Was murdered gay choir director a “saint”?

Does murder make you a saint?

It certainly deserves sympathy for the family of a murder victim, but what of the individual’s openly sexual lifestyle while procdonald_young.jpglaiming to be a Christian?

The case of murdered choir director and church deacon Donald Young has begun to push a broader plethora of questions out into the open about how the church should to respond to people who live their lives in defiance of biblically defined sexual morality, but yet claim to be a committed Christian.

Young, an openly gay choir director at Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s home church in Chicago was found shot to death in his apartment by a roommate early on December 23, 2007. The shooting is still unsolved. While tragic in its own right, what about the greater tragedy of soul lost in sin? If one gains the world, but loses his soul, what has he profited?

According to a Chicagoland source, Young was also a director for the Gospel Music Workshop of America’s Male Chorus. We reported on its founder and the heavy homosexualized atmosphere at the GMWA here. Louisville songwriter Ralph Ford also talked about his shocking first time visit to the GMWA. The GMWA may have blood on its hands, too. So far its “bereavement page” has no mention of Young.

In an interview with the local CBS affiliate, the media services director at Trinity United Church of Christ, pastored by the controversial Dr. Jeremiah Wright, said “Young did live an openly gay lifestyle; that was his choice.” (our italics) The interview was in response to Chicago area gays demanding to know whether they were being stalked by some serial killer.

But what a peculiar statement. Wright and church have openly advocated for homosexual relationships, but it seems like the director was attempting to distance the church from Young who had been its rather celebrated choir director for almost 20 years. Can a church tell its members that homosexuality isn’t a sin, celebrate and promote those who accept it and then when tragedy strikes claim “it was his choice”? Is this what “liberation theology” produces?

What caused us to take a second look at this situation was a comment on The Black Gospel Blog which carried the story. “It’s sad to hear that a Saint’s life was lost to crime.” wrote the commenter. Just an ignorant remark? Or have we come to the point that a person’s ungodly sexual lifestyle is not a factor in determining their entrance into the kingdom of God? That seems to be the sentiment on another black gospel music forum where Young’s openly gay lifestyle was all but ignored.

Have the requirements for entrance into the kingdom of God changed?

1 Cor 6:9-10 Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. (NIV)

After reading this, how would you answer the question “can a person be as sure of who is going to hell as those going to heaven”?

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  1. A couple of things…is this Obama’s church that this director was murdered?

    And secondly…what is wrong with the body that they would even allow a practicing homo as their music directer?

    WHAT is happening to the Body of Christ in these dangerous times????

    I am simply aghast sitting here…story after story of homos in our Churches…like its no big deal????

    This wouldn’t be a problem if they were coming to our churches to receive help but MY GOD…the church is just accepting them as is and no big deal…

    THE Bible makes it CLEAR that homosexuality is an abomination to the All Mighty…this is SERIOUS

    And what about all those Dear Saints that the Lord has rescued from this decadent lifestyle??? Do they not count for something????

    I cannot believe how bad the Church is apostazing…and as a Christian for 16 years, I never thought I would see such things in the Church…boy oh boy….am i a bonehead…

    And its going to get worse!!!

  2. Devon, I think its worse than many people believe or want to believe. Its that kind of willfull ignorance which allows the enemy opportunity to deceive more and more people. Thats helped along by leaders who are teaching various forms of false doctrine.

    We believe we are doing our part to cry loud and spare not… Warn the people and admonish them not to depart from the faith that was once delivered unto the saints.

    And yes, the choir director was from Obama’s church, Trinity UCC.

  3. “can a person be as sure of who is going to hell as those going to heaven”?

    Yes. The scripture is clear. Mr. Young was no saint and quite clearly no child of God. The blood of Christ is not a blue light special at Denny’s. He is your King or you are His enemy. The price does not change inorder to help us ‘afford’ Him. Mr. Young and other out and proud ‘gay christians’ have reduced the price.

    Great question btw.

