The sin of gay christian doctrine

The Scripture Refiner’s Fire is ablaze! We’ll call it a case of righteous indignation.

After a confrontation with a gay christian on a Christian forum (fyi: watch out, some”Christian” forums are chocked full of these homosexual religious pundits lying in wait to ambush anyone who advocates the historic Christian faith and biblical sexual morality). SRF took the individual’s ridiculous arguments and soundly brought them to a screeching halt. That’s the way we like it. Gay christian doctrine is so completely faulty and full of holes it can’t stand up to even minimal of biblical scrutiny.

SRF covered gcm arguments:

“What proof do you have that samesex sex was “harming them” (ex-gay Christians)?

SRF responded: “When you sin against other believers by encouraging them to do something they believe is wrong, you are sinning against Christ.”

Exactly. When one individual who calls themselves Christian encourages another Christian to sin by saying there is nothing wrong with committing fornication (homosexual and heterosexual) they are a danger to the Body. 

“[There’s] no proof that gays and lesbians aren’t your brothers and sisters in Christ.”

SRF responded: “It is incumbent on ANY believer to prove THEY ARE a believer in Jesus Christ.”

If a person claims to be a follower of Christ, but espouses a doctrine of sexual immorality against the commandments of Christ, they cannot be considered brothers and sisters. They are disobedient children and in danger of the wrath of God. They are to be warned and put out of the fellowship if they continue teaching others against the Word of God. We are called upon to prove our loyalty and love for Christ by the way we live and adherence to his Words.

Gay christian said: “The kind of God you believe in” must be an arbitrary one, if one must obey an arbitrary rule.

SFR responded: “God does not have two standards for Christian conduct.”

The gay christian movement wants to create a completely different standard for themselves which allows them to opt of sexual standards of conduct. Yes, God does set the rules, and they cannot be changed to suit anyone. No one is exempt from obeying God.


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  1. A pure case of earthy reason versus Truth. Truth is objective, it is always Truth. Reason, appeal to emotions, fairness, and accusations of phobia and bigotry will never change the truth.
    The true test of Christian discipleship is when we are faced with our passions/desires and confronted by the Truth of the scriptures we obey the scripture despite what our passions dictate.
    Not everyone who lays claims to the title Christian has a high view of scripture. To some it is a guidebook full of options and opinions. “I’ll go along with it until my will is confronted by this book.” The only cure for “itchy ear syndrome” is the Truth (2 Timothy 4:3).

  2. Sin, such a powerfull word to use some where in there it is written he who has not sin let him through the first stone now to all of us can we realy aford to wast our time given attenion to these things which the word says will come about anyway.As for the children of the lord he knows wrght from wrong and will not follow anther so we need not worry about people who are saved the lord will take care of them. Each of us has somthing that’s bult in us that tells us the truth and a true child will not beleave a lie.I look at this as a sign just as it says the end can not come with out a fallen away from the church so saten will win some before the lord comes there is not mucs we can do about it but talk.

  3. Oddly enough, Leviticus states it’s a sin, just like shellfish, shaving one’s beard as well as sitting on a couch of a menstruating women, however, in the New Testament, the only topics regarding homosexuality is in conjunction with promiscuity and “burning passions”—not love between two people of the same sex. Love is different than lust.

    But, different views for different people.

    Heterosexual premarital sex is a sin, so is any type of promiscuity of a heterosexual, so why is it that you only focus on the gays and lesbians?

    My theory, or “opinion” is, people who focus on one particular sin – who continually throw stones at homosexuals have the very same cross to bear.

    Just a thought.

    Your “truth” may not be another person’s truth.

    Where in the bible does JESUS say that homosexuality is a sin?

    Everyone falls short…everyone. Remember that when you’re sitting on your proverbial throne condemning your brothers in sisters who struggle just as you do.

    God bless.

  4. Deb, thanks for stating your opinions. They really do matter.

    However, I cant help but wonder why anyone would go through life not knowing whether you are right or wrong? Isnt that what an opinion portends?

    Wouldnt you like to know that if you have $100 in the bank according to your calculations, that you actually have $100 in the bank? Thats a trivial concept when compared to one’s eternal status with God. Hope you get that point.

