Why Dr. Bobby Jones must be confronted


Since our initial report of Dr. Bobby Jones’ appearance in  the upcoming homosexual movie Dirty Laundry, there has been considerable discussion about it in cyberspace and elsewhere.  Some, perhaps with well meaning concern, have accused us of attempting to assassinate, judge and hate Dr. Jones. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that Dr. Jones’ egregious behavior has been an affront to many for the greater part of two decades since he began his television talent show.  The time has come to address that in the Biblical context. Although he claims to be a member of Missionary Baptist Temple in Nashville since 1956, we strongly believe Dr. Jones has no accountability, thus allowing him to continue in his ways. Confronting individuals who bear fruit contrary to their claims of righteousness is nothing new in scripture. Paul confronted Peter, Jesus confronted the Pharisees, Peter confronted the Jews, the prophets of old confronted Isreal, Nathan confronted David, Elijah confronted Jezebel. Thus, our confrontation of Dr. Bobby Jones is well within the traditional bounds of scripture. Although there are many solid reasons, for this type of action among Christians, our reasons for this confrontation are as follows:

1. We are using this very public situation to highlight the dire and urgent need for repentence and reform within the broader “black gospel music” industry.

2. Our goal is both corrective and redemptive. We are not attempting to penalize Dr. Jones for his professional accomplishments, but rather correct his erroneous public actions and words using the Word of God as a standard so as to save his soul  from hell.

3. We are not advocating boycotting Dirty Laundry, nor the cancellation of the Bobby Jones Show. We are confronting Dr. Jones’ errant behavior and theology as
a so-called representative (ambassador) of Christ and His church.

4. We are advocating a radical return to the Word of God and holiness. We are advocating spiritual renewal not just in persona, but in the heart, which changes
a man’s outward actions.

5. We are reaffirming the time tested truth of God’s Word regarding sex and sexuality. Any sexual relationship outside of the covenant male/female marriage model created, ordained and sanctified by God,  is irrevocably sinful. The promotion of any derivation of this model is to be utterly rejected by God’s people.



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  1. I stumbled on your article by chance this morning. I will write and comment on this more (much more) later when I have some time, but I just want to take this time to say THANK YOU! Thank you for “contending for the faith”. For many years, I was one of the most involved individuals in the gospel music industry and black church arena and grew up in the Nashville area. I have been deeply troubled at the negative and destructive impact homosexuality has had on gospel music, the black church, and the body of Christ. Too many of us (disciples of Christ) have set on the sidelines and watched or looked away while the enemy has grown stronger and bolder in this particular area.

    Reading this article this morning has stirred me up- it is my call to action- its time to make a stand. Please stay strong and focused. You are on the side of righteousness, and righteousness always prevails. I’ve got to run but I’ll be in touch soon!

  2. Marc Anthony, very interested in hearing more from you brother.

    You said it well, our concern is with upholding the integrity of God’s church, his music and his word.

    People and their personalities come second. The black church has invested too much in personalities, while neglecting faithfulness to the cause of Christ.

    David, ignoring the brusque personality of Goliath asked, “is there not a cause?”

  3. I find it very interesting how blacks who were hated by whites for the color of their skin have now joined the likes of PAT ROBERTSON AND THE EVILGELICALS , by finding a way to hate and discriminate. You act as if you were sitting their when the bible( which was written by your oppressor) was written.
    Either you lost a love one to someone gay or you are one who feels if I have no need for it kill it.
    I promise you this one of your children or grand children if they aren’t already, will be GAY

  4. Wink721~You just keep winkin and GET SAVED because the spell you tried to cast is BOUND and CANCELLED and the power of the enemy through your words are made of noneffect-IN THE MATCHLESS NAME OF JESUS, IT IS DECREED! Amen!

  5. Pastor Burnett,

    Using a portion of the famous words of Smokey Robinson’s song… “I second that emotion”…and prayer!

    Our lifetime of devotion to Jesus Christ certainly trumps any secular humanistic mindset that wishes to counter God’s Truth in His Word!

  6. Okay first of all SPELL, wow I did not know by responding to your hatred that I was casting anything except my opinion, however I notice you did not answer it with reason .Now GOD is a weapon for CHRISTIANS, and you wish harm to anyone who does not AMEN your every hateful word.
    Now people who don’t agree with you are the enemy ?
    I am not surprised at all that you feel that way. WHITE people felt the same way and some still do about you.
    It is not a surprise to me that now the so called black christians feel they have the keys to the kingdom, after all with all the race mixing that took place during slavery, some of that evil blood had to spill into your veins now you have become them.
    The bottom line is this YOU DO NOT HAVE A HEAVEN OR A HELL TO PUT ANYONE IN!

