derrick what about all those “Arabs” who have been fomenting persecution of “Black” Sudanese and converting by submission or the sword? Derrick what about “Asian” Chinese persecuting other Chinese Christians? Derrick, What about “White” Christians like Wilberforce who helped end slavery in England? What about Jews persecuting newly Christian Jews in the first century? Derrick what about Arab Christians being persecuted by fellow Arabs who are Muslim? Derrick, Your historical view is bent. People by their nature are inherently evil. However, Jesus Christ came to save ALL people. BTW why don’t you read your bible and see who helped Jesus bare his cross. I’ll help you out. He was from the island of Cyrene. Go look that up and tell me that Christianity is racist. No Derrick. You are the one that has a hard heart towards the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And as for your comments regarding right wing fascists you couldn’t be more wrong. Most “true” Christians recognize that the political system is of man and flawed. However, the Kingdom of God is perfect and righteous. Lastly if you don’t get your heart right with Jesus Christ you will be in hell with every other Black, White, Asian, Arab, Hispanic, etc, etc who is unrepentant.


  51. GCMW note to all current commenters and potential commenters on this post:

    Any comments not related to the issues raised in the post will be deleted with no further explanation. We value lively discussion as long as it is germane to the topic at hand.

    Additionally, gratuitous name calling will result in deletion of your comment.

    Please adjust your remarks accordingly.

  52. First of all there was a comment in someones response that Dr. Jones was gay and she has known it. SO YOU may not have said he was gay but SOMEONE did! So are you telling me that people that are in support of gay rights are all GAY? I am in support of what is right! No where in my comment do I say that I advocate this lifestyle or that I am a gay right supporter SO to make the comment to me that “Christians would rather ignore sin and call it love. Sin kills, destroys and damns people to hell. Its difficult to fathom you actually want that to happen” was rather lame to me. SIN is SIN so, again I say praying and fasting for the souls that I feel are lost is what I will continue to do. Be blessed………….

  53. I blame all of us HolyGhost filled people for the travestys of the land. Instead we fight about studpid things such as denomination, whose right and wrong about our beliefs ,meanwhile homosexuality, murders, and every imaginable evil is being brought to the fore front because we as believers have failed to unify, failed to pray, failed to rebuke, failed to fast for our nation as we should. We are caught up in the prosperity of life which is also a distraction from the true purpose of Jesus, to SEEK and to SAVE that which is LOST!!

  54. “I say praying and fasting for the souls that I feel are lost is what I will continue to do”

    Dear Sad, Sad Christian: My only suggestion —and I say this with all sincerety— is to stop posting and go ahead with your fasting and prayer.

    Please keep us updated on your progress with that.

  55. I read this article and I am saddened by the state that the Body of Christ is in. Believe it or not, it is just beginning. God has a Mandate for 2008: He is setting His church straight. Watch and you will see more filth revealed because God himself is pulling down and setting it straight. Imagine, if we are disgusted, can you imagine how God feels. We have limited knowledge, but He knows and sees all.
    Back to Bobby Jones, I guess this is his way of coming out of the closet. I used to have a co-worker that was openly gay. We used to eat lunch together, along with other people. God chastised me and said why are you fellowshipping with someone in a lifestyle that is an abomination to Me. He said if I eat with him and laugh with him, then I am sending the message that what he is doing is ok, so I had to stop walking in agreement with him and stand upon the word of God. Now I said all that to say that Bobbie Jones just outed himself and I have to cut him off now as well. You can’t be in a homosexual movie unless you agree with the lifestyle.

  56. I have spent quite some time reading the comments on this webpage, first of all I thank God that He is raising up latter day warriors in the last hour who are contending for the faith, any one who is truly sincere about advancing the Kingdon of God should be able to see that. Also these past few months as a Christian, I have been so challenged,my eyes have become so opened. I have cried ,and repented., ,for falling into self delusion , apathy and just plain laziness. the word tells us to study to show ourselves approved unto God, workmen that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. If we sincerly do this then we would not be so quick to defend men and women who decide to mainstream a Gospel that was never intended to be compromised. If anything else , perhaps if some of us bloggers on this website just did a limited history of the type of persecution the early Christians suffered, and even present day Christians , yes our bretheren in other countries, are suffering as we speak , we would not so easily be quick to defend the so called liberty these people and self titled ministers tried to perpetuate. By the way, What is a Dr? anyway ? What is that title for? “Dr” Bobby Jones? and another question, what is your take on Tyler Perry? I know the secular community will come to his defense but why do we want to be so entertained, why can we not see the real message? How can that be of God, those Madea movies, He said God blessed Him with that creativity, I don’t see it. Isn’t God a Father? why would He have to use a man dressed up like a woman to inspire us?

