Top 10 gay christian movement watch stories of 2007

                                                                                  UPDATED 12.31.07 topten.jpgSince we took up our watch in June, this has been a great year of exposing false prophets and their false teachings which lead people into bondage and sin. We give God the praise for allowing them time and opportunity to repent and submit themselves to His Lordship and Word. Whether they did or not is a matter between them and God. But we are committed to make the church a place where the false prophet is not comfortable deceiving God’s people. The spiritual charlatans spreading the false doctrine of sexual immorality can no longer expect to creep in while we are on the wall. We’re also thankful to all who sent us tips and supporting information. It is greatly appreciated.

Now that the year is drawing to a close, we wanted to review what turned out to be the top 10 stories of 2007 as reported by Gay Christian Movement Watch. Story rankings are based on number of individual “hits” to the story.

1. Gospel’s Bobby Jones appearing in gay movie (5481) Bobby Jones appearance as a “preacher” in the cryptic sounding movie Dirty Laundry launched an outcry and new awareness of the spiritual corrosion in the gospel music “industry”.

2. TD Jakes, Andrew Merritt linked to gay church movement (4297) Leaders of the Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies in Columbus, OH retained connections to Bishop Robert Taylor who helped establish a homosexual “radical inclusion” religious organization.

3. TD Jakes repositioning with Dr. Phil? (1542) Bishop Jakes partners with TV psychology pundit Dr. Phil. The mutual collaboration was questioned due to Dr. Phil’s false declaration that homosexuality is “inherited”.

4.  About GCM Watch (1248) Some hated us, some applauded us. It seems a lot of people wanted to know exactly what we were doing here. And why.

5. Gay christian movement adherents (1197)  You wanted to know exactly who we were “watching”. We kept our eye on the more prominent factions in the gay christian movement, their leaders, public statements and actions.

6. Another Carlton Pearson Story (1049) A story written by Ministry Today editor Matt Green was both humorus and serious as he reviewed Bishop Carlton Pearson’s false  “gospel of inclusion” doctrine and its inherent contradictions.

7. What does Kirk Franklin know? (1127) Kirk Franklin told the world that homosexuality was a major problem in the gospel music industry. But given his huge influence,  he has done little if anything at all to push for spiritual reform. We wanted to know if someone or something was preventing that.

8. TD Jakes: saving souls can wait (898) Bishop TD Jakes’ reactionary partnerships with anti-righteousness groups caused him to reveal that he really isn’t the man we thought he was. While attempting to pacify the pro-AIDS crowd, Jakes relegated soul saving to second priority.

9. Creflo Dollar protects his money in Canada (877) The Rev Creflo Dollar couldnt answer a straight question about homosexuality while in Canada. We reported that Canada’s laws against “hate speech” affected his ability to stand for righteousness, even if he would lose a few dollars in the process.

10. Bishop Flunder’s  wilderness allegory (904)  In one of the most egregious examples of bible abuse to date, lesbian Bishop Yvette Flunder twisted the Bible’s wilderness journey with a false allegory  in an attempt to legitimize sexual immorality.