Dreams and visions

Last night I dreamed I was at a church.  There was no indication what church it was or even what type of church it was. I was in the church’s kitchen cleaning up and saw a bowl of macaroni and cheese, which is one of my favorite dishes. In the dream, I remember calling a friend about the dish and I was told that it was all right.  I took the macaroni and cheese and put a spoonful in my mouth. As soon as I did, it tasted like putrid meat. I quickly spit it out, but what came out was not macaroni and cheese I had eaten, but whole ravioli. At this point, I awoke from the dream.

If, after reading this you feel the Lord has given you insight or if you feel it is simply a dream with no meaning whatsoever, I’d like to hear your thoughts or interpretation.

Additional question (if you’d like to comment): Are dreams tied to prophecy in the sense that some prophecy is “forthtelling (general)” and some is “foretelling(specific)”? Thus, a dream can also be foretelling or forthtelling?


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  1. Hi DL,

    Did you get my email? When you read it, you will see that your dream has meaning for me. I am very upset and disturbed about the information that I recently found out about a beloved and influencial pastor.

    Of course, we know all too well that MANY emergent, and/or reprobate pastors could fit the same, or a similar description.

    The following verses come to mind:

    Pro 23:6 Eat thou not the bread of [him that hath] an evil eye, neither desire thou his dainty meats:

    Pro 23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so [is] he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart [is] not with thee.

    Pro 23:8 The morsel [which] thou hast eaten shalt thou vomit up, and lose thy sweet words.

  2. Christine, I didnt get an email from you.

    I beleive that the broader message of the dream is about deception.

    Im not sure in what context or if it was meant for me specifically or someone else, or a general warning confirmation to all.

    Thank you for those verses.

  3. The Dream is…”Just a Dream. ” If some say it’s about deception, come on don’t we already know about deception in the church and have no need for mac and cheese to tell us this. We have Patti, and Bobby, and Fluker, and Ike and TD and Benny…and most of all…
    THE WORD OF GOD and people like you DL to expose them. God Bless you during this season of His Incarnation and prosper you in the New Year. I too love me some mac and cheese.

  4. Rob thanks for those comments. What is your take on dreams in general?

    I have never placed a high stake in dreams although I do know that some do come from God and have significant meaning.

    But I do wonder sometimes about their significance and relevance in terms of what we see and already know.

  5. Not all dreams are about nothing. Some dreams are warnings from the LORD some dreams are our subconcious mind speaking to us. When I read the post much earlier this morning I waited until now to answer so I wouldn’t just give any ol’ answer. Now I think your dream may be saying to be wary about the type of advice or guidance you receive or accept. Just be prudent. It probably does not have anything to do with your friend, per se, but maybe you should be careful about recieving advice from trusted parties without discerning whether their good advice is what is right for the situation or the time. Not all good advice is truth. You are right when you say that dreams often confirm to us us what we already know.

  6. I take some dreams very serious. I can’t speak for all, but I am sure God has spoken to me in dreams. I believe all men know God, not all men will seek or accept God. Sometimes our dreams are the in working of the Holy Spirit making us aware of something. I have also read stories from former Muslims about how dreams have led them to Christ.

    I am no prophet, but your dream does have a meaning IMHO. Deception in the church, deception in the desires of the flesh (in this case a tasty bowl of Mac N Cheese) and spitting it out (rejecting the lie) and a new realization that all is not what it appears. Maybe the calling of your friend in asking him is God’s way of reminding you to call Him first, and even those we love and trust respect etc.. are no replacement for God’s OK to eat. We too often eat what we please and give thanks not because it pleases God, but it pleases us.

    God’s speed DL!

  7. Thanks to you all. I felt a little silly writing about a “macaroni and cheese” dream, but what this,meant literally kept me up for the duration of the night. It was so “real” (the foul taste of the meat) that when I awoke I was physically spitting.

    I have had plenty dreams, some I let die on the pillow because I know they are not God’s doing. Others have a profound affect on my mentality and then others I keep to myself and ponder.

    This was one that I felt to get some advice on that (even though some of you have said to be careful to seek God).

    I also couldnt help but think of Pharoahs dream and Joesph’s interpretation. Not that I am saying this dream is on that scale.

  8. I feel you had a dream, nothing more. If God has a message, we can find it in His Word, see 2 Peter 1:20-21 and Colossians 2:18-19. The “mystery” you needed an answer to was already answered in scripture, Romans 16:25-27.

    Someone could claim the dream was some “vision” of you getting ready to accept something that you later find to be foul. Better than a dream, just read 2 Thessalonians 2. I certainly think it presents things much more clearly than your dream 😀 .

    So I say, stick to the sure word, scripture. If you wake up remembering a dream, thank God you woke up not only with a conscious mind, but that you are given another day to do His will, not waking up in damnation. Leave the dream on your pillow 🙂 .

  9. The dream could CAUSE you to search the scriptures. Didn’t Paul have a dream/vision that spoke to him about a need for help in Macedonia in Acts 16:9? No, is not good or even scriptural to guide your life by dreams, yet, it is sometimes a tool that GOD uses to get our attention. Not all dreams should be discardedas inconsequential.
    As you wrote earlier some dreams you ponder. You will ultimately decide whetehr the dream has a lasting significance or not.

  10. Visions can be while sleeping or awake. An open vision is while you are awake. I said it was a dream/vision. The text said that a vision came to Paul “in the night” which may be interpreted as a euphamism (sp?) for while he was asleep. Yes, you are right there was no doubt with Pauls vision.