  57. Dear Pastor,

    I recently became aware of your site. As I read some of the articles i ws somewhat saddened. The tone and the spirit of your writings remind me of the writings of religious leaders such as pat robertson, james dobson, jerry farwell, etc. Please be sure that your views are not considered as hatred towards those who lead ungodly lifestyles.

    I support 100% the need to have leaders accountable for their lifestyles and actions. But so are we accountable for how we treat people. I am always reminded “with loving kindness HE drew us.” We get new mercy daily. How about showing mercy and grace as we call our sisters and brothers into accountability?

    I also am concerned that we make certain sins GREATER than other sins. Can we start shining the light on those how cheat on their taxes, don’t put in a full days work (while on the job) and God forbid the zillions of emails not work-related…. how about using work equipment to do a Christian Education workshop? All of the aforementioned sins are equal to the sexual sins highlighted on your site.

    I recall in my younger zeal admonishing my sunday schho class that when we buy bean pies from muslim bakeries we are suporting a cause that is against Christianity. Finally I realized (through the Holy Spirit) that we shop at stores and we have not idea who owns them (really stock-holders, etc.)…. Not buying the beans pies wasn’t saving a soul. Hiowever my kindness and love towards a muslim brother or sister could possibly win them to Christ. Myt point is, our zeal to promote holiness has to be covered with mature love.

    Frankly our war is not even against flesh and blood…..Spewing out hateful propaganda against those who name the name of Jesus Christ is a method but is it really effective or does it just make us feel better.

    So, please Pastor, we don’t want to hurt, we want to be sensitive to how God through Jesus drew us out of our sinful stuff….. The thank God that the Holy Spirit is keeping us (checking us and keeping us).

    Accountability is necessary. But how we exercise our responsbility in calling our brothers and sister into accountability can be as distasteful, hateful and sinful as the actions we want to address.

  58. Dear Jared lets be honest and spiritually mature. Given your lengthy rebuke, I will assume that you consider yourself mature Christian. Jared, perilous times are upon us.

    The false prophets, wolves and smiley faced demons hiding out in the church seeking to destroy people’s lives and lead them into hell love the soft Christian types who speak passively of tolerance and respect for them. It provides them with even more cover to ply their wickedness against defenseless children, unsuspecting new Christians and vunerable sinners.

    Jared is the false prophet our sister and brother? Is the wolf in sheep’s clothing our sister and brother? Is the demon our sister and brother? Can you cite any scripture that says we are supposed to treat demons nicely and speak kind words to them?

    The Bible says that the darkness and those who dwell in the darkness hate the light. It says we are to reprove the unfruitful works of darkness. It says we are to have no fellowship with workers of darkness.
    Why are you then advocating a truce and peaceful co-existence with them?

    “Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Therefore do not be partakers with them. For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth), finding out what is acceptable to the Lord. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret. But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light.” Ephesians 5:6-13

    You are “saddened” that we call demons, demons, false prophets, false prophets and wolves, wolves? Do you actually believe the devil and his servants will be “won over” with soft words and placating platitudes? You dont anyone to “hurt” those who are spreading sexual and spiritual chaos in God’s house?
    You want to be “sensitive” to their needs? Do you mean the need to continue lying, deceiving, committing sexual immorality all while preaching, singing ..oops sangin and speaking in toungue in Jesus same?
    How charitable of you.

    Why don’t you take some time to talk to the thousands of children who have been sexually and emotionally devastated by these wicked people?

    Who do you really care about protecting, Jared?

    Check the two scriptures above top left. That’s why we do what we do. Jesus made no apologies for confronting false religious rulers. Neither do we.

  59. gcmwatch:

    I’m not so quick to judge. It’s not surprising to me because anyone with eyes who has watched the gospel scene as long as I have knew years and years ago that Bobby Jones was gay. I stopped watching his program when it finally dawned on me in my late teens. There was no mistaking it then and there’s no mistaking it now.

