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Pastor DL Foster is scheduled to be interviewed live at 500-5:45pm eastern. Other guest Keith Boykin. Disussion of issues surrounding Dirty Laundry, homosexuality, Bobby Jones and black gospel music industry.

Note: the air-time has been amended.

In case you havent heard, the CNN interview for today was cancelled when news of tragic and deadly shooting in Nebraska broke.  I literally had just walked in the door at CNN when I was informed that the show would not air. I was told that if it was rescheduled, I would be contacted. We are deeply grateful for all the prayers and words of strength and encouragement. God is not through, neither will He be denied the glory and honor due to His name.

Please continue to check this site for updates as we press forward.

6 thoughts on “CNN Today

  1. We’re praying for the WORD of God to go forth clearly and praying that God will send strong conviction of the hearts of the individuals invloved.
    This is the opportunity of repentance.

  2. Many prayers will be sent up this day for the TRUTH to be presented to the world about homosexuality and the need for repentance for that sin (as well as any other type of sexual sin) at the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ.

    May God continue to bless your much needed ministry on this subject Pastor DL Foster!

  3. I know that you will rep Christianity better than E. Bernard Jordan….When BET had Bernard Jordan and Keith Boykin on the show Meet the Faith, it was a mess…its not like Keith Boykin had a better argument for homosexuality but Bernard Jordan didnt know the Word in reference to homosexuality at all…so he looked like a clown when Sheryl Lee Ralph and Mr. Boykin were shouting him down..

  4. I am praying that God give you a Word that is so needed in this time of Great Apostasy especially among the church leaders.

  5. For a good read check out “A Step Into Deliverance” by T. Pugh. It’s an engrossing autobiography about one man’s battle with and ultimate defeat over the spirit of jezebel. A real page turner!

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