    The Word of God offers just that. An opportunity to align with God and KNOW that if you say what He says and live as he has set forth, then you can with assurance know that your life is pleasing to Him. No uncertainty. The world idolizes confident people, who are sure of themselves. Why is it that we cant be confident and sure of ourselves with God, especially if we live our lives according to His words? Why is that suddenly offensive when it comes to Christians.

    The Bible says: Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward. For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. (Hebrews 10:35-36)

    People who use the “everybody has opinions” argument in relation to scripture is missing the point. Its not about people, its about God. God doesnt offer us opinions, but unimpeachable truth.

    Now, to your questions. If, after you have searched the site and have not found an answer to any of your questions, (including the one about the personal connection to homosexuality), I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

  5. Thank you for responding. I appreciate that. I have a problem or “an issue” with “KNOWING”, because believing is “having faith”—having blind faith, listed in John 20:29.

    I study the bible and the truth for me is interpreted by what the Spirit tells me. “Christians” tell me opposite of what I read in the bible. I can totally understand why people interpret that homosexuality is still a sin, even read after Leviticus, but what I cannot understand is why they can’t leave it at just that: someone else’s belief.

    For example, if you met my partner and I, you would see human beings, people who would invite you into their home, make you feel comfortable and always help you in need. You would see a couple who shared their love of God, and spent time praying together. We put God first in our lives and make sure that He is top priority, so it hurts when people of the same faith, the same “religion” tells us that we’re going to hell, just because we love one another.

    I hope my next question does not offend you… In your church, if a man sitting up front with his new wife and his ex-wife is still alive, isn’t he committing adultery? It says so in the Old Testament, as well as the New Testament. So, with that being said—shouldn’t we take into consideration that if we think or believe that it’s a sin, we should leave it up to God to judge?

    I will search your website to find my answers, however, I hope that what I have presented to you made sense in terms of the both of us being humans in the same world trying to struggle with the same thing: sin. Sin can be anything from an impure thought, a white lie, adultery to coveting…

    So I wonder if we’ll ever be perfect… I guess only Jesus can.



    Thanks again for being ok with my questions!

    Warmest regards,

  6. Hello Deb,

    The question of whether or not Jesus mentions homosexuality comes from a misunderstanding of scripture and the historical context of Jesus’ ministry. He came to earth as a Jewish man. He was well aquainted with the Jewish Scripture and all of its prohibitions and blessings that accompanied obedience to the Word of GOD. The laws in Leviticus have several categories; 1. The law against touching a menstruating woman for example is a law connected to ceremonial uncleaness (one set of laws). 2. The law connected to eating shellfish is a jewish dietary law (another set of laws) 3.The laws against mixing fabric and mixing seed in a feild was a warning not to adopt the customs of the Cannanites and their idolatrous practices (the Cannanite priests wore robes of mixed fabric; God commanded his priests to wear a particular garment of one fabric). So not all of these laws had the same reason or purpose. All of these prohibitions against these things have been fulfilled in Christ. The only laws that are still in effect are the moral laws of GOD. You used one the laws yourself in your own question regarding adultery. Those laws are still in effect. The laws against murder, theft, adultery, coveting, etc., are current for today. So are the laws regarding human sexuality. Jesus reinforced these laws in the gospels. Again, you referenced this is your post.
    When Jesus talks about human sexuality he allows for only one expression of that: In the context of marriage which he affirmed as the original intent of GOD. Male and female with very limited guidelines for dissoution. (Matthew 19).
    Jesus never had to mention homosexuality because it was clearly understood by all of the jewish religious culture that same sex relationships were prohibited in scripture.
    Considerring Jesus attacked and corrected the wrong doctrine and practices of the religious culture on so many other matters, ie; giving, paying tithes, hypocrisy; copmmiting adultery in the heart; sabbath keeping, unrighteous judgement, showing mercy, attitudes toward the poor, etc., etc., I think a more telling question is “Why didn’t Jesus correct the wrong ideas that existed around homosexuality?”

    May I respectfully ask you a question? Does your philosophy of leaving of to the LORD to judge apply to every area where there is disagreement on the interpretation of scripture? I mean, say for instance that someone disagrees with the biblical principle against theft. Should Christians fail to speak or allow God to judge in that situation also?