    Since I’m not surprised that HE’S GAY, I’m likewise not surprised that he would SUPPORT or APPEAR IN any film or other medium that supports homosexuality.

    That’s like being surprised that I’m Black and support Barack Obama. (Of course, many other groups support him as well. That’s just a correlational example using race, of course, as that correlation).

    I don’t see how my attitude about praying for him instead of judging him is the wrong attitude for a Christian to have.

    Sin in sin. It’s in the word. Read it.

    If you fornicate, you’re no better.

    If you lie, you’re no better. If you steal, you’re no better.

    If you have a rotten attitude, you’re no better.

    If you commit adultery, you are no better.

    If you are arrogant, you are no better.

    If you’re vain, you are no better.

    If you’re a drunkard, you are no better.

    If you’re an addict of any kind (that could be alcohol, drugs, prescription meds, chocolate, sex, cigarettes…almost ANYTHING, you are no better.

    If you are pimpin’ from the pulpit, you are no better– AND NO WORSE than any homosexual.

    My not yelling from the rooftops that Bobby Jones is going to hell in a handbasket doesn’t say that I support his condition or his actions because nothing could be farther from the truth.

    However, he is still a Christian and I do support that. That’s why I pray. There’s nothing more that I can do but pray.

    Bobby Jones has to see God for himself…just as you and I. We ALL have to answer for something. Only difference is, because he’s a public figure, we know what some of his answering will be.



  60. @ Jared Jackson:

    I agree with your last three paragraphs GREATLY. I’m always amazed when “mature” Christians think that “Spewing out hateful propaganda against those who name the name of Jesus Christ ” is effective. If it WAS effective, where do you see it working? Or as Dr. Phil would ask, “How’s that working for ya?” 🙂

    I’m with you on this one. We cannot handle carnality with more carnality– at least not effectively and not without a carnal result.

    A worldly mind is a carnal one; a carnal mind CAN win a spiritual BATTLE because the battle is between Satan and those that he sends and individuals. Satan influences individuals to spiritual failure all the time. This means that the carnality that is Satan can win a battle. However, a carnal mind cannot win a spiritual WAR. Battles happen within a war, but the ultimate winner OF that WAR will be God .

    Knowing that we can lose spiritual battles if we use carnal logic and intellect, why not start out fighting spirit with spirit in the FIRST place? The God in us will not lose to the devil. This puts us in a grand position to win more spiritual battles and to put Satan in his place (underneath us) more often. It also increases spiritual strength and maturity. Why not just start out with the right perspective?


  61. Well, here’s what you said:

    “I don’t know why this is surprising. I’ve known BJ was gay since I was a small child.”

    Really? You offered no evidence of this, so why mention it? And what would you call a comment like that? Youre sure he’s gay and youre sure he’s a Christain? Just how do you defend that scripturally? How can someone continue in a lifestyle of unrepentant sin, yet be a Christian? Ref Romans 6:1

    “He’s much too feminine NOT to be gay. I don’t agree with it, but I can’t book Heaven or hell for the man either.”

    Sounds like quick judgment even though you said you werent. Some men are feminine, but not effeminate. There’s a difference.

    “I just pray for him, which is all I can do.”
    Thats not all you can do if you were honest about it. That’s not what Jesus said to do. At the least he said “watch and pray.” Its certainly not the answer when sin is evident in the camp. God told Joshua NOT to pray, but to act when there is sin.

    “God is God and doesn’t need my help to deal with His people. God will deal with BJ in HIS way and in HIS time. I pray for grace and mercy though.”
    That’s escapist ideology. Sure God can do anything without men’s help, but any basic reading of scripture proves that he always uses man to do his will on earth, including judging and rewarding others.

    Dee dont be offended, but I didn’t tell you or any other Christian to “yell from the rooftops”. That has no biblical purpose And it isn’t about who’s sinning more. Perhaps, you don’t get it. But I still can’t understand why people who say the only recourse is to “just pray” keep talking about it on the internet, instead of just going somewhere and… praying.