    GCMW: winky, if you stopped clowning long enough and do a simple google search, you would answer your own question. If you continue to rant, rave and make no earthly sense, more of your posts will be deleted. That is no secret. I’m not sure who you are trying to impress with such language. It would be much better to calm down and attempt to rationally present your arguments. If you feel you have something important to say and want to say it here, get it together.

  7. Winky, dinky, stinky, pinky, inky…

    There was nothing “hateful” in Pastor Burnett’s words.

    You, on the other hand, are only into spewing venom across cyberspace. Thus, you have revealed yourself to be nothing but a blog troll.

    It is biblical fact that Satan and his demons (as well as those who are in bondage to him on the earth) hate the Word of God.

    God’s Word never comes back void. Here is hoping that His Word will have the effect that it is supposed to have upon those who attempt to counter it.

    Act 26:18 ‘to open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in Me.’

  8. wink, what people are responding to is this:

    “I promise you this one of your children or grand children if they aren’t already, will be GAY”

    You can call it whatever you want, but it’s not an opinion. It’s something that you feel is a statement of fact, yet it’s about something you know nothing about and have no control over. The forceful and hostile manner in which you expressed it would lead a Christian to believe it is intended as a curse and respond accordingly. To be honest, I got the same impression. The rest of your comments strike me as racist and confused.

  9. Winky,

    What does race have to do with this. Bobby Jones is wrong for what he is doing. Not because he is black but because he claims he is a Christian. I’m not saying I’m perfect by any stretch and I too will have to stand in front of a Righteous God. Why are YOU such an apologist for this lifestyle? Answer me that so I can understand WHY you are so brazenly hostile in your long diatribe. I have never understood why homosexuals are so hostile when questioned. The response is so over the top. Why don’t YOU explain to US why you think this lifestyle is correct and back it up with facts. This way we can openly debate the issue. Of course as a Christian I will defend the truth. I think the real problem with this issue is that down deep homosexuals understand that this lifestyle is incompatible on many levels and they usually lose the argument so they have to resort to immature tirades and castigation.


  10. TO PHIL S
    The facts are that there is a gay person in EVERY FAMILY,

    Wink we are putting your posting on restriction until you either produce evidence of this wild-eyed claim or retract it. Please submit that information via email to gcmwatch@yahoo.com

  11. it is by the blood that we are all saved…i am not saying that his behavior is right but each of us who are saved fight sin each and every day.some of us who have made some remarks must rember what we saw said and did yesterday i am sure that not all of us are so holy and spotless that we do not need prayer .the problems stems from the fact that the whole church is in a state of of wrong we all refuse to her the voice of the father we only hear the voice of man. lets pray for dr bobby jones

  12. I don’t know why this is surprising. I’ve known BJ was gay since I was a small child.

    He’s much too feminine NOT to be gay. I don’t agree with it, but I can’t book Heaven or hell for the man either.

    I just pray for him, which is all I can do.

    God is God and doesn’t need my help to deal with His people. God will deal with BJ in HIS way and in HIS time. I pray for grace and mercy though.

    We’ve all been in a place where God spared us the very punishing thing we actually deserved. (…grace at it finest).

  13. Dee so much to say about why your attitude is the wrong one for Christians to have. Its not even biblical sorry to tell you that. Because of your off centered attitude, you miss the point which is not whether or not Bobby Jones is “gay”.

    This isnt “surprising” in the least. Its disgusting.

  14. It is not for us to debate whether Mr. Jones is gay or not, the point is God knows. We each have enough to do trying to keep our ownselves saved each and every day. Mr. Jones will have to face the same judge as each one of us will have to do, and every man/woman will receive their just reward. We need to pray for Mr. Jones that God will remove the sin of homosexuality from him.

  15. gcmwatch:

    I’m not so quick to judge. It’s not surprising to me because anyone with eyes who has watched the gospel scene as long as I have knew years and years ago that Bobby Jones was gay. I stopped watching his program when it finally dawned on me in my late teens. There was no mistaking it then and there’s no mistaking it now.

    Since I’m not surprised that HE’S GAY, I’m likewise not surprised that he would SUPPORT or APPEAR IN any film or other medium that supports homosexuality.

    That’s like being surprised that I’m Black and support Barack Obama. (Of course, many other groups support him as well. That’s just a correlational example using race, of course, as that correlation).

