A little bit of hard preachin’ II

Pastor Herman Murray, Jr.ย of Full Gospel Holy Temple in Dallas preaching on homosexuality. What do you think? Right, wrong or a little crazy?


21 thoughts on “A little bit of hard preachin’ II

  1. If i recall during the 80’s people like you were protesting against Rock “N” Roll saying that it contained hidden backmasked messages and satanic and also the work of the devil, it seems that being gay has become the new favorite to attack.\

    GCMW: wolfman, please take your 33 lp off repeat. Its old, worn out and frankly boring. If thats all you have to talk about, you will need to move on to the next blog.

  2. I think Herman Murray, Jr. was basically saying the following, while he was offering other SOUND scripture (Proverbs 14:34) to fully support his words:
    1 Corinthians 5:12-13 (New American Standard Bible)

    12 For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Do you not judge those who are within the church?

    13 But those who are outside, God judges. REMOVE THE WICKED MAN FROM AMONG YOURSELVES.

    I’m not against saints speaking against a parade of filth, however we are to judge ourselves. We should ensure the church is in order PRIMARILY.

    He was a little flamboyant about it, but every word from his mouth was 100% sound in my ears and resting strong on the foundation of scripture.

    I’m not sure what his dance was about, can’t say the apostles or Christ ever danced around, but the message was sound.

    I don’t know if Herman Murray, Jr. is a good man or not, but he certainly had a good minute in that video clip!

  3. I normally do not find Pastor Murray watchable. The histrionics and theatre are a bit much for me, and this clip was no exception. That said, his point is well made. The church is the pillar and ground of the truth (1 TIm 3:15) and until the truth is spoken and sin cast out, we can neither move forward, nor do we have any right to speak out against sin outside the church. It is an increasingly unpopular position to be sure, but we are not put here in the earth to be popular…. (Contrary to what we see on TBN et al)

  4. IC: I think his little dance was him imitating the people he was speaking on in his sermon. At least that is how I took it…

  5. I think he has the right message (get the homosexuals out of the church). The presentation was…real full gospelly. The presentation kind of kills the perceived validity of the message. Also, he could have appealed to Scripture rather than cutesy phrases and pointed out that the Church really needs to clean itself up.

    Besides, I’m not sure a church organization has any business out protesting at a parade of homosexuals.


  6. Well to be fair it was only a minute clip. But my problem is that I see it as a throw the dog a bone thing.

    Too often instead of educating churches (and you can do that preaching with power and teaching with resolve) about how to reach homosexuals and other sexual-based sinners, they jump on the hoopology wagon, spit and hack.
    Preaching “against” homosexuality for a hot minute in a black church IMO does little good. On the surface it looks impressive.

    People yell, get “with the preacher”, but in the end you still have a spiritually dumb church. Its like giving to the 700 Club so they can go and do the great commission for you, so you dont have to. By preaching “against it” the congregation feels like as long as they yell back, then they have done their job.

    LOL @ Melvin: “real full gospelly” ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I agree that something needs to be done about sexual immorality in the church. I can’t always appreciate the delivery of the message (hoopin’ and hollerin’), but it should be dealt with. The church as a whole should emphasize “…holiness without which no man can see God.” There isn’t enough well rounded teaching of the Word in most churches. We all need to look at our roles as Christians, being witnesses and taking a stand against immorality isn’t just the “preacher’s” job.

  8. i watched the video just now, so i didnt really get to see or hear much, but it needs to be addressed, & not suger coated, the undulterated word is right all by it self, im not one who finds him watcheble either but God uses whom he chooses. there is a another in his church who i find rather entertaining, he seems to do alot of showboating when he comes to newyork but when he gives the word im all good. but as i said the word is right all by itself, just give me the word & im good, i dont pay any attention to all the parading around that doesnt move me one bit is the word that compels me & sustaines me, homosexuality is running rampage & God is coming back for a church without spot wrinkle or blemish, God is raising up a nation that will obey. be ye holy for i am holy. saith the lord.

  9. keeping it real and making you think about your way of life, and see if you are really lined up with the spirtual truth according to the word of god, good intro into the lecture of our weekly food for the soul as one attend service.

  10. I attend this church. (In fact, I was there when he preached this).
    I don’t hate or dislike homosexuals, but he is stating the truth.
    Why do you think God burned those two ancient cities?
    And it wasn’t ALL because of un-homosexual sin.
    Also, God wants us to MULTIPLY & be FRUITFUL. Meaning, God wants us to have children. 2 men cannot make babies. 2 women cannot make babies.
    Homosexually is a unclear spirit of the devil & of course some ppl are going to do things their way.

  11. AMEN! The truth is spoken here and we know as saints of God who preach against SIN we will not be like. we will be hated by the world. SIN is a stink in God nostrils. Yes, Praise the Lord that Rev.Herman Murray is exposing sin and calling it out. Yes sound the alarm against homosexuality because I am. ALL SIN needs to be called out. HOLINESS OR HELL!!!

  12. Oh, Lord, Holiness or Hell….. Platitudes are so unhelpful. I understand that phrase but…

    “Get the homosexuals out of the church”… Which ones, the militants who deny the truth of scripture? The struggling homosexual who is afraid of the judgement of the “saints” and cannot disclose the struggle with sexual sin? The homosexual person who has tried and tried and prayed and fasted and gone to deliverance services to have demons cast out and still finds themselves with same sex attractions? Or the little who was twice molested as a child, again by a minister as a teen who feels shame for his homosexual experiences.? I hope you all recognize my questions’ intent. This issue is multi-faceted and needs a Spirit-led and biblical approach. Truth and compassion, discipline and accountability. That cannot happen in a blurb of a sermon.

    GCMW you are so right about the church viewing same sex attraction and behavior as an issue and not a ministry. We need far fewer platitudes and catch phrases and more strategy for real approaches to ministry to those in that sin. We certainly don’t need rants from the pulpit that do not precede follow up ministry to those who are gay.

    “Keeping in Real” Yeah, real superficial.

  13. In response to Elder Jimmy, I am a new member of FGHT and even though I missed this sermon, I have heard and witnessed plenty enough to know that he doesn’t mean what you are insinuating…As I stated I am a new member and been to plenty of churches searching for the right one…and on my journeys before coming to FGHT, I saw many things…Gays who are partakers in the ministry and even before I was born again, I was sitting in my seat wondering how is this person a spirtual leader and is gay..How can they tell me how to get to God and they haven’t gotten there themselves? So I am quite sure Herman meant the same as I was thinking…Or maybe he was talking about the gays who are just there in the church taking up space with no INTENT on repenting…They’re just there to broadcast their lifestyle with their “how u like me now” attitude…Have you EVER visited FGHT because if you have then you would know that they just about beg the sinners: drug users, prostitutes, gays and lesbians to come down to that altar and get right with God…And they have had plenty of ANNOINTING sermons on gays and everything else, that reached people…I have watched people with my own two eyes, the boys that were sagging with their pants down to their knees, SAVED!!! Lesbian women that looked like men, SAVED!!! Professed drug users, SAVED!! It doesn’t matter what you call it, “platitudes”, “catch phrases” or whatever you will…God says He wants us to live holy and if you can’t do that, then hell is your eternal home…And that’s all that needs to be focused on….God Bless!!

  14. Holiness without shall no man see the LORD!!! Get it point blank. KEEP PREACHING THE WORD DR.HERMAN MURRAY JR.

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