  62. We’ve also got to consider that man is a triune (three-part) being: spirit, soul, body (1 Thes 5:23)

    1. There is the natural man, who neither appreciates nor responds to nor receives the things of God; he’s like the walking dead. (1 Thes 5, 1Cor 2:14)

    2. Then, there’s the carnal man, who lives solely according to his own flesh. He lives for the things that make him feel good. He has accepted JC as his Lord and Savior (is savedsaved), but has not matured further. He’s still on spiritual Similac, which is malnourishing to him because he is now an adult and knows better, and therefore, should DO better. (Read 1 Cor 1, 1 Cor 3:1-4, Romans 8:29, Ephesian 4:13…, 2 Peter 2, Hebrews 5:12-14). (We all know the scripture, “When I was a child, a spake as a child…)
    This carnal person is selfish, divisive and full of drama and leaves a trail of broken relationships in his wake.

    3. Then, of course, there is the spiritual man. He lives a supernatual life filled with God’s wisdom and he is an completely open vessel to receive the things of God. God’s depth is not a mystery to him because he hungers for it and feeds on the Word often. He’s built and is still building an actual intimate relationship with God. In essence, he truly is a man after God’s own heart. He has a keen spirit of discernment and he is peculiar, constantly amazing the carnal man and the natural man. The carnal man and the natural man are puzzled by him. They just don’t get it. (I Cor 2:15-16).

    Which one will we be when addressing the issue of Bobby Jones and those like him? Which one will we be when dealing with ANY life issue? I know which one I am and will continue to strive to be. What about you?

  63. @ gcmwatch:

    Praying IS doing. I don’t know Bobby Jones and have never MET Bobby Jones. Those LIKE him that I DO know are fully aware of my Christian view of homosexuality or any type of sexual immorality. Many have been lovingly but quite succinctly been called to the carpet.

    I don’t actually have that option with Bobby Jones. Any suggestions as to how to reach a man I’ve never met and do not know except through prayer?

    GCMW: Now, youre backtracking or lying. You said you KNEW he was gay. That it didnt “surprise” you. And that he was too feminine not to be gay. Now, you dont know him. Who’s judging here? How did you KNOW Bobby Jones was gay since you were a child (according to your words)? Your comments are starting to get very contradictory.

  64. I’m not saying prayer is the only recourse to deal with sin, so please, don’t appear to twist my words to fit your point. I’m saying praying is all I can do for BOBBY JONES because I don’t know him. That’s not a hard concept.

    I get what you’re saying. Calling someone to the carpet in loving admonition is one thing. Condemning them to hell (figuratively) is another. I absolutely refuse to do the latter. That’s not what God has called us to do.

    It’s one thing to throw stones. It’s another thing to spiritually advise. No one can MAKE Bobby Jones or any other homosexual do what’s right (any more than we can make liars and thieves and adulterers do the right thing).

    We *can* COMPEL others (saved and unsaved) that are living outside of God’s will to make the right decisions by planting the seeds of truth as often as possible. I can plant a seed. Cultivation of that seed is the choice of the person the planted seed is for (most times).

    God did not MAKE me accept JC as my Lord and Savior. Neither did my mother or father or my pastor. I CHOSE to (and thank God for it).

    Furthermore, approach matters and anyone who says otherwise is living in la la land. I don’t know about you, but I hardly ever hear a person with a poor approach. If a person approaches me and their tone is a sarcastic one, or they yell or roll their necks and their eyes, everything he/she says falls completely on deaf ears.

    I can’t hear even the truth when it’s shrouded in the foolishness that is a by-product of poor approach. I liked to be approached by people with a sound mind and spirit, who are approaching me because they care about my condition and moreover, because they care about how God feels about a thing and what God says about that thing. Approach me with God in your heart and on your mind and I’ll hear you with my whole heart. And hey, I’ll LISTEN, too.

    Plus, I can’t help but wonder why the Kingdom waited until NOW to be upset. Anyone who has ever set eyes on Bobby Jones knows the man is gay, yet he has been allowed to act as a servant of the Kingdom in the public eye for decades.

    Honestly, I feel like this is a call to the Kingdom as a whole. How many gospel musicians do YOU know that are gay as gay is gay and still allowed to serve as music ministry leaders? And it’s not just music ministry leaders. It’s ministers and others. And it’s not just homosexuality…it’s sexual immorality as a whole. How many homosexuals or pulpit pimps have been allowed to take the forefront to represent the Kingdom?

    Is it that it was okay as long as he didn’t come out or do what he’s doing now?