    Personally, (and I know IC that you are not big on experience as a guidepost for doctrine or theology, neither am I BUT) I have had several dreams which were exact and they were definately from the LORD. In January of 1995 I had a dream where I saw my mother in a hospital bed with a tube down her throat, bandage on her head and she was hooked up to machine. I saw three doctors by her bedside. One doctor turned to the other and said: “She has a brain tumor.” I awakened from the dream and kept it to myself. In March of 95. My mother was diagnosed witha cancerous brain tumor. She died three weeks later. She was not visibly ill. She was having memory problems. Very unusual for 55 years old. She went to the doctor and was awaiting tests. I told my sister of the dream. We are both Christians. My mother was not. We prayed for her salvation. She recieved Christ the day before she died. That dream came from the LORD. it prepared my sister and I for her death and we were able to witness to my mother again. She is with the LORD now.

  11. One commentary I just read translates the Acts 16 passage this way; “In a vsion of the night”. The greek text allows for this translation. This would meana that he was most likely asleep.There are clear directive dreams that are “visions” and there are trances, (I do NOT like that word) like Peter had in Acts 10. That word trance means that he was unconcious to his present reality> I am not sure but could he be asleep. Did he have a trance in the sense that I (we) understand them today. If one of my congrgants came to me and said they had a trance I woulld be very concerned! I’m not sure.

  12. Definitionally, I always understood that a dream occurs when one is asleep or unconscious, a vision occurs when one is awake or at least aware of one’s surroundings.

    I definitely had a dream, and have had visions. Both (of substance) had a major impact on my life. As a matter of fact the dream I had at age 15 is an underlying factor in my “pressing on” to this daym now that I understand more fully its implications.

  13. If I may say, sir….

    as Dr. James Dobson
    says, “DREAMS reflect wish fulfillment, giving expression to the things we long
    for; and secondly, they ventilate anxiety and the stresses we experience during
    waking hours.”

    & seeing that certain dreams influenced by our desires/fears, anger, or
    frustrations, I’m certainly NOT for ACCEPTING ALL DREAMS UNCRITICALLY as God inspired.
    However, there have been MANY TIMES IN MY LIFE where I’ve had a dream about something and it dealt with a major turning point in my life/often indicated something of importance that the Lord either was warning me about early on or later revealed to me regarding something in my life I needed to get together.

    This I think is reasonable, for even
    those WITH SCRIPTURE/KNOWING the need to study it experienced DREAMS & VISIONS
    on things where Scripture was SILENT on SPECIFIC ISSUES/CIRCUMSTANCES…….

    I realize that many have/will say that Scripture is all we need, but In saying Scripture is all we need for EVERY DIRECTION in life, then what to
    make of the situations where what they had as an equivalent to doctrine—-the
    LAW—wasn’t enough at times in CERTAIN SITUATIONS?

    What if he’d simply went by the Scriptures he knew of DIVORCE rather than going
    by the wisdom God showed him in his dream for a SOLUTION (Matthew 1:20-21)..Or
    why did God not simply tell Joseph “Go to this Scripture, for it’ll tell you about Pharaohs plan to kill your son”? (Matthew 2:12-22)

    What of Ananias’s vision of God telling him to go MEET PAUL (Acts 9:10-22), or
    Cornelius’s dream of an ANGEL telling him who to meet, as well as Peter’s so they’d fulfill a VITAL PART OF GOD’S PLAN (Acts 10)

    Why Didn’t Paul simply rely on the Scriptures he knew of regarding the MACEDONIA incident instead of dreams to know what AREA to minister in, simply
    saying “As long as we’re “going into all the world” as Christ commanded, it’s all good” (Acts 16:6-10)…or dismiss the vision he had of an ANGEL encouraging
    him to alert his men that they’d be safe & that HE’D BE ON TRIAL IN ROME (Acts 27:9-26)?

    All of these examples—minus all the NUMEROUS examples (Genesis 31:4-13, Genesis
    31:22-24, Genesis 37:5-10, Genesis 41, Daniel 2-4, & Daniel 7:1, Matthew
    27:19)—seem to show that it’s reasonable to expect God-Inspired dreams TODAY…&
    that God still uses them

    For these are the SAME circumstances many others—ESPECIALLY IN PERSECUTED
    experienced around the World, including myself since I’ve seen many of these SAME things on Mission trips & in the States NUMEROUS TIMES……& to dismiss it
    doesn’t seem to be anything else but prejudice—– for wisdom is getting ALL THE FACTS (Proverbs 18:13), Being open to NEW IDEAS (Proverbs 18:15), and being willinly to objectively hear both sides of a
    story before judging (Proverbs 18:17)

  14. When I was 2 yeas old, I had a vision sitting right in church. A returned missionary from Monrovia, Liberia waspreaching. As they were speaking a scence came down before my face I was sting in the choir stand. I saw a huge field. It went on for miles. It was full of sheaves of wheat and wheat not yet harvested. I saw a few older women. bent and tired trying to do a vast amount of work. I heard the scripture say “Go ye therefore into all the world and preach the gospel” . I didn’t speak, I didn’t move, I didn’t say anything. My pastor who was an elderly man always sat on the front row if he was not preaching. He came to me privately and asked; “What did you see son?” I opened my mouth to speak and cried. The LORD was calling me to move from music ministry exclusively and begin to preach. I’ve been doing it ever since. I know the HolySpirit still speaks that way. There are some other implications of that vision, re; the women etc. that have ben unfolded and unfloding since that time. Visions and dreams speak in line with the written word and bear fruit that lins us with scripture. I feel like hollering and shouting. UCHA!

  15. Oops, The vision happened when I was 20 years old not 2. Anyone reading that must have thought for sure I was a liar!

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