  7. Elder Jimmy says
    The only laws that are still in effect are the moral laws of GOD.

    What is ‘moral’ to one set of people may not be ‘moral’ to another. (beliefs)

    With all due respect, this is an unintentional error made by many today. God’s law in the OT, as Deb points out to make her point, was to a particular people at a particular time. God does not change nor does what He says is Holy and unholy. God’s law was a gift to the Israelites. It showed them the holiness of their King and protected them from those in rebellion to Him. The OT narratives emphasize that it has always been about the faithfullness of God. Obedience and blessing.

    The new and final covenant is in Christ. The law (God’s holiness and blessings) never changes. Christ is the new High priest, the perfect lamb etc..We can do nothing right in God’s holiness without the gift of Christ’s blood! We are adopted sons and daughters, nothing we do or did earns us that righteousness.

    Deb I fear wants Jesus as the new high priest of her life, but on her terms, not His. i.e. Give me that Jesus who lets me make my own rules and live my own way and what I believe is holy and right!

    Knowledge and beliefs as DL points out are not equal. 1 Timothy 6:20-21 (NASB)
    20 Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you, avoiding worldly and empty chatter and the opposing arguments of what is falsely called “knowledge”–
    21 which some have professed and thus gone astray from the faith Grace be with you.

    Christ said He never came to abolish the law. In fact it is that very scripture (The OT) Deb uses to justify her own unwillingness to submit to Christ. She, like most when our Lord Jesus walked the face of the earth walked away from. Remember, Christ quoted from the same OT scripture to rebuke Satan in the dessert. That should speak volumes in terms of just how important it is for us today!

    God’s holiness and blessings are clearly revealed in Leviticus etc.. then, now, and forever. God’s word is absolute truth and eternal. That I also fear is what offends Deb. We don’t make the rules nor do we get to make idols of God. Feelings, opinions, and beliefs do not make it right or God’s will. Never have, never will.

  8. When I used the world moral as it related to the discusison it was most certainly from a biblical world view; GOD’s law. His law is not subject to the interpretations of men nor suject to the changing mores of society; a point I made in my earlier post.
    Yes, Christ came to FULFILL and not abolish the law. The intent of the law of GOD is written on our hearts by His Holy Spirit. “For what the law was powerless to do in that it was weakened by the sinful nature GOD did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful man to be a sinoiffering. And so He condemned sin in sinful man; in order that the righteous requiremnts of the law might be fully met in us who do not live according to the sinful nature but according to the Spirit. Romans 8:3-4.

    His law was a “schoolmaster” in a sense to reveal to us the Holiness of GOD and point out our inability to keep it apart from the grace of GOD. I was speaking in the limited realm of the discusson at hand.

  9. Elder Jimmy,
    Amen & I understand what your saying brother. It is indeed the law that brings one to the cross of Christ, then and now. Seen and unseen faith.

    I just get a bit concerned when we try to break up God’s OT laws into categories. God’s law equals His holiness. Then and now. 🙂 we would do well to seek it. 🙂

  10. 3 For what the Law could not do, weak as it was through the flesh, God did: sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and as an offering for sin, He condemned sin in the flesh,

    4 so that the requirement of the Law might be fulfilled in us, who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.

    God’s morality (law) will and should find even the unbeliever convicted. Deb’s life style, habits, and way of thinking must be indwelt by the holy spirit. Otherwise she manifests a ‘fruit’ that produces death, not life.

    If our mind is set upon the flesh, we are dead. Disobedience is the last thing they (Deb & the GCM) should worry about.. Even the unsaved preform godly and good deeds. If the law of God is written on our hearts, the spirit of God is at home. Where there is no evidence of outwardly fruit, there is a heart that is in rebellion to God.

    No person has a legitimate claim to Christ as Lord or Savior without a death to the flesh and a new life in trust and faith in His holy and perfect word. Only then will the Spirit propel us to new heights and accomplish what God desires in all…a dirty death stenched rag made Holy and righteousness in the blood of Christ!

  11. I wrote the blog because carnal doctrine including “Gay Christianity” is destroying whole church denominations.

    In the final analysis, debating what sin is, becomes a ludicrous discussion.