    Bobby Jones should have been replaced years ago (at the BEGINNING) to set a trend that the Kingdom of God does not condone sexual immorality.

    NOW everybody’s up in arms. I don’t blame anyone for being upset, but I’m more upset that it even got to this point.

  65. He IS GAY and ANYONE WITH EYES (not just ME) saw that YEARS AGO!!!!

    I started praying for BJ years ago and I also stopped watching the programming because it bothered me. I always wondered why no one else seemed to notice. Now, I know everyone noticed, but nobody cared to bring it to the forefront until now that he’s made everybody in the Kingdom mad.

  66. Quote: “GCMW: Now, youre backtracking or lying. You said you KNEW he was gay. That it didnt “surprise” you. And that he was too feminine not to be gay. Now, you dont know him. Who’s judging here? How did you KNOW Bobby Jones was gay since you were a child (according to your words)? Your comments are starting to get very contradictory. ”

    I’m not backing up and I’m not lying. If you have eyes and CAN SEE, YOU know and HAVE KNOWN that BJ is as gay is gay is gay. (And you may want to refrain from name-calling because you’re starting to look like you’re picking at straws because you can’t make a valid point. Only people with no formidable contribution do that).

  67. Ok, he’s now playing in a movie made by a gay activist. Do you BELIEVE he’s gay NOW? And plus, let’s not even play games.

    Who do YOU know that thought Bobby Jones WASN’T GAY???????????????????

    Besides, you sound like those people who put BJ at the forefront. There’s no way those close to him didn’t know he’s gay. The funny thing is you don’t even need spiritual discernment to see that BJ is gay. He could be the poster child for gay activism.

    I had a gay minister of music in my church when I was child (who was later sat down once there was absolutely no doubt). He could sang his face off, too, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to set the precedent that sexual immorality would not be tolerated, especially not in leadership, where the power of influence and persuasion is greater. It’s not that there was no love because there absolutely was and my pastor then put it that only someone who loves you will tell you the truth. He didn’t do it publicly because the goal was not to humiliate the man. The goal was to lovingly correct him. Our minister of music eventually left the church and became the minister of music at another church– and he’s still gay today.

    I know you know hundreds of people. And I’m serious with this question. Who do YOU know that thought that BJ was NOT GAY????

  68. gcmwatch: Bobby Jones accepted JC as his Lord and Savior as a child.

    So YES, he’s a Christian. To be saved, you need to accept JC as your Lord and Savior. Are you saying BJ is NOT saved BECAUSE he’s gay? We all have sinned and do sin (those of us who sin willfully have a rude awakening coming I’m sure). Am I not saved because I overdid it on the desserts at my work potluck yesterday when I’m a diabetic? I’ve always been taught that either you are saved or you’re not and that salvation is the acceptance of the Gospel.

    In Jesus conversation with Nicodemus, He said, “Except a man be born again, he cannot enter into the Kindgom of Heaven.”

    Romans 10:9: “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”

    If you are saying that Bobby Jones is not a Christian or is not born again, please, expound. I’m curious to know where this is going.

    Now, if he’s neither saved nor a Christian, that’s going to make for interesting conversation because those who put him in that leadership position and in the public eye will have a lot to answer for, I suppose.


  69. @ gcmwatch:

    I noticed that you’re not touching on the WORD parts of any of my postings. Why is that? I know why. It seems that you’d rather pick apart tiny sections so that you can twist them to fit your view than to actually engage in spiritually stimulating Biblical conversation. That’s too bad.

    I’ll have to leave now. I’m not interested in having a purely carnal conversation. With “Pastor” in your title, I thought for sure I could have formidable, exegetically Biblical conversation.

    I thought wrong.

    Moving on… 😦

  70. Wait… an apology is in order:

    I got Pastor Burnett and gcmwatch confused and merged them into one.

    Pastor Burnett, I apologize.


  71. To gcmwatch: What do you suggest we do, as Christians, who are exposed to homosexuals in the pulpit/choirs/music departments? You stated we should act, not just use ‘escapist’ tactics, i.e. praying?