    I don’t see how my attitude about praying for him instead of judging him is the wrong attitude for a Christian to have.

    Sin in sin. It’s in the word. Read it.

    If you fornicate, you’re no better.

    If you lie, you’re no better. If you steal, you’re no better.

    If you have a rotten attitude, you’re no better.

    If you commit adultery, you are no better.

    If you are arrogant, you are no better.

    If you’re vain, you are no better.

    If you’re a drunkard, you are no better.

    If you’re an addict of any kind (that could be alcohol, drugs, prescription meds, chocolate, sex, cigarettes…almost ANYTHING, you are no better– AND NO WORSE than any homosexual.

    My not yelling from the rooftops that Bobby Jones is going to hell in a handbasket doesn’t say that I support his condition or his actions because nothing could be farther from the truth.

    However, he is still a Christian and I do support that. That’s why I pray. There’s nothing more that I can do but pray.

    Bobby Jones has to see God for himself…just as you and I. We ALL have to answer for something. Only difference is, because he’s a public figure, we know what some of his answering will be.



  16. I was just wondering since your seem to be a person of prayer, if you are praying for Barack Obama’s eyes to be opened regarding abortion and homosexual rights. Are you for Obama simply because he is black and you are black? What about what he stands for? What is more important? the cause of Jesus Christ or the fact that he is black? What is going on in the church of Jesus Christ? Black is nothing, white is nothing, red is nothing, etc. etc. It’s all about Jesus and we should hate sin because Jesus had to die a brutal death because of it. What about the 40,000,000 babies that have been aborted in this nation and Mr. Obama is PRO-CHOICE. Not to change the subject of “DR” Bobby Jones!! That “show” that he hosts is abominable. Every time I see a commercial, I
    only get sad that there are so many people listening to this show and actually think that it is ‘ANOINTED’. Oh, that we would lay down our ethnic pride and think about what Jesus thinks of so many Christians supporting a PRO-CHOICE and Pro Homosexual Special Rights candidate.

  17. Wink721 you don’t have the power to decree anything over anyone right now. Your words are of no affect to anyone. We pray that you repent and be saved for the Glory of God. I don’t hate you, but I pray for you as I do everyone else. I pray that one day you find peace in God through Jesus the Christ

  18. Greetings in the precious name of Jesus. I have to agree that Bobby Jones should be exposed for his actions. The word says God cannot even tolerate an effeminate man much less a gay one. As you know effeminate just means he’s not manly enough. While noone is here to judge (lest we be judged), the bottom line is homosexuality is a sin. If we go back in the Bible, it has been around for centuries – but it was a sin back in Sodom/Gomorrah and it is still a sin. We will pray for those who cannot see this, and also for those that can.

  19. I wanted to add this to the conversation.

    My wife and I were relaxing yesterday evening watching the evening news and our young kids were playing in their play area. Now notice, our kids, 5 and 3 were in another room. I happened to just flip the channel to the Word Network to see what was on. The Bobby Jones show was on, and they were featuring new or up and coming acts. There was an all male(young boys…teenagers to at most age [18] “dance team”. I do not know what to describe or title their dancing. The best way to keep it clean is say these boys were obviously effeminate 100% by their facial looks, their movements(gyrations) and the way they walked…or worked it out! I was thankful that my sons were in the other room because they are at an impressionable age. If they had been in the room, I would have immediately turned the channel. My wife and I were appalled.

    Thank you Pastor Foster and GCMWatch for sounding the ALARM on Bobby Jones. But you know what was the most disturbing thing after this abominable performance…the audience of “church folks”…mostly black women and a few men applauded(APPROVED) these kids!

    GOD have mercy on us in the black churches! Wolves like Bobby Jones are enablers of evil works because of the large platform they have. I will say and agree with Pastor Foster. No true Christian musician(s), ministry, or leader SHOULD HAVE ANY INVOLVEMENT, ENDORSEMENT, APPEARANCE with Bobby Jones, his show, his platform or ilk until that man totally and truly repents! Any leaders that are with this filth and even on the hip-hop side are sick! GOD is going to come down and make examples out of these enablers…they better REPENT soon!

  20. Hello All,
    I came to this site to see if there was anything posted regarding a statement Dr. Bobby Jones allegedly made recently (possibly week of 2/9/09). He is supposed to have said something along the lines of “Whatever creator you pray to” or “We all have our own creator” or something to that effect. I did not hear it so I am asking if anyone else did; and if so, there needs to be another open letter sent to him demanding his explanation of this. Thanks for your update either way!

    God Bless,

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