    Gay Christianity fails the “love test” because it goes directly against ex-gay believers that try to live their lives for Jesus Christ. By their own testimonies they can not follow same-sex sex and serve Christ too. With this as a known fact, the bible explains the appropriate spiritual attitude from a “true believer in Jesus Christ.” Instead, they attack the ex-gays’ weakness, and join forces with the enemy. This is a glaring demonstration of the true spirit behind “gay Christianity.” It is of Satan beyond any reasonable doubt.

    As I said in the blog:

    “[4.0] I believe in a Holy God that brings life to ALL believers. The spirit of same-sex sex kills the spiritual life of ex-gay Christians according to them. The same spirit blesses the spiritual lives of so-called “gay Christians” according to Katherine Schori, the Presiding Bishop of the ECUSA that ordinated the openly-gay noncelibate bishop Gene Robinson. This can not come from the spirit of Christ, otherwise Christ Himself is a contradiction — slaying the spirit of one believer and blessing the spirit of another. Therefore, the spirit of same-sex sex can not come from a Holy God.”

  12. By the way, the main point comes from the Bible in 1st Corinthians Chapter 8, regarding food sacrificed to idols.

    I quote 1st Cor 8, verse 12 verbatim from the apostle Paul:

    “12 And when you sin against other believers by encouraging them to do something they believe is wrong, you are sinning against Christ.”

  13. “Heterosexual premarital sex is a sin, so is any type of promiscuity of a heterosexual, so why is it that you only focus on the gays and lesbians? ”

    Because gay christians are the only ones proclaiming their sinful deeds are righteous and blessed of God, and their doctrine is splitting whole church denominations. They walked into the spotlight proclaiming their own righteousness.

    I covered this subject already in another blog post:


  14. come now, heterosexuals believe that their promiscuity is ok and most often it is not done in a loving relationship with another but as the end of a perfect evening of dinner, wine and then sex with whomever one has picked up that day…
    yes, I believe there is a focus on gays and lesbians…Jesus said there are only two, two , two commandments…Love your Creator and your neighbor; and I find more love in the gays who have a loving relationship with their partners than many heterosexuals; the proof is in the LOVE of the relaltionship, not the “meeting of organs” whether homo or heterosexual relationships.

  15. “Gay Christians” can not love an ex-gay with Christian love. Rather they are out to destroy ex-gays, destroy their testimonies, undermine their faith, and ruin their reputations. I’ve already shown that in the web blog. I’ve already seen it for myself, and I revealed it for everyone to see. Gay Christianity is not compatible with Christianity. It is a dark spirit that is out to slay Christians.

  16. Madeline, as SRF pointed out there is overwhelming EVIDENCE here and elsewhere that the gay christian movement is undergirded by a dark and evil spirit that is not of Christ.

    Their intentions are clear and it has nothing to do with love.

    As to your ill-applied reference to the love commandment, I didnt find where Jesus said they were the only commandments, just the greatest. Take note of the difference. When you find anywhere on this blog that we have approved of heterosexual sexual immorality, point it out and we will correct and repent immediately. Until then, that statement is a nothing more than a goose-necked strawman.

  17. Dear me, as one who has known and loved my gay brothers and sisters for many years, I do not find that evil spirit that you are finding. You sound like fear is blinding your objectivity and God is not able to do His work in their lives and you must play God…yes we are litttle g, gods, but not capital G.Gods. (smile)

    What a difference…greatest commandments vs. commandments: ALL the commandments are wrapped up in these two: (Love, Love, Love Your Creator and Love, Love, Love Your Brother)…if you will examine the issue further.

    I am writing a book called : The 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Be Ignorant. Jesus said, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” He sees us all as Ignorant and in our ignorance; we judge on issues where we do not know ALL that Jesus knows. We ARE ignorant…sorry, but this includes you.. Do you propose to know more than Jesus regarding “the truth” and in spiritual pride judge when He told us to “judge not.?”