    I attend a large church in Detroit and have not witnessed any outright homosexual acts, just people’s murmurings and talk. Although, one time my son, who was about 12-13 yrs. old at the time, told me that a minister had approached him, asking who his mother was, asked him his name, gave my son some money, and then walked away. This minister is a well-known gospel singer/pastor who used to attend this church and who now pastors a church of his own. I’m just not sure what we are supposed to do. I didn’t do anyting after my son told me, because it wasn’t until after this man left and became very well-known that my son disclosed this information to me. My son insists that no one else approached him or made advances toward him, but after my son became of age, he refused to go to this church anymore.

    GCMW: Sheba, first Im very sorry to hear of your son’s encounter with this man. When I was 17 and in the midst of a struggle with my sexual feelings, the assistant pastor of our church, stripped naked in front of me (in a private room) and propositioned me. It bewildered me on all fronts. So, I am “feeling” you on this question. Thanks for asking it, most people just fade away or they are intimidated by the talented, influential gay cliques in churches, but thats exactly what empowers them. When good saints do nothing, satan becomes even bolder in his actions (through people).
    That being said, please permit me to take your question and write a full post answer to it. Look for it before the weekend.

  72. What a protracted rant from Dee. There was very little “Word” parts of her posts to address! Sheesh!

  73. In response to those who say we are judging when we illuminate error regarding this movie….

    The problem I have with this movie is it dilutes the notion of what God clearly says is wrong and portrays a gay pastor justifying his sin, played by a real life religious leader to legitimize the movie through the following of the Bobby Jones Gospel Hour on BET. There is a clear agenda by the gay screenwriter to persuade the audience to accept homosexuality as a mainstream family alternative.

    The Word is truth, it is timeless and very black and white and not subject to political correctness. We don’t choose what to believe about the Word because it might offend someone or not seem to be relevant today – we are to embrace and believe all of the divinely inspired Word of God. He says in Revelation 3:16 So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

    There is a higher standard for church and “religious” leaders and the implications of their deceit and wrongdoing is more widespread because of their influence on others saved or not. Consequently God will deal with their sin of perverting the Word more harshly than if you or I did. 2 Peter 2:1 says “there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves.” The consequences here are from God, but that does not mean we stand by saying nothing in silence.

    Many Christians use the cliché “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” However, we must realize that this is an exhortation to us as imperfect human beings. The difference between us and God in regard to loving and hating is vast. Even as Christians, we remain imperfect in our humanity and cannot love completely, nor can we hate without malice. But, God can do both of these perfectly well, because He is God! God can hate without any sinful intent at all. Therefore, he can hate the sin and the sinner in a perfectly holy way and still be willing to lovingly forgive at the moment of that sinner’s repentance and faith

    The fact is we sin when we encourage others to do something that is wrong, particularly when you are a leader in the church. The fact that sometimes God used sinners does not mean all that sinners are necessarily operating in His perfect will. It is our job to point out error particularly when folks are being led astray: James 5:20 “remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins.”

    This notion that you cannot point out sin without judging someone is nonsense and not supported by scripture. Yes we all have as Romans 3:23 says “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”, but that does not mean we should ignore sin and certainly remain silent when someone persuades others to commit sin.

    Pointing out that the actions of people who say they are Christians are not consistent with the Word is not necessarily judgment. As a matter of fact 1 Timothy 4:6 talks about teaching the truth in the face of error: “If you point these things out to the brothers, you will be a good minister of Christ Jesus, brought up in the truths of the faith and of the good teaching that you have followed.”

    2 Corinthians 4:2 “Rather, we have renounced secret and shameful ways; we do not use deception, nor do we distort the word of God. On the contrary, by setting forth the truth plainly we commend ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.”

  74. With all that is going on in the church today, it is as if God is pulling back the covers and exposing all. We must all walk in humility and repentance and by all means, stay in the Word. I believe this is the age of apostacy (great falling away) and the rise of the false church mentioned in the book of Revelation.For a good read check out “A Step Into Deliverance” by T. Pugh. It’s an engrossing autobiography about one man’s battle with and ultimate defeat over the spirit of jezebel. A real page turner!

  75. From reading all of this ..I feel the people who feel they are saved are really not. A simple test to evaluate your compassion towards salvation; Are you treating Gods people the way you would want to be treated?

