GCM Watch Replay: Evidence of the lies of false teachers

Following the lying words of a false prophet will bring you into grave danger. We ran this story in June of last year, but it deserves a replay. Not only do people need to see actual results of the false teachings of the gay christian movement, but the gcm needs to see what their lies have done to the people who believed them.

This is difficult video to watch. It is a far cry from the Side A hypocrisy of the gay christian movement’s public persona.  This man’s condition (physical face) truly represents the spiritual devastation of sin that many in the gcm would deny is a reality. They conceal people like this man and his story from the public eye while showing off people like Mel White, Yvette Flunder and gay christian singers Jason and DeMarco.

But sin will eventually have its run in your life if you eat its fruit. We pray the gay christian movement will abandon its lies about God, lies about itself and lies to others about the destructive nature of sexuality outside of the protective boundaries established by God.  Our message is the same as the message of Jesus Christ: Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Mark 1:14,15).

6 thoughts on “GCM Watch Replay: Evidence of the lies of false teachers

  1. This posting is so powerful the video speaks for itself. There are no words to describe the pounding in my heart as I watched, nor the tears that welled in my eyes as this young man told his story and came to realize the consequences of his sins, but at the expense of his very life.

    But my soul does rejoice that through it he also realized that His redemption was in Jesus and based on his testimony I know he is with His Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    This video also caused me to realize the miracle that was performed in my own husband’s (DL Foster) life some 16 ½ years ago. This could have also been the end of his story all too soon. But He heard the voice of God and obey the call to come out of darkness and into the marvelous light. God spared his life when he could have easily suffered the same fate as this man.

    That’s why he does what he does and says what he says without apology and because he loves those that are lost so much. Even if the truth hurts he has to tell it. He was forgive much and he loves beyond measure.

    We must all do the works of Him that called us while it is day ….

  2. linked on 1-9-2008.

    Your husband is a blessing to many! No apology ever needed for living by the word of God. Indeed it is light to the darkness that surrounds us.

  3. Before I was saved, I was a part of the gay community and agenda and it just kills me on many fronts to see what I once supported. People who opt for that lifestyle truly do not know what they do. That is not to say they are exempt from responsibility but I think some of them think that Aids is just an unfortunate side affect rather than the built in consequence of that sin.

  4. LadyDee~ Thank God for you and thank God for your husband. I can’t wait to personally meet you both. Elder as always, keep up the good work. I am committed to save all that I can along with you from horrible endings such as what we see in the video.

    May God’s strength and peac be upon you both!

  5. This was a painful video to watch. I pray that the “gay”christian will see this and truly repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand

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