Christian booksellers refusing to stock "gay study bible"

From Religion News Blog:

Christian bookshops are refusing to stock copies of a new Bible study guide which challenges standard New Testament translations that describe gay sex as sinful.A US distributor, God’s Word to Women, has banned the Australian publication, and withdrawn another Bible translation published by the same NSW publishing house, Smith and Stirling, for promoting a lifestyle in contradiction of the scriptures.

Two American academics have asked that their endorsements be removed from other works by a classical Greek lexicographer, Ann Nyland, because of her authorship of the gay study Bible.

What’s next? A thief’s study Bible where stealing from others is an acceptable orientation? Perhaps it would say that the two thieves who hung on either side of Jesus were as innocent as he was. Seriously, this looks like another desperate attempt by the gay christian movement to further insulate themselves from God’s convicting truth, by rewriting the bible with no negative references to their sin. Such a sad, but predictable descent into reprobation according to the scriptures. And…it won’t work.

Thankfully, Christian book distributors are refusing to play along with the heresy which damns souls to hell by withholding the truth from them. But this is a game the gcm has been developing and perfecting every since gay christian scholar John Boswell published his controversial book. According to the Nyland’s grotesque revisionism:

In 1 Corinthians 6:9 and Timothy 1:10 Paul sets out examples of Jewish law including admonitions against fornication, idolatry and drunkenness, as well as the much disputed word “arsenokoites” which has been taken to mean homosexuality.

But in her study guide, Dr Nyland says the word has been wrongly assumed to mean homosexual. Its range of meanings includes one who anally penetrates another, whether female or male, a rapist, a murderer, or an extortionist. When used with the meaning anal penetrator, it does not apply exclusively to males, Dr Nyland says.

Most New Testament translations are based on a lack of understanding of Greek word meaning and context, and disregard academic research, which shows passages in earlier translations are wrong, she says.

So there you have it. All we needed to properly understand the scriptures was a nip-tuck job from a lesbian “classical greek lexicographer”.


3 thoughts on “Christian booksellers refusing to stock "gay study bible"

  1. Thank God that Christian book sellers will not allow such a heretical version of the Bible in their stores.

    What is sad, though, is the realization that secular book stores probably won’t hesitate stocking it in their “religion” section.

  2. Christine, you are right. Quite a few books in Christian bookstores have bad doctrine. Go to a secular bookstore and the religious section has 90% garbage.

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