    I feel fortunate to be “saved” from people like all of you

    GCMW: Alfred you used the word “feel” three times. Among the various defintions of the word, the one that would apply most to your remarks is “impression, inclination, sentinment or opinion.” While this perhaps validates your own worldview, it cannot be substantianted with scripture. Feelings come and feelings go. Romans 8:28 teaches us to live by what we KNOW, as opposed to what we feel. A feeling is a human perspective, faith and the truth of scripture is a God perspective. Not only have you made a gaggle of presumptive statements, you failed to substantiate any of them with scripture. You say that you “feel” fortunate (more worldly perspective) saved from “people like all of you”. Perhaps you do, but it is only self salvation. Jesus didnt die to save us from people, he died to save us from sin, therefore if you havent experienced that salvation, you have still missed the point. Big time. I would advise you if you say you are a Christian, to stop living by your feelings. They have nothing to do with truth as you have plainly demonstrated in your remarks.

  76. I seem to remember growing up that Dr. Bobby Jones had a wife and a young son. I’ve heard no mention of them for years. Did he divorce and if so what does that have to do with his son who would be grown by now?

  77. this is surely the saddest display of comprising within the african american community.the religious institution is supposed to be our highest moral guide and gauge.there is no king in israel and everyman seems to be doing what is right in his own eyes.

  78. appalling –
    diaprax is the momentum towards luke 13:35
    did you know the author of SAME SEX MARRIAGE in new jersey is none other than a jew named Mr. Goldstein?
    another famous jew is the wife of san diego mayor Jerry Sanders.

  79. The word of God states their are unlawful sexual relations in the book Leviticus 18:22 ” Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.
    People are wonderful to me …period. I live in a faith called Christianity where we cannot do anything we want and we cannot endorse behavior that goes against what we believe. If we do become partakers of evil deeds through media mainstream then we have made ourselves an enemy of the teachings of holiness and sanctification. We have become lovers of the world and made ourselves an enemy of God. Knowing someone is going down a path that is wrong and loving them by admonishing them is biblical. I admonish people going down a path that is not written in the Holy Word to not go down that path…my love for you is still real. I care for you and this is the only reason that I am able to say this at this time. If I did not care for you…then I would say anything and let you walk into a dead end street. Love can be tough and God’s love for me has always been twhere He would come and get me out of my stuff (sin) and rescue me from what He knows is HELL (eternal separation from His love)…

    Circle Love LIfe and Laughter

  80. Comment to Pastor Burnett many are decieved in this hour. many don’t have any discerment to what is going on. and when they do find out, the spirit of offense comes out they say don’t judge but indeed the word of the Lord has already judge you. the word of God shall excute judgement on those who are in a homosexuality lifestyle.

    You know many will be on the left and on the right. we all know what the left means. HELLBOUND! The Lord God is separating the sheeps from the goats. tares from the wheat. nothing is hidden from the eyes of the Lord he sees in the dark as well as the light. WHO SHALL BE ABLE TO STAND!
    Lord help us.
    also for those who a parttaker or stand up for homosexuality shall have their part in the lake of fire.

  81. what a shame on the glorius Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    When I saw the show Sunday Best it was an attack on the church as well. Having Christian to compete against one another. How is the Holy Ghost going to compete against Jesus or God ? There is no division among the three.1 John 5: 7-8 Comparing ourselves
    2Corinthians 10: 12 These judges and so called Christian artists are making major mockery of the Gospel. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord ( not a group of panelist of judges ) These so called Christian artists is assasinating the work of Christ for a dollar. So the next time to purchase a cd do your homework berfore supporting another Gospel artist who have the same ideas aand mind set as American Idol . Wake up Church. We are asleep in the light!!! As Christian you better learn how to worship and sing hyms and spirtual song in your heart unto the Lord. (Ephesians 5:19-20 )

    Bobby Jones he loves what he is doing and that is supporting what he really want to do and that is to sleep with men. When you read the whole chapter of Roman 1 key in on the last verse 32. That is your answer.

  82. I hear what everyone is saying. My grandfather was a minister and a missionary for about 61 years of his life. I grew up up in the church but I strayed and came back . I still have faults. I am a single parent of 2 children. One that I had when I was 18 and one that I had when I was 34. We all have issues in life that we have to encounter. The one thing that we tend to do is judge and not pursue salvation. There are plenty of people that are out there doing things that are against the will of God. What we need to do is focus on the salvation aspect. Too many people talk about how many people are not saved but when you ask them to go out into the community to give of themselves or even pray for someone, it is a mute point unless money is involved. It is the giving and teaching of God’s word that will win salvation. No, I am not gay. No, I don’t agree with homosexuality. But, I do agree with forgiveness and with that comes biblical education and prayer. I watch the Bobby Jones show and I heard about what was going on in his life. I will continue to pray for him and his ministry because if he does live the life that he is perceived to be living, then he will have a testimony to tell when he has overcome it because of the blood of Jesus Christ.