  4. AMEN, Pastor DL and Mark.

    Why are we shocked? The United Church of Christ denomination is quite comfortable with same sex marriages, they perform and bless them.

    This is the dilema we find ourselves in when countless “shepherds” have espoused the half-truth of “come to Jesus as you are”, leaving out the other half of the Truth: “We must put on Christ and evolve into His character.”

    But, you know, it is kind of hard to call out someone’s sin, just because they are the same sex, when the heteros are shacking, whoremongering, chosing, being chosen and doing every other sinful thing (stealing/lying) under the sun.


  5. KK, agreed. Its not surprising to those who are sober, vigilant and watchful.

    But, This is not about who’s heterosexual or homosexual. That isnt a fair comparison and far too simplistic. Its about holiness. When that’s the issue, crying out against sin is not hard at all. We should proclaim and uphold holiness no matter what.

    That being said, there is no heterosexual christian movement. The gay christian movement is the only heretical movement based solely upon its sexual identification. As we noted before the Bible specifically addressed these people in Jude 1.

  6. Possibly you misunderstood me, I understand the issue is SIN.

    The comparison is correct: Luke 6:39-
    39 And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?
    40 The disciple is not above his master: but every one that is perfect shall be as his master.
    41 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
    42 Either how canst thou say to thy brother, Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself beholdest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy brother’s eye.

    My point being it makes for a hard sell to “cry loud and spare not” about the sins (unholiness) of GCM when the unholiness of the “modern day christians” is fornicating, lying, cheating, idolizing money, material gain, walking according to the flesh and being friends with the world. Do you see what I mean?

  7. KK, sure I see what you mean, but I think its missapplied. The scripture you quoted is about the “blind leading the blind”. Of course not. But if youre going to use that scripture, are you saying that YOU are the blind, therefore its hard for you to speak out against the gcm?
    Or are you saying heterosexuals are the blind?
    Are you saying heterosexuals are hypocrites? I would still say the comparison is inequitable because being heterosexual doesnt make you holy.

    Also you have to remember standards never change even if people are not living up to them. While there is a tremendous amount of sexual immorality in the church today, not everybody is in that hole.

  8. Brother I am with you all the way, I truly did not say any of the things that you have inferred.

    Some “Shepherds” are intentionally blind to sin, (sin is sin) in themselves and in their congregations.

    How many “Christians” are shacking, clubbing (Friday and Saturday nights), I say more than you can shake a stick at.

    “Christian” women and men, old and young are fornicating like rabbits, young boys and girls here in our inner-cities are uninformed of the severity of living a life of lip service only to God. I know that homosexuality is an abomination to God. But Sir that is not the only travesty in the “Body of Christ”.

    Modern day Christendom is just that DUMB! It is administrated by the blind, ignorant, greedy, and dumb, they cannot understand how their lukewarm faith is consigning multitudes of sheep to the lake of fire. Yet they are basically doing things “their own way”.

    Here is what the Lord said about them through Isaiah, 56:9-12

    If we are both in filthy rags, how can you tell me that I am filthy or vice versa?

    The body of “Christ” has been and still is a melting pot of the broth of abomination for a very long time; the pot has only gotten larger and more abominable.

    The unadulterated Word of God must go forth no matter who has to holler “ouch”. It must start at the top and moving through the ranks, for it (God’s Word) to be able to do what it does.
    The Word washes us (mentally) the Word cleanses us, and obedience to His Word secures for us the gift of God—eternal life, Ephesians5:26-27.

    Which brings us back to Luke 6:39, the Shepherds are blind and the sheep are blind and there will be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth when they all fall into the ditch, aka, the lake of fire.


  9. I think I see your point, kingskid49,

    The open door for the gay movement in the church is the overall sexual immorality in the church. “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?
    Often when Christians know they’re own failures/sins in a particular area they will hesitate to address the failures of others. Sometimes we mistakenly believe that GOD will be merciful to us if we are not hypocritical in our assessments of others. It is a twisted logic and fruitless hope for we must all stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ to give an account of the deeds we have done in our bodies whether they are good or evil.
    Railing against (I certainly don’t mean GCMW) gay sins don’t make hetero sins cleaner. GOD will bring every work into judgement. Is this the gist of your point?