    I challenge you to look at “those gay christians” with a four letter word, LOVE, not the four letter word, FEAR, acknowledge the pain of their lives, have compassion, and leave the judgment to the Holy Spirit who is here NOW to comfort and show us the truth. Get baptized in the person/the Holy Spirit (if your institution will allow you), pray in tongues for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and let your fear and judgment leave… love ALL for whom Christ shed His blood, and let the Holy Spirit do His thing regarding our gay brothers and sisters. He sees the total picture; we see through a glass darkly; therefore, our judgment and the spiritual pride that excludes any of our brothers and sisters is a spiritual wickedness that will be seen on judgment day… when we had a chance to love and did not..
    Much love in Him,

    p.s. Come now, oh, sure you did not “show anywhere in this blog that you approved of heterosexual immorality”…how safe is that? I challenge you to come out of your safety net and take on all the sponsors of tv shows, newspapers, the media, etc., that blatantly show casual heterosexual organs-to-organs sexual encounters as the norm and confusing our young people, rather than worrying so much about homosexuals. I hear nothing about this problem from any of you and yet this blatant, casual. heterosexual, organs-to-organs sexuality is affecting many, many, many more of our young people than any homosexual activities, e.g., teen pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases, etc. Again, one must wonder: “Is the attack on the homosexual community a “red herring” that allows you to keep from taking on the “real” issues epidemic in the heterosexual community?” As it is written: Remove the block out of the heterosexual community before you try to remove the speck out of the homosexual community.”

  18. Q: “Dear me, as one who has known and loved my gay brothers and sisters for many years, I do not find that evil spirit that you are finding.”

    SRF: They are your gay brothers and sisters but they are not mine. My gay brothers and sisters are now ex-gay.

    Only one of these groups can be right about Christianity. I choose the ones that are trying the hardest to live for Christ – obviously the ex-gays are making a trmendoes sacrifice and should be commended for their highly visible personal sacrifice. You won’t here that from a gay-sin affirmer though, rather you’ll hear the opposite.

    I beleive in a Christ that brings life to ALL believers. So if “Gay Christianity” is of God, then why does it slay the spirit of ex-gay believers? It can not be from Christ. NO WAY. Christ does not slay the spirit in His believers.

    “Is the attack on the homosexual community a “red herring” that allows you to keep from taking on the “real” issues epidemic in the heterosexual community?”

    No, the real issue here is that “Gay Christianity” is a trojan horse sent into the church to destroy the biblical underpinnings of faith in Jesus Christ. It’s a much larger issue than a morality debate. The damage is quite visible too as explained in this blog post:

  19. Q: “Do you propose to know more than Jesus regarding “the truth” and in spiritual pride judge when He told us to “judge not.?””

    A: No, I follow Ist Corinthians Chapter 8. It says anyone that thinks they have all the answers really has none (vs 2). It also says it’s a sin against Jesus Christ to encourage weak Christians to go against their own conscience (vs 8). This is exactly what the GCM has forced on our ex-gay brothers and sisters in Christ .

    I already explained all of this in my blog post (ref item 2.2) which is the subject of this thread:

    I suggest you read it first before coming in here with guns-a-blazing. It is, after all, the reference article for this discussion and has already addressed all your objections and more.

    Q: “Remove the block out of the heterosexual community before you try to remove the speck out of the homosexual community.”

    A: I’m here to remove the false doctrine that has infiltrated the church. Sexuality is not the issue here — the issue is damage to the church body. I’ve already covered this , but here I am once again, explaining it again when it has already been clearly explained for anyone that’s does their homework, which you obviously have not done.

  20. Madeline, once again, we have covered in detail all of your petty complaints multiple times. Lest we get trapped in a unhealthy cycle of ab absurdo, we suggest you take some time off commenting and read.

    Secondly, If you want to continue your complaint sessions, go start your own blog and complain to your heart’s content about heterosexual sexual dysfunctions.

    You can even start a blog complaining about why you think we dont complain about your complaints. When you finish that assignment, check in with us again.

  21. Dear ones,

    Got the “hidden message” from you and won’t bother your blog again; sorry that “you just don’t get it.”

    Much unconditional love to you (God is Love and methinks you can’t stand/understand it),
    In Him,

    GCMW: It wasn’t hidden.

  22. @Madeline,

    When will you, Deb and other ‘gay christians’ use scripture to explain why and how your definition of ‘love’ is divorced, seprerated, or exempt from obedience?

