Divination comes to Detroit

bynumad.jpgPastor Harvey Burnett of The Dunamis Word  blog recaps 2007 with its amazing array of gay clergy uprisings and church elite downfallings.

But read on into the story and you’ll find out the controversial “prophetess” Jaunita Bynum is holding 5am “prayer meetings” at Detroit’s Greater Grace Temple (one of the flagship apostolic churches).

TDW reports that the prayer meetings are already drawing 2,000 attendees. But you’ll have to go to the blog to read what this woman is telling them to do in the services. Hint: its a “secret”.

Saints, the false prophets do not rest in deceiving people and leading people away from the worship of the true God. Which is all the more reason we must be sober, vigilant and ready to expose these evildoers as it is becomes necessary.


2 thoughts on “Divination comes to Detroit

  1. Has anyone noticed (if you’ve ever been) that Juanita is guiding these prayer meetings? She does not participate as a “pray-er” so much as the orchestrator of the direction of the meeting. Giving direction and prophecy; telling the people their praise isn’t intense enough, acting almost like a cheerleader. There is much, yelling, screaming and shouting. Irt seems to me that Ms. Bynum has one level of experience in her religious devotion. Level 10 on the volume scale. It leaves very little room for the often subtle voice of the Holy Spirit to those who wish to hear the LORD in response to prayer. In my thinking she assumes the postion of the Holy Spirit in these gatherings, directing and leading exclusively these prayer meetings. It is manipulative and controlling. Please understand I am not against there being a leader in the meetings for order’s sake but this goes waaay beyond that. I guess what I’m saying is Juanita IS the voice of the Holy Spirit in these meetings to a large degree. It is in this context that she is able to impart this spurious doctrine.

  2. Same old soup warmed over. I guess Detroiters are so blind they will accept anything from anybody as long as they don’t have to do anything themselves to obtain the “blessings” of God in their lives. Any leader that cannot keep their marriage together and still try to lead a congreation of “sheep”, cannot say anything to me concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Matthew 6:33 is still right. All the church needs to do is “seek the kingdom of God” and the things will be added. Oh by the way, if the leaders of Detroit’s churches are so “in tune with God” could they not see their mayor having an affair with another woman and still trying to lead a “broke and broken down” city? Just a thought.

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