Churches: beware of the tactics of GCM clerics

This is the story of the gay, white Pastor Foster.

Its also a signal lesson on how through false “good works”, homosexual clerics are seducing unsuspecting congregations into acceptance of what God has condemned.

Unfortunately, it is occuring within some “mainline” Christian denominations (ECLA, Methodist) more often than not. In a nutshell, this is how it goes down:

1. Church gets single, charismatic-acting pastor who loves doing good works, especially for disadvantaged or troubled members of the congregation.

2. Church falls in love with the good works of the pastor while ignoring pastor’s personal life.

3. Pastor moves in with or moves in same gender individual whose real identity is obscured by a false occupation. i.e. nanny, armor bearer, secretary, etc.  This is to test the church’s spiritual climate. More good works ensue.

4. Church falls in love with the good works of the pastor’s sexual partner, who is still being falsely presented to the church as someone who is assisting pastor.

5. After general testing of the church’s spiritual climate, which fails because it ignores the Word (1John 4:1), pastor selects certain influential but now fully enamored members to “share” the news of their and/or the sexual partner’s real identity.

6. Influential members cover for the pastor and seduce others by emphasizing the pastor’s good works, rather than examining the pastor’s lifestyle against scripture standards. Any members who dissent are marginalized.

7. Pastor and sexual partner now do more good works together demonstrating that the focus of the church is not Christ or obedience to his word, but rather on the deeds of men.

8. Pastor, now with the congregation in full support of their sexual immorality, reveals homosexuality to denominational leaders. Trial may or may not ensue. Even if pastor is found “guilty” of violating denominational policies (which, by the way, are flawed and unscriptural), pastor retains full support of church and control of the pulpit. Thus, nothing changes.

9. Media finds out and gives pastor a glowing, feel good write-up. And the cycle begins again.

Full story at Religion News Blog 


7 thoughts on “Churches: beware of the tactics of GCM clerics

  1. Yes, that is how it seems to work. What a Screwtape-like plan. Beth Stroud did something like this in the Methodist church. You can always go back in time and show how they either lied at their ordination vows or changed their minds later. Either way, they should resign. But they have emotionally manipulated people to ignore the lies.

  2. Yes, here’s the Stroud story for those who want to compare. It might not be the full story due to its slant. Thanks Neil.

    Of course, she went on gay cleric celebredom.

    I will post other simular stories here as I find them. I also added another identifier on point #5.

  3. Type in The Great Falling Away Today. it should bring you to a page with Milton Green. He wrote a book by this title some years ago and we bought several. We heard him speak in Ft. Worth, Texas back then and he died a few weeks later. This book is awesome. Every Christian needs to see and read this one. It will make all these other books by the likes of TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, John Hagee etc. dung. This man was something else. You can also listen to him on the website. His wife’s name is Joyce Green. Find it read it you will rejoice that they have made this book available again. I certainly did.

  4. Oh yeah, she’s NOT preaching about scriptures which condemn homosexuality. She doesnt think they are “worthy”.

    And a few members of Pastor Foster’s church say they still are struggling with the passage in the Bible that many consider a prohibition on homosexuality: “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

    Pastor Foster has not preached directly about that passage. Charlotte Sapp, a church member who runs a local H.I.V. prevention and support group, said she was hoping for more guidance on the issue. “If it’s wrong concerning the Bible, show us this, why it’s wrong,” she said.

    Pastor Foster said she felt that other passages were worthier of analysis, and that the one in question was one of many Old Testament passages that are no longer taken literally.

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