  83. I strongly believe in the word of God, but it’s not fair to boycott artist that go on his show. They are looking for venues that will help them spread the message God gave them to a large number of people.

    Now, I am not a gay-activist, I am a Christ activist, but even Jesus used the synagogue to spread his message, which was, at the time. full of hypocrites. Should we then protest Jesus for ministering among hyprocrites?

    If anything, the people of God need to go on that show and manifest the presence of God, through prayer and praise, so that the people can be set free like they were when Paul and Silas were set free by praising the Lord.

    Acts 16:25-27 (New International Version)

    ” 25 About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. 26 Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everybody’s chains came loose.”

    All of us need to pray for ourselves, for our families, for the church and for our leaders because the kingdom of God IS at hand.

    GCMW: AO thanks for your comments, but please cite the specific sentence where we suggested a boycott of Bobby Jones Gospel Show.

  84. GCMW: wrote
    “Further, we are calling on gospel artists with integrity and those who have not sold out to mammon, and the idol gods of talent and personality to distance themselves from Jones until he repents. If he chooses not to repent, we further call on the artists to refuse future appearances on his show and make public statements as to why”.

    my reply:

    I strongly believe in the word of God, but it’s not fair to boycott artist that go on his show. They are looking for venues that will help them spread the message God gave them to a large number of people.

    Now, I am not a gay-activist, I am a Christ activist, but even Jesus used the synagogue to spread his message, which was, at the time. full of hypocrites. Should we then protest Jesus for ministering among hyprocrites?

    If anything, the people of God need to go on that show and manifest the presence of God, through prayer and praise, so that the people can be set free like they were when Paul and Silas were set free by praising the Lord.

    Acts 16:25-27 (New International Version)

    ” 25 About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. 26 Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everybody’s chains came loose.”

    All of us need to pray for ourselves, for our families, for the church and for our leaders because the kingdom of God IS at hand.

  85. Thanks, we still hold that to be an appropriate biblical response to people like Jones who reject clear biblical instruction on sexuality.

    But to clarify this is not a “boycott”, of artists, but it is a call to distance themselves from someone who by their actions and influence is leading people astray.
    Thats not a good thing. If those in the music industry think that having a spot on BJG is more important than doctrinal integrity, the gospel music business is being a blessing, but a curse.

    I wouldnt say the word of God is fair, but it is right even when Bobby Jones’ case.

  86. The problem is not whether we all sin or not. Yes we all sin but we acknowledge our sins, repent and ask God for help so that we will not return to our vomit. The fact that the homosexuals refuse to acknowledge their sinful practice as sin is what makes their sinful position ‘category one ‘ as one commentator above has described the attitude of genuine christians to homosexuality. Every sin is equal as long as the sinner accepts that he is sinning and he needs help.

  87. It’s good to hear OTHER voices of truth and no compromise for the gospel message. This is bigger than any one sin-sick individual. There is a wicked anti-Christian spirit pervading so called gospel musik AND WE have to cast it down. And to think that the some individuals will fight to hold down gospel rap and Rhythm&Praise FEATURING REAL MEN! SUPPORT R&P MUSIK TODAY! LET’S GET REAL REPRESENTATION OF GOSPEL MUSIK AND ITS PEOPLE ON THE AIRWAVES NOW! Go to CDBaby.com/all/.cmgrecords and support God’s NEW move in Kingdom entertainment!

    Handling Kingdom Business

    cmg…Let the earth be moved.

  88. No shock to me. Let’s see it for what it is and quit acting like we HAVE to accept him as one of us or that we HAVE to watch his show. Check out the other stuff that Christians are watching too now- all kinds of fornication has been accepted as entertainment. While we are very ashamed of the shame that Jones has brought, let’s not let that overshadow some of the heterosexual sin we have come to accept. We don’t HAVE to watch ANY mess- homosexual OR heterosexual!

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