Apostate Episcopal ruler threatens another bishop


Queen Katharine Schori is angry. Again. For the second time she has issued a threat against yet another Episcopal Bishop who refuses to bow to the homosexual golden cow she and Vicky Gene Robinsonhave erected. We reported earlier this month that she issued threats against Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan.

This time, Queen Katharine threatened Fort Worth Bishop Jack Iker that he could face discipline for backing proposals to separate from the U.S. church. Bishop Iker has taken steps to withdraw fellowship with the church due to Schori and Robinson’s vindictive campaign against anyone who will not fully submit to the divisive homosexual bishop’s “authority”.

Bishop Iker called Schori’s actions “aggressive, dictatorial posturing.” Well said. While smiling and talking about loving and accepting others, Schori demonstrates her wickedness in the tradition of the wicked Queen Athaliah,  daughter of the super wicked witch of the Bible, Jezebel.

Since the Episcopal Church began its campaign of forced homosexual acceptance, several of its dioceses have pulled away as have many of its largest and most influential local parishes.



5 thoughts on “Apostate Episcopal ruler threatens another bishop

  1. Presenting half of a story and withholding the rest is still a lie. Get your facts correct. She is the bishop of the church and is required to maintain discipline and order in the church. Those who don’t agree with church polices (wihich were adopted by majority vote in General Convention) are free to leave. These bishops was to have it both ways. They want to be outside the church, but still collect a salary and pension contributions. She is merely asking if they are in the chuch or out of the church. BTW, Bishop Robinson is the bishop of New Hampshire and has no control over any other diocese. He is not the blame for decisions made by the church in General Convention. Those who don’t like the decisons are free to leave completely, not attempt to keep one foot in the door. I wish those who leave God Speed.

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