CA Episcopal diocese leaves denomination

Good news to report!  Bishop  John-David Schofield, presiding bishop of the California based San Joaquin Diocese and its members voted by an overwhelming margin to withdraw from the apostate leadership of the Episcopal Church. As a dioceasan spokeman said, “they had no choice”. Like fellow apostates from the United Church of Christ, Episcopalian leadership continues to drive those faithful to biblical sexual morality from the church by demanding they fully accept homosexuality. GCM Watch applauds the courage and spiritual leadership of Bishop Schofield and pray that others fight this apostasy by removing their fellowship –and funds– from the control of errant leaders.
From Charisma Magazine 

Central California’s Diocese of San Joaquin became the first in the nation to leave the Episcopal Church over the issue of the Bible and homosexuality reports the Associated Press (AP).

Clergy and lay members voted 173 to 22 at the diocese’s annual convention recently to eliminate all references to the national church from the diocese’s constitution.
According to the AP the diocese plans to align itself with the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone, based in South America.

Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Katharine Jefferts Schori, who supports the ordination of gays and lesbians, had warned the diocese against secession.

 “We deeply regret their unwillingness or inability to live within the historical Anglican understanding of comprehensiveness,” Schori said in a statement after the vote.
The Rev. Van McCalister, a spokesman for the diocese, said they felt they had no choice. “We have a leadership in the Episcopal Church that has drastically and radically changed directions,” McCalister said. “They have pulled the rug out from under us. They’ve started teaching something very different … and it’s impossible for us to follow.”
The San Joaquin diocese serves 8,500 parishioners in 47 congregations throughout central California.

One thought on “CA Episcopal diocese leaves denomination

  1. How ironic that Schori responds:

    “…inability to live within the historical Anglican understanding of comprehensiveness.

    How should we translate her gobbledy-gook?

    Bishop Schofield valiantly refuses to COMPROMISE the TRUTH OF THE SCRIPTURES!!

    God bless this bishop and the Diocese of San Joaquin for standing up for TRUTH!!

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