  23. Dear ones,
    I send love and since there is a question, I will respond and NOT bother you again.
    My answer to your question is: Unconditional Love does not try to “clean the fish before catching it.” nuf said.
    I am not gay; however, I do not identify people by the flesh, i.e., gay, straight because our true identity is not flesh but Spirit. (Thus nothing evil (molestation, etc,) that has ever happened to our flesh has really happened to us!) Our real self is, was and always will be pure!…I say this because as a social worker, many of my gay brothers and sisters were molested as children and needed to know this never happened to their real self…IT SET THEM FREE!
    Again, my dear ones, I send much unconditonal love to you (even though I do not know you, I love you) and may you feel my love as you read this message.
    Blessings to you,
    In Him,

  24. Madeline,
    You may be well intentioned, you may help someone feel better, but you still miss a very important biblical truth dear. Remember the Psalm that talks of the inequity we have inherited from our mother’s womb?
    Psalm 51:5
    Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, And in sin my mother conceived me.

    We are biologically sin filled. Our ‘real self’ as you put it, stinks of death and sin! The only thing that may truely set one free is the blood of Christ.

    You can tell me and others you love them till the cows come home. It remains meaningless in your context, which is unbiblical, anti christ, anti truth, and rebellious to almighty God. You use the words ‘unconditional’ love, which is a flesh inspired lie. There has never been anything unconditional about the shed blood of of Christ, except it is offered to all humanity!

    Lordship and obedience are not seperate, nuf said.

  25. On last thing, God did not give us His holy word to hide a truth or keep us guessing about His holiness and the evil we live with. You would do well do get that soon and stop living as if God’s truth is a Mystery. Perhaps it is the pure clarity of God’s word that unsettles your self arrived at conclusions?

  26. Madeline,

    I’m indeed sorry for anyone that was abused as child. It wasn’t really fair, and you can’t expect that person to have a healthy view of the world or themselves.

    There are bible-believing Christians that have been through this awful experience as well.

    Jesus heals ALL spritual diseases. Self-image becomes Christ-image. There are no orphans with God’s believers.

  27. because our true identity is not flesh but Spirit. (Thus nothing evil (molestation, etc,) that has ever happened to our flesh has really happened to us!) Our real self is, was and always will be pure!…I say this because as a social worker, many of my gay brothers and sisters were molested as children and needed to know this never happened to their real self…IT SET THEM FREE!

    You may not know it, but this is simply rehashed heresy. To your credit you make it sound buttery smooth, but it doesnt stand the test of scriptural scrutiny. The scripture declares that our righteousness is as filthy rags. Your view is antinomianism with overtones of docetism and mixed with some of the emergent heresy.

    Adherents to such doctrines elevate following the “spirit” above scripture thereby creating an easy out from moral restrictions. Madeline’s last comment is evidence of this.

    Dr. JI Packer notes that antinominians say: “What matters is not what the Scripture tells me. I am a spiritual person, filled with the Holy Spirit. I am above the law of the Scripture. I am led by the Spirit, and the Spirit overrules the Scripture. The Spirit can even contradict the Scripture. I am a spiritual Christian, and I am led by the Spirit. I do what the Spirit tells me, and I don’t worry about the Holy Scriptures.”

  28. …as usual GCMW makes the solid point I had attempted to make. 🙂 Indeed many will benefit from this polemics ‘hate’ site. I am grateful for the utter clarity and unconditional biblical rock that is the foundation being built here for others to see and apply to their lives.

  29. I would like to add something that I have noticed from the scriptures in reference to homosexuality.
    I add these things in a loving warning and not in hate as the GLBT community will accuse me of.
    First, the word speaks of both healing and deliverance as well as being saved and having eternal life.
    Many have disputed the sins of Sodom and such but let’s look at the Lord’s words and see what it took to be healed, delivered and saved! After all, it is better to strive to be as those saved rather than argue the sins.
    The Lord said it would be as the days of Noah and as the days of Lot.
    Noah had a wife and three sons bearing witness that those saved were straight!
    Noah’s sons had wives bearing a second witness that those saved were straight!
    Lot had a wife and daughters for a third witness that those saved were straight!
    Under the law 3 witnesses establish a matter and the Lord gave three witness with the days of those two men!
    The widow woman at Scerepta was straight.
    Naaman the leper was straight.
    It seems that the ones that the Lord made reference to were straight!
    All have sinned but there is a sin unto death and a sin not unto death.
    There is sin and there is abomination!
    Those healed, saved and delivered may have sinned but they were straight!

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