  10. Thank you Elder Foster for your insights and research. I didn’t know this person but when I read about his death the Holy Ghost spoke to me that he died in his sins due to his homosexuality. I appreciate your confirmation through thoughtful research.

    It seems that the homosexual is bent on bringing the judgement of God upon themselves through their continued actions. This is not the first time that I’m aware of that a church, homosexual, musician has had the judgement of God placed upon them. Have you heard of Patrick Henderson? I received some reports but so far I’ve been unable to confirm them.

    For those who don’t know, Mr, Henderson was Bishop Blake’s Minister Of Music some years ago at West Angeles. He even produced the initial Saints in Praise albums. Many confirmed his homosexuality, but the judgement that came upon him was beyond belief. Have you ever confirmed or posted that story?

    GCMW: Pastor Burnett, I had not heard this incidence regarding Patrick Henderson. I was aware of his music accomplishments @WACOGIC. I always wondered why he dropped off the scene with no explanation. Such a sad and tragic thing being played out in church after church. These men should know their talent will not save them and their legacy will be counted with the wicked unless they repent give God their lives. These leaders who know of their sin but passively allow them to continue in it, will be held accountable.

  11. amen to kingskid and elder jimmy.

    I dont mean to have to qualify every thing, but I think we are doing a good work here at gcmwatch. So I have a tendency to guard that by having folks qualify who they are talking about in some instances.

    I guess my broader point is that our blog is primarily about false doctrine espoused by the gay christian movement. That doctrine is fortified by their common sexual identification. I dont want folks to think our points are about whether homosexuality is worse than heterosexuality. In the context of holiness, it isnt.

    That would be an easy thesis to draw in this story about the choir director. i.e. why criticize him when there is other sexual immorality? Its not about singling him out, but his story is a pretty clear example to those who claim to be saved and gay that God is not mocked. Of course the same admonition could be made to anyone, just that it is applicable to our blog. Thats all 🙂

    Thanks for talking it out.

  12. I agree that this director should not have a position of authority in church. I disagree with the statement that he is not a child of God. God sees all sin the same. Yes? What is the difference between struggling with sexuality and stuggling with being overweight. Gluttony is a sin. So, to live your live morbidly obese means you are going to hell right? No one but he and God know the state of his heart. Therefore, I think it is an assumtion to say his soul is lost. I pray it isn’t.

    GCMW: Dionne, everyone is a creation of God, but not everyone is a child of God. What’s your scriptural proof that this man was a child of God? It is not by default (i.e. others sin too) that one is a child of God.

  13. I think the problem comes in when Leadership. seea these tendencies in a church member in leadership, and does nothing about it. you have achoit director(male) who rocks and swings just too too much .or is just too femminie then there may be questions to ask. but at the same time you have many and i mean many masculine men in leadership who are (down) that you never ever would think were. so we just need to let the spirit lead us ,and stay in connection with God thru fasting and prayer. because you know in the Word in one situation the man was vexed and Jesus said” this man is vexed and the spirit told me not” so the spirit will not tell you everything, but he will lead you into all truths.

  14. hello brethren…
    First let me say, it’s very sad to hear about this man being killed, but I was also distressed at Devon’s comment
    what is wrong with the body that they would even allow a practicing homo as their music directer?
    Referring to this man as a ‘homo…’ Was that even necessary??

    Also, while Donald Young may not be a ‘saint’ he did not appoint himself to that position in church. Having said that is the person who appointed him as choir director a saint??

    According to 1 Cor. 6:9-10 says “Do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God”

    Guess who’s going to keep gay people company in hell?? We’re so quick to jump on homosexuals because thats a sin we can see (if they’re out, effeminate etc) but what about the OTHER abominations God talks about in Psalms 6
    16 These six things the LORD hates,
    Yes, seven are an abomination to Him:
    17 A proud look,
    A lying tongue,
    Hands that shed innocent blood,
    18 A heart that devises wicked plans,
    Feet that are swift in running to evil,
    19 A false witness who speaks lies,
    And one who sows discord among brethren.

    Also Luke 6th chapter

    14 Now the Pharisees, who were lovers of money, also heard all these things, and they derided Him. 15 And He said to them, “You are those who justify yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts. For what is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God.

    Donald Young is dead. And unless he repented before his death he is in hell. We need to make sure that us being called a saint-while here on Earth-is justified. We need to do what we can so that WE can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We can do nothing for Donald Young…it’s over for him. If the woman referred to him as a saint-so what? Let’s make sure we’re not dabbling in the sins that may not be homosexual, but can easily be applied to our life if we allow it-just as Donald Young had. I’d hate for someone to say we’re ‘not a saint’ after we have passed.

    I believe same sex marriage is wrong as two left shoes-God is not ok with this and never will be.
    I believe that lifestyle WILL send you to hell unless you repent, and God can/will deliver those who have surrendered and submitted their will to God.

    Let’s focus on the issues of living gay ‘christians.’ I’ve attended a gay church with gay ‘pastor’, leadership, choir etc and the bible was totally distorted. I wasn’t mature in the Lord-but some of the things that I heard I KNEW were wrong, such as David and Jonathan being gay. In Jude 1:7 the bible spoke of ‘strange flesh’ the ‘pastor’ said that meant gay people going after straight people…sigh. These types of errant teachings- we need to correct.
    I asked the pastor if God gay marriage is against God, and gay people have sex with each other, isn’t that fornication? and how do you justify it? She looked at me and in essence told me God was ok with gay people having sex bcuz LAW forbid their marriage.

    We must love (not condonethe sin) and in God’s timing show them from the Word of God it’s wrong. We can pray that their will is surrendered to God etc.

    God bless u all 🙂

  15. It’a a shame. I really love and admire Trinity UCC in Chicago. As many people now know, Otis Moss III is now the pastor of the church. I hope that he will set the speak the truth IN LOVE about this sin. I can’t believe that Donald Young was their choir director and was an active homosexual. That’s rubs me the wrong way but like my dad, who is a Baptist pastor has said on many occasions that if there is one righteous people at a church, God won’t forsake the church. God’ s Blessings to you

  16. They will know that we are christians by our love!
    Jesus always spent time with sinners. For he said that’s who he was sent for. People do not realize the struggles of some gay christians. Most never wanted to be that way. I can only tell my story. I was not exposed to sex until I was 18. my mom kept me very sheltered. However I can remember at the early age of 2 thinking about men and their private part. Most say this was curiousity, but mine was kind of unnatural. Anyway growing up and even into college I prayed and prayed for these urges to go away. After a night of praying and crying I came to my dorm room decided that it was time for me to end my life since God was not taking this away from me. Needless to say after a bottle of tylonal PM and a head ache I figured that there was a reason for me and others to go through this. Romans 12 committ your body a living sacrifice. Either forget how you feel get married till death do you part or live single and alone for the rest of your life. I chose the latter not wanting to be one of those DL people who mess up their lives, their children’s lives, and their wife’s life. It is hard and sometimes I fail but I do try not to do it again. Lining sacrifice! However some of the hatred I read on this web-site is very hurtful and it has been my experience that the people who say the most hurtful things are bitter people who are “living the Sacrifice” You know those people who are married but if homosexuality was not a sin probably would be the first one in line. Anyway I don’t believe the homosexuality is right but it is a hell of a lot of people going through it and they love God too! But we must remember to take up our cross and follow Jesus whether our cross is being gay, drinking, lying, unbelief, doing drugs, sleeping with too many women or anything else. LOVE covers a multitude of sins!!!! So I